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Dec 21 2010

Shopping List: Cataclysm pre-raid gear for prot warriors

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It is time for the first edition of my shopping list for this expansion, tried and true since TBC days