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Apr 07 2011

Call to Fail

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This morning, as I was skimming through my Twitter timeline, I stumbled over Spinks posting about Blizzard’s new plan to get more tanks to use LFD: Call to Arms.

What a terrible idea. My immediate reaction to this on Twitter was the following summary: a terrible idea that won’t fix anything, aggravates healer and DPS players, and will breed terribad tanks.

I think we all agree that there’s a dearth of tanks using the LFD tool. I haven’t used it since WotLK, at least not on Kadomi. The reasons for this are manifold. I believe there are generally less tanks available than any other role, because it’s not as popular. The general consensus in most groups seems to be that tanks have to know every single pull, take responsibility for the run, and lead the group. Not everyone enjoys this, so there are less tanks. Add to this that LFD in WotLK created a new breed of player, who want to rush through instances at their own fast pace, and who are quick to point fingers at tank or healer after every wipe. Cataclysm heroics take practice, time and patience, and that’s all not factors you usually find in a PUG. In short, tanking can be extremely stressful.

If other tanks are like me, they did guild groups until they had sufficient raid gear, and just do the daily with guild groups. That’s my comfort zone. I know people won’t be stupid, will let me mark at my own pace, pull off CC flawlessly, are a blast to play with.

In comes Call to Arms, and the temptation of some gold, a chance at a rare gem, a chance at a flask/elixir (determined by spec), a good chance of receiving a non-combat pet (including cross faction pets), and a very rare chance at receiving a mount. Well, let me be pissed off for everyone else. Healers have an equally unthankful job, but there’s more of them than tanks. DPS are numerous, and are punished with long queue times. So in order to get a shorter queue, everyone has to watch tanks get rewards like that? Aggravating.

Also, that is assuming that tanks want gold, gems (dirt cheap on my server for the most part), flasks and pets/mounts. Well, I am sorry, if I want those mounts, I’ll just as well solo-farm them, getting lots of gold out of it for less time spent in a dungeon. For me, the biggest deal-breaker is that you have to solo-queue to qualify. I am sorry, but I like my pocket-healers, and I play WoW to have fun with friends. I do partial PUGs, but all the rewards above are zero incentive for me to queue. Why do something that will give me heart palpitations and will make me swear at my screen, and piss off the other group members when I get my goodie bag?

As further consequence, the people who are bad players, who already making LFD such a painful experience, they’ll only make it worse now. People have already mentioned it, but prepare to end up in groups with retribution paladins and dps warriors with a shield, frost deathknights in blood presence, balance druids in bear form, queuing as tanks to get a shot at the shiny, and just making it frustrating and impossible for everyone else.

I think the only way you could encourage tanks to queue up more often would be to give a Valor Point bonus. Change it so that you can do partial pugs, 2 or 3 random people, and offer additional points. And I still don’t know if that would fix it, but it’d be more incentive than dumping shiny things in the lap of a small group of players, and the majority gets nothing for their efforts.

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Apr 06 2011

The road goes ever on and on

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When I started my WoW blog in 2008, it was at the height of my passion for this game of ours. The Burning Crusade was my holy grail (and still is), and I was passionate about playing and tanking. Over the years this has mellowed down considerably. My blog changed. From merely writing about my weekend raid adventures and personal progress, I tried to be a protection warrior resource, a guide. In some parts this was successful, my combat ratings and my gear lists were exceptionally popular. In some parts, it was not successful, because I felt pressured to churn out high quality content, when all I was was a widdle prot warrior raider who just wanted to gab about WoW.

In January 2011 I got my first real troll, but his message of me knowing jackshit and merely stealing/copying from Tankspot hit home. I didn’t feel like I knew my game anymore, and you know what? I realized that’s fine. The WoW theorycrafting world does not need me, and I don’t need to write guides anymore. Tanking hasn’t changed enough to dissect it in further posts. There are other warrior bloggers, e.g. Tank Hard who post boss strategies, Tankspot has videos, and EJ and MMO-C have the basic class guides.

What does this mean for Tank like a Girl? I might go back to my roots, and just post about whatever’s going on for me in WoW, which seriously is not much. I raid once or twice a week, and that’s pretty much it. When the next content patch comes out, I will release my new best pre-raid gear list, as I do every patch. It’s about as much for me as it is for the rest of the world. I am not dead, I still enjoy tanking, I just no longer have any pretensions that you guys out there need any of my knowledge to do your job. All the info below, as for how prot warriors actually tank, it’s still all true. The info is there. Take it, use it, and have fun slamming your shield into faces. I know I do.

But something is going to change. I am starting a new blog. When I created the blog, I wanted the name to be in the same spirit as Tank like a girl (though maybe without the flak I got for using my gender as part of the title). The new blog is going to be all about my pursuits in my free time. I love books, especially SF&F. I have discovered that it’s possible to love other MMOs and be interested in the bigger picture. Bioware owns my soul, I play all their games almost religiously. My spouse loves boardgames, and I really want to play more of them. I am a proud nerd. I Live like a Nerd. I would be very happy to welcome you in my new blog, where I will post about all that. I am so thrilled, because I will be able to write about things that I am passionate about again, just like back in the day when I was excited to start this blog you are currently reading. And that’s a great thing.

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