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Nov 03 2010

This week in warrior land

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First off, thanks for all the positive responses to the warrior blog list! I hope to see it thriving and continuing to grow!

As next step, I will now do a regular Wednesday post about any additions to the blog list, and compiled links to great blog posts around the warrior blogosphere. Hopefully, that way you guys can discover great blogs and topics once a week.

Someone brought up the question if warriors have something comparable to Maintankadin. Can’t say we do! If there was any interest, I might set up forums, but it really all depends on how much interest there is.

New blog additions:

  • Furious Blows – Pippet just started posting about fury warriors, and gives compelling reasons why warrior is THE class.
  • Jinxed Thoughts – Zinn’s blog screams ALTOHOLIC all over the place, but there’s some current prot warrior info there

Around the blogs:

  • Linedan from Achtung Panzercow was invited to the WowPhiles Podcast. Prot warriors, represent!
  • Everblue looks at the latest round of announced tanking changes. Blizzard are still tweaking numbers a lot on the mastery and block end. Should be interesting to see how that pans out.
  • Zellviren is also having a look at the shield block changes, providing yet another perspective.
  • Ktok managed to notice that the devs stealth-changed our expertise softcap. Time to go reforging again!
  • Zinn came up with a very nice guide for lowbie warrior tanking. As our abilities have been moved around a whole lot (what the hell, Battle Shout at 20, Demoralizing Shout at 52??!?), and we have received signature abilities at level 10, the leveling game is very different from my day, I daresay.
  • In a similar vein, Cynwise who enjoys twinking has provided an overview of what all has changed in the world of lowbie tanking.

And that’s it for this week. As always, if I have missed a new blog, or a cool warrior-related post, leave a comment!

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Oct 26 2010

Farewell, Veneretio

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I’ll let you in on a secret. One of the reasons I started blogging was because I got inspired by another blogger. His name is Veneretio, orc warrior extraordinaire.

It was in late 2007, and I was an orc warrior lady who had just started TBC heroics. I tell you, I miss them. To this day I love TBC heroics fiercely. I had some of my best times running those 5-mans with friends. I had Badges of Justice to burn, but couldn’t figure out what to pick first. So one day I idly googled and ended up right up at Tankingtips.com. I was amazed! Someone who had done all the work, compiled, compared and helped me figure out what upgrades I had to focus on. Even better, he engaged in conversation with people who commented. I was hooked.

Tankingtips was the first blog I ever added to an RSS reader, Bloglines at the time. It basically opened the world of the WoW blogosphere to me. One by one I added more blogs. It was a time when the big name bloggers were BRK and Phaellia. Five months after discovering Tankingtips I started blogging myself. I started very plainly with some guides to the content I was doing, so mostly Karazhan and heroics, and started writing my very first gear list.

The niche I saw for myself was that I would be the blogger for the casual prot warriors, or the beginners, or everyone who was not neck-deep in content in Black Temple or Sunwell.

Throughout TBC and WotLK, Veneretio always delivered. He always came up with emblem pick orders, compared trinkets, exposed the value of expertise for warriors, delivered solid, great content. On top of it, he always engaged with his readers, and always managed to stay positive about warriors as class. No QQ to be found there! I tried to follow in his footsteps, with my gear lists, with some basics, with staying positive, even when it often seemed that other tanks overshadowed us.

Veneretio was the first non-guildie to leave a comment in my blog, and I remember feeling totally awed by this. Sometimes we mailed. Pretty sure he was one of the people who talked Ciderhelm into linking my blog on the front page of Tankspot, which scored me the highest amount of hits in one day ever (October 12, 2009, 5509 hits). He talked me into signing up on Twitter. He was still my warrior hero, who always passionately defended our class.

On October 24, Veneretio announced the end of his time as WoW player, and the end of his blog. While he had mentioned it before on Twitter, I hadn’t quite believed it. But it’s real now.

For me, Veneretio was the pillar of the very small warrior blogging community. An excellent blogger, a great guy, and the inspiration to several other tank bloggers, all rolled into one person. He’s leaving very big shoes to fill, guys. I’ll try my best to keep up blogging in the spirit of Veneretio, but number crunching theorycraft is not my forte. Nevertheless, I will try.

Now is the time to unite as warrior bloggers, so I will start to compile a warrior blog reference page. If you are a warrior blogger not currently in my (outdated) blogroll, please contact me! Hopefully we can inspire other warriors to pick up blogging. If I can only inspire one person the way Veneretio inspired me, I will have done well.

Farewell, Veneretio! Thanks for your outstanding work, and I hope you will still post about your gaming adventures on Twitter. And maybe, just maybe, Cataclysm will lure you back in eventually. Anything is possible. Take care, wishing you all the best! *orc salute to the chest*

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Oct 12 2010

4.0.1 links for prot warriors

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I have been remiss in my coverage of 4.0.1, simply because I wasn’t ready for the patch myself. But with the LK dead now, and patch day actually upon us, I will at least offer you links of people who are prepared and who have shared their wisdom. It’s not much, but it’s something for those who don’t know where to start looking for information.

Big thanks to Goreblades, Naithin and Windsoar for their work!

