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Apr 06 2011

The road goes ever on and on

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When I started my WoW blog in 2008, it was at the height of my passion for this game of ours. The Burning Crusade was my holy grail (and still is), and I was passionate about playing and tanking. Over the years this has mellowed down considerably. My blog changed. From merely writing about my weekend raid adventures and personal progress, I tried to be a protection warrior resource, a guide. In some parts this was successful, my combat ratings and my gear lists were exceptionally popular. In some parts, it was not successful, because I felt pressured to churn out high quality content, when all I was was a widdle prot warrior raider who just wanted to gab about WoW.

In January 2011 I got my first real troll, but his message of me knowing jackshit and merely stealing/copying from Tankspot hit home. I didn’t feel like I knew my game anymore, and you know what? I realized that’s fine. The WoW theorycrafting world does not need me, and I don’t need to write guides anymore. Tanking hasn’t changed enough to dissect it in further posts. There are other warrior bloggers, e.g. Tank Hard who post boss strategies, Tankspot has videos, and EJ and MMO-C have the basic class guides.

What does this mean for Tank like a Girl? I might go back to my roots, and just post about whatever’s going on for me in WoW, which seriously is not much. I raid once or twice a week, and that’s pretty much it. When the next content patch comes out, I will release my new best pre-raid gear list, as I do every patch. It’s about as much for me as it is for the rest of the world. I am not dead, I still enjoy tanking, I just no longer have any pretensions that you guys out there need any of my knowledge to do your job. All the info below, as for how prot warriors actually tank, it’s still all true. The info is there. Take it, use it, and have fun slamming your shield into faces. I know I do.

But something is going to change. I am starting a new blog. When I created the blog, I wanted the name to be in the same spirit as Tank like a girl (though maybe without the flak I got for using my gender as part of the title). The new blog is going to be all about my pursuits in my free time. I love books, especially SF&F. I have discovered that it’s possible to love other MMOs and be interested in the bigger picture. Bioware owns my soul, I play all their games almost religiously. My spouse loves boardgames, and I really want to play more of them. I am a proud nerd. I Live like a Nerd. I would be very happy to welcome you in my new blog, where I will post about all that. I am so thrilled, because I will be able to write about things that I am passionate about again, just like back in the day when I was excited to start this blog you are currently reading. And that’s a great thing.

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10 Responses to “The road goes ever on and on”

  1. Ratshag says:

    The road do indeed go on, even when the feels of the pavement or the namifications on the signs change. Has been a enjoyable trip so far, and I’s lookin’ forward ta what the next phase may bring.
    Ratshag´s last blog post ..Hello Quest Givers


  2. Orrec says:

    Hi Kadomi,

    First time commenting, I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you’ve written. After a four year break from WoW, I returned at the launch of Cataclysm and decided to roll a Prot Warrior on a new server. I was around L30 when I came across your blog, I think from a google search on stat priorities. Your “Revised Top 10″ is one of the most useful warrior tanking posts I’ve seen. Sure, the information might be available elsewhere, but I haven’t seen anywhere yet with the same concise, clear overview.

    Since then, I’ve rearranged my keybindings and built macros. I downloaded Threat Plates, and don’t know how on earth I managed without it. I’ve started planning for the epic gear that I can work towards in the long run. I’ve made sense of things that otherwise could have taken me a ages to figure out.

    My first main was a paladin, and when I switched classes I was worried I would miss the ability to heal. Not a bit!! I have loved being a warrior every bit as much and more. My one regret is that I rolled a male character, which makes my daydreams where I see myself in Daughters of the Horde slightly less believable.

    I’m still a newbie tank, currently L76. I don’t have plans to raid, I’m a casual player, but I might reach Heroics. So far, I’ve tanked every instance from Ragefire Chasm up to Violet Hold. I’m not the best tank out there, but I’m enjoying it a lot, and doing a darn sight better than I was.

    Anyway, your blog has been an inspiration. Thank you, and I will check out your next one.


