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Jan 10 2011

Slowly getting there

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Happy new year! I know, it’s late, but it’s time for my first post of the year. :) Here’s a quick run-down of what I have been up to since Cataclysm dropped.

  • Leveled to 85. A no-brainer. Didn’t take anywhere as long as I feel it should have. As I actually enjoy the hell out of leveling, I really felt it just didn’t take long enough. I would have been with requiring all five new zones to get to 85, but it took me 3.5 zones to make it. Hyjal, Deepholm, Uldum, and some Twilight Highlands. Quests are polished and fun. I leveled as fury, and at no point ever felt really challenged by mobs. All deaths that happened were entirely based on me going afk in bad spots. I would have been fine with progress being tougher. Due to Victory Rush I didn’t have to sit and eat much at all.
  • Enjoying the storytelling. I actually really enjoyed the stories of all zones. I didn’t mind the Harrison Jones stuff in Uldum, though I know there’s a big ‘love it or hate it’ camp for those. If I have one complaint about Uldum, it is that I found the use of cut scenes excessive. Sometimes I just sat there and felt that I would prefer playing over watching yet another cut scene. I thought the finale of Hyjal was fantastic. The quests about the Maw of Madness in the Twilight Highlands were excellent. Above all, I enjoyed the character continuity. Especially the Earthen Ring shamans, but also the old Zul’Aman crew, have recurring roles. I was especially fond of that tiny, angry woman, Stormcaller Mylra. I really need to level my dwarf shaman. :)
  • Diving into heroic content. I will frankly say that I love the new heroics. I love the challenge, the difficulty, the CC requirements, the time investment. I love having to chain cooldowns and bringing my a-game. It brings a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment to me when I can complete one of those new heroics. I haven’t done all instances yet. So far I have completed Blackrock Caverns, Vortex Pinnacle, Deadmines, Halls of Origination and Grim Batol on heroic. I found Deadmines and Grim Batol the most challenging, for sure. The toughest individual bosses for me were Altairus, Admiral Ripsnarl and Erudax. Go DIAF, Erudax. *rages* Grim Batol was the first ever heroic I extended the lock for, so that we could go finish Erudax off the next day. However, the time requirement is biting me a bit in the ass. During the week, I just don’t have the time to run heroics, or my timezone prevents my usual crew from being around. But it’s all good.
  • Working on my gear. I have three pieces of 333 gear left that I hope to upgrade asap. The bracers will be replaced with the Ramkahen rep ones, the gloves just need to drop, and the legs will either be bought with JP or Neptulon will be kind to me. My biggest hurdle right now is expertise. I actually switched to a DPS axe from H Deadmines, because it gives me tasty, delicious racial bonus expertise. Reforging is awesome, yo. I am close to my expertise goal of 26, after that I will have to check my gear for balance before we start raiding in February.
  • Leveling my shaman. The shaman is 75% through 84 and will be my 2nd level 85 character very soon. I have been a brave healer and have done some pugged instances, mostly Stonecore. What I noticed is that I feel more confident about shaman healing again. So far I am not running into mana issues, but it’s definitely not the endless mana pool that we got used to in WotLK. I also noticed that not a single tank is ever using any forms of CC in those instances. I am not sure what’s up with that. My personal theory is that it makes their epeens shrivel and wilt away, I have no other explanation for it. Can I heal this without CC? Sure. Would it be easier for everyone with CC? You betcha. Will every tank in the world pull all three groups of Devout Followers in the Stonecore because ‘lol, zerg’? My magic 8-ball says yes. My magic 8-ball also says that I will likely not continue pug-healing when I get to heroics.
  • Not blogging. Should have been obvious. I really want to remedy this, because I started this instance guide and then kinda lost steam. Now that I am running those instances as heroics, I will probably focus the guides on tactics for both regular and heroic versions.

What’s been up with you guys? Busy raiding again? Doing heroics? Just leveling up? Hope you are having a good time. Happy WoW year. :)

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21 Responses to “Slowly getting there”

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  2. Nakki says:

    Just for your info i you are tanking: there is absolutely no point in getting any hit or expertise at this level. Taunt cannot miss anymore and your threat generation is high enough even in raids without any (or in a more realistic case nearly any) hit or expertise.