  • Prot Warrioring at 80 in 4.0 – this is Naithin’s detailed guide to all things we need to know. Build suggestions, glyphs, stat changes, playstyle. Including a video to show prot warriors live in action.
  • 4.0.1 Warrior | Protection Tree Overview – Goreblades’ guide describes all talents of the new protection tree in detail, including the likeliest talents you are going to pick up from the fury and arms trees once you have spent sufficient points in protection. Attention, please note, it’s not 100% accurate in the description of some talents, as multiple readers have pointed out! Go with Naithin’s guide first and foremost!
  • Cataclysm warrior glyphs – Zellviren takes a look at all warrior glyphs, for a comprehensive overview
  • 4.0.1 Survival (Class) Guides – Windsoar has done all the work and collected guides like the two above for all classes. If you do not know where to go, don’t flail, check out her guide. :)
  • Inscription in 4.0.1 – the new patch means comprehensive glyph changes, and El’s Inscription is detailing all the changes. I found this invaluable. European readers, stock up on glyphs today, post-patch they will require 3-times the mats.
  • Reforge This – TenTonHammer posted a nice and comprehensive guide to reforging, which is another new mechanic we will encounter post-patch.

Those links are all just scratching the surface as our game gets shaken up real good. I will add more interesting links as I find them.

If you have any additional links, please share. Most importantly, remember to breathe! Nothing much changes for us prot warriors playstyle-wise, so the world is not ending. We are moving on to the next exciting stage of this game of ours. Let’s try to enjoy the ride. :)

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Sep 04 2009

Blogroll Friday: Achtung Panzercow

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My my, time flies and I keep forgetting to post on Kadomi’s Blogroll Fridays. But today, I am back in business, and I bring you the blog of a fellow horde protection warrior: Achtung Panzercow!

Not only is this name made of win (yup, sucker for German references, German language represent!) but Linedan is posting one of the most solid guide series out there, how to level from 1-80 as protection warrior. He’s basically doing what I wanted to do and kinda fell flat on, he’s leveling another warrior, to show you how it’s done protection-style. Leveling builds and guides are still really popular, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better one out there.

So get the good stuff from Linedan and add him to your prot warrior blogrolls, well worth the read.

Jul 17 2009

Blogroll Friday: Pwnwear

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In the second install of my version of Twitter followfridays, I would like to put the spotlight on one of the newer blogs that I really enjoy reading. Tada, Pwnwear: tanking and thinking. Gravity writes about all the stuff I enjoy reading about. Tank strategies, raid leading, interviews with hardcore raid leaders and addon reviews.

Gravity is a DK tank, but so far I haven’t found him to be very DK-centric. Great read all around. One of my favorite posts of his is Learning to Raid Lead and if you’re remotely interested in leading a raid sometime, you should definitely have a look.

Keep up the fabulous work, Gravity. :)

Feb 20 2009

Sixth of Sixth!

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Oh boy, I actually got tagged for this by two three bloggers. I feel popular! :D

Daraxxus, Spicytunas and Yakra tagged me for this blog me-me. Instructions are easy. Go to the sixth folder of your screenshots folder, and post the sixth picture, then tag six other bloggers.

Now, first problem: I don’t have six folders in there. I only have raw screenshots, and an edited folder. So instead, I will present you with the sixth image in my screenshot folder:

Ah, the Barrens. Whose horde heart is not singing at the sight? Just drown out all your horrible memories of Barrens chat and Mankrik’s wife.

That was pretty dull. I have a screenshot gallery so I just went with the sixth screenshot in there.

Meet Tratsch, my former main, affliction warlock. This was our first run of that instance, and to this day, Dire Maul holds a special place in my heart. I totally love that instance, all of its wings.

Last but not least, I went and took the sixth down from the most current one, and ended up with our Sartharion killshot:

There ya go! And now for the tagging of the very few people in the WoW blogosphere that haven’t been tagged yet:

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Dec 19 2008

Link Roundup

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Maybe you’ve come here to look at pre-heroic tanking gear, so why not get some links to pimp up the gear you’ll be going into raids and heroics with? I was going to look at enhancements next, but others already did the work, so here’s some gems I’ve been able to find.

  • Anglachel over at The Meatshield Diaries has written a two part guide to enchantments for tanks
  • Durnic at Orlyfactor has looked at gems for tanks in WotLK
  • Bizzam at Tank Hard is also looking at tanking gems and enchants
  • Rochelle at Tank Hard is looking at the glyph changes coming with 3.0.8

Thanks to those bloggers for some excellent guides.

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Nov 10 2008

Epic Dolls

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Before I start my lengthy diatribe about what I have done this weekend, I will offer you one link that will demonstrate part of what I have done.

You may start mocking me now, as I was fumbling my way through the English language and demonstrated my lack of knowledge about Arms and Fury in general. I think it’s time to respec some time to be a more versatile warrior. Nevertheless, I hope some of you will enjoy. :)

Thanks for having me, Leala and Rae, and everyone else should check out their website for more podcasts.

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Oct 08 2008

3.0 info galore

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Now, I got you covered when it comes to reviewing 3.0 changes for protection warriors. But what if you happen to have alts or play other classes and look for similar info for other classes? Anna over at Too Many Annas has you covered with her Best of 3.0 Information Guide.

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Oct 06 2008

Shout-out time!

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I managed to convince someone from my guild that blogging is awesome (and it is), so please welcome Yasura and her ‘heals, smites and prayers‘ blog to the fold! As the name suggests, she’s a priest, and really the pocket-healer priest that’s saved my butt the most. She’s most awesome, and I am looking forward to all her healer stories. Hopefully she won’t gripe about squishy tank too much. :)

While I am tossing out links, I would also like to mention new awesome tanking blogs on the scene:

Protection warriors, the world is our oyster! :)

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