    Kadomi Reply:

    Thanks, that means a lot to me! Over the years I have gotten a lot of feedback from the tanks that I actually meant to write for. Casual players, people far away from hardcore, who are just looking for info to help with the basics. To hear that I delivered that much makes me very happy. Thank you. :-)


  3. Stefanie says:

    Hi Kadomi,

    I’m a casual player. An orc prot warrior. And a girl. When I found your blog, I immediately saved it to my favorites.

    It wasn’t because it had all the hardcore information about raiding and gear and tanking tips. It was because you were a female tank, which is rare, and an girl playing an orc warrior, which is rarer. And the same as me. (I also came into raiding during BC! :P)

    To be honest, I very much appreciate your gear overviews and tanking insights very much but I would equally love to hear you talk about your love of tanking and of WoW. I look forward to following what ever things you decide to post.

    Thank you!

    -Stef (Korosu – Korialstrasz)


  4. Zellviren says:

    Kadomi, it’s about time you stopped blogging totally. Saying useless things, cribbing ideas, being a bad player and not being the first to teach me things.


    Your blog has more charm and soul in it than most of what I’ve read regarding WoW, period. Posting about the ins and outs of being a Protection warrior is all well and good, but being the best tank in the world is impossible for all but one person.

    What’s more important, and why I suspect people love your writing, is the ability to share your view of the journey we’re all on without being arrogant, ignorant or patronising. Titling this post “The Road goes on and on” is amazingly ironic, purely because I’m on the road with you.

    NOT because you’re telling me what to do.
    NOT because you’re the best tank I know.
    NOT because you’re the first to post things.

    It’s entirely because I enjoy the conversation. The readers of your blog are bimbling along a dusty road, chewing the fat with friends, and trying to make sense of it all; just as you are. We’re coming to this conversation as equals and finding that we’re all noobs, really, but with different opinions that give our topics a kaleidoscope of colours.

    What people need (oxygen /carepolice) and what people want (cake /yipee) are two entirely different things. And when I browse the ‘net for my fix of gas and banter, what I WANT to see is what Kadomi has to say.

    I’ve missed you since January, you know. :(
    Zellviren´s last blog post ..Protection warrior- LF Guild


  5. Kasper (Strelkov - Scarshield Legion) says:

    As a semi-casual protection warrior (my guild raids, but are only 5/13 normal), I have been a fan of your writing, insights and guides for some time. I only play as prot and feel that I am qualified to say that your perspective on things is something I look forward to.

    I find it hard to understand that anyone would disrespect your writing. Your blog is a good place to hang out.

    When Vene stoppede tankingtips, one of the things that kept me from depression was you stepping up for the prot warriot community.

    Please dont stop :-)


  6. Steelflank says:

    This makes me a very sad Tauren. Your guides and posts are not just repetitive of the others out there. Sure, you can get pages of theorycrafting and strategies from some of the sites you list. But your posts show feeling and are interesting. That’s what sets you apart.

    I was struggling with tanking in WOLTK as a new level 85. I had read all the other blogs, but it just didn’t click with me until I read yours. I vividly remember a little light going on inside my head. It wasn’t anything in particular, but I suddenly found myself thinking like a tank. I started realizing all of the little things I had been doing wrong. There are other blogs about tanking, but yours was the one that turned me into a tank.


    Kadomi Reply:

    Hey, no worries, if there are things that I feel need posting about, like significant changes to how prot warriors play like or gear upgrades, I’ll certainly post about it.


  7. Danowar says:

    Honestly, the only negative thing I can say about your blog is that you can’t keep-up with my desire to read more of what you have to share.

    This is the first place I look, than I grit my teeth and search the other sites knowing I will have to sift through some crap before i find anything useful. Keep-up the good work;)


  8. Îshtar says:

    I have always come to you for tanking advice. I do read EJ and Tankspot etc as well, but I always checked with your thoughts on things as well. I hope you don’t let some jerk put you off. From a fellow nerd girl warrior tank ;)


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