    Kadomi Reply:

    What’s your source for that? General experience in raids?

    I am not raiding yet, but I can imagine the deeper you get into content, the more threat might become an issue again.


  3. Everblue says:

    Why are you bothered about being expertise capped? I know it’s nice and all, but is your personal dps really that important? In raids you’ll have vengeance so expertise might not matter, and I personally have no threat issues in heroics despite reforging away a big chunk of my expertise to avoidance (except when some damn hunter leaves growl on autocast for his pet).

    I’ve read on EJ that some people are trying to get hitcapped so that they don’t miss interrupts, but expertise doesn’t really help with that.

    Just wondered why you have expertise as a particular goal. I do know as a dps stat it’s twice as good as hit, but it’s not something I’m focussing on at all and I wonder whether I should.
    Everblue´s last blog post ..Impending Victory


    Kadomi Reply:

    I might be set in WotLK mindset here that I feel I have to reach the soft cap at least. Unless it’s an encounter that requires that I stand in some safe zone while ranged DPS keeps pew-pewing, I usually have no threat issues at all. In fact I find warrior threat a lot higher at the moment than what I am used to.

    I don’t see expertise as personal DPS stat, but just for adding more threat.

    It’s really an interesting point. I might have to rethink my own gear priorities.


  4. Darthpio - Runetotem EU says:

    Hit and expertise really dont need to be capped. I reforged every bit of hit and expertise to mastery. With 3% hit and 6% expertise my miss (shield bash to interrupt boss cast) and parry were a little too frequent. I did some experiment and I can assure you that an expertise of 12 is a good level. Going for 26 really is a waste.
    Try to reforge everything to mastery and try yourself


  5. Zin says:

    I squeed in gchat over the Stormcaller Mylra quests. I love her to death!

    Due to general busyness I haven’t been able to get on a solid schedule for heroics with guildies and my two ventures into pugs have been horrible (CC yes; competence noooo). I’ll be needing to try and schedule the runs. I want to raid again!

    I’ve been having altitis really bad, but I’m beginning to explore the joy that is prot tanking! I’m connecting more with my baby warrior than with my level 80 DK tank. I think it’s the shields! :o


    Kadomi Reply:

    I could have told you that prot warriors > DKs. ;) Glad you are having fun.

    Definitely try to set up runs. It’s a bit rough now as we don’t have a lot of heroic tanks in-guild (lol, me), but Lashe is getting there, and Shiawase will be 85 soon. Situation should ease up then.


  6. Theladas says:

    As already stated, expertise is really a garbage stat for tanks right now. After the first 10 seconds of a pull, the Vengeance running makes our swings hit for enormous threat values. Even if only 80% of those swings connect, they’re still going to trump the threat that anyone else can bring to the table. Exception: Arcanotron first during the Defense System encounter – if you burn Time Warp in that first puddle, and don’t get to tank in it, you’re going to have your work cut out for ya XD.

    Hit, however, is a far more valuable stat IF you’re raiding in a 10-man guild. After numerous attempts on Ascendant Council, Halfus, and even the Defense System ended badly because I missed an interrupt, I’ve built a hit-capped (with food) tank kit. It costs me a fair bit of avoidance and mitigation, but protecting myself and others from big, nasty spells is probably going to be safer in the long run anyways. This is largely a non-issue in 25 man content because there are more DPS and, consequently, more interrupts available for the boss spells that have the same internal cooldowns on 10 and 25 man settings.

    So, threat stats are largely a non-issue, leaving mitigation stats. Namely, getting to unhittable-during-SB was the key for me. Mastery is an amazing, amazing stat without DR – it makes just about all of our other stats look like garbage. Avoidance stats are also quite handy – nothing makes me sigh in relief than a parried Chimaeron double-swing, knowing that my healers now only have a small portion of my health bar to refill, rather than most or all of it, before the next double-swing. Every raid encounter I’ve tanked so far has made me thankful for every bit of mitigation I can bring to the table; I come so close to dying, even with everything I have, that I know I’m still needing more. In contrast, more threat stats just don’t make a difference – my DPS waits for 3 seconds on the pull, then gets to go to town for as long as they like.


