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Combat Ratings

Updated for Cataclysm

This is an overview of the combat ratings and how they translate into the various skills. Thanks to Whitetooth, author of RatingBuster, who provided these numbers.

Combat Ratings conversions at level 85 (rounded to 1 decimal point):

Dodge Rating: 176.7 rating grants 1% dodge

Parry Rating: 176.7 rating grants 1% parry

Block Rating: 88.4 rating grants 1% block chance

Hit Rating: 120.1 rating grants 1% hit chance

Spell Hit Rating: 102.4 rating grants 1% spell hit chance

Critical Strike Rating: 179.3 rating grants 1% critical strike chance

Haste Rating: 128.1 rating grants 1% haste

Resilience Rating: 276.1 rating grants 1% less chance of being struck by any type of critical strike, and 2% less damage taken from critical strikes

Expertise: 30.0 rating grants 1% less dodge/parry of mobs

Mastery: 179.3 rating grants 1% increase of mastery

Armor Penetration: 15.4 rating grants 1% armor penetration

Caps of note for protection warriors:

Hit Cap: 8%, 960.9 hit rating
Expertise Dodge Reduction Cap: 26, 780 Expertise Rating
Expertise Parry Reduction Cap: need to find a source for the parry cap first

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