    Kadomi Reply:

    Very valuable information. I will have to do some regemming. Appreciate the info, Theladas!


  7. Everblue says:

    Poor old Kadomi – the expertise hawks have descended!

    Everblue´s last blog post ..Impending Victory


    Kadomi Reply:

    Yeah, so much for being an expert on prot warriors. A Veneretio I am not. ;) But I can adapt! Currently re-gemming in-game.


    Everblue Reply:

    I’m not an expert either. It’s good to throw ideas around though, which is why a blog like this is good – you don’t have to be right all the time (or even any of the time), just provide a space for people to express their views.
    Everblue´s last blog post ..Impending Victory


    Kadomi Reply:

    This is true. I am actually grateful that I got the responses. It takes a lot of sifting through recent information, now that we’re all still adapting to Cataclysm.


  8. Saithir says:

    Mylra’s the one on the airplane in Deepholm, right? She’s one fine dwarf. :)

    The expertise info in the comments here is interesting. I’m currently running a lot of heroics, and Puggies don’t usually wait 3 secs, so I find it still useful. For raids I’d grab more avoidance perhaps.
    Saithir´s last blog post ..I guess I wouldn’t make a good hunter…


    Kadomi Reply:

    Yeah, all the expertise haters arrived here today. ;)

    Mylra is the tiny, angry woman in Deepholm, and I love her. Even as a horde. I did roll a dwarf shaman, just need to find the time to level her. :)


  9. Will says:

    Well, since you asked…

    As far as WoW goes, it’s been kind of slow for me. My Guild’s in a bit of a situation right now (which I won’t detail; I made a brief blog post about it a couple of weeks ago), so while my Hunter’s been 85 for a few weeks now, I haven’t done much Instancing. I’ve done three Normals so far and that’s it. But I’ve gotten the questing Achievements for each new zone, so it isn’t like I haven’t had anything to do. ;)

    Plus I made a Worgen Druid not long ago, and I’ve had fun playing him every now and then. I haven’t done any Instances with him, but I’ve had a blast just questing with him.

    And I started my second semester of college today, so I’ll keep being busy. :)
    Will´s last blog post ..The Point of No Return


    Will Reply:

    And for the record, since I forgot to mention it, I adore Stormcaller Mylra too. I’d trust her having my back any day.
    Will´s last blog post ..The Point of No Return


  10. Darkluna says:

    just wanted to say that I love your blog,
    in wow I’m currently frozen as my gamecard ended and my exams started shortly after(until februari the 4th ): ). I did get to lvl to 85, dps in a few hc’s which were even kind enough to give me some hc tanking items. I’m dying to start tanking hc’s now and I’d love more: ‘how to (insert hc name here)’ in order to prepare myself to the hc’s w/o having to actually play the game as that is out of the question atm..
    Greeting and keep up the good work!


    Kadomi Reply:

    I will work on the guides, promised! :)


  11. Asverze says:

    I’m always been a lover of expertise (and hit), keeping it around 30 in WotLK. Ones I allowed it to drop to 22, o my, that hurted. It really hampted my tanking. As soon as I replace that fancy piece for my old one, this way restoring my former expertise, I was back in business again.
    During the start of Cata I kept on aiming for an expertise of at least 25.
    However more and more people are saying that expertise ain’t important/usefull anymore, better go for more avoidance/mastery and let vengeance do the job. Even in this blog of expertise loving Kadomi this is spead around. So I did…., and it make me weep.
    After 4.0.1 getting initial aggro at the start is by far the hardest for me, but mostly I manage to get it and hold it. However since I letted expertise drop to 19 in favor of mastery, getting aggro has become painstaking hard and even when I manage to get some I lost it again a lot, leaving me with a mess, a dead group and angry people. It made me go for healing on my alt and leave tanking for now.
    Maybe I do things wrong of be just too slow at the start, but as soon I return I kick expertise to at least 25 again, at least to get back the confidence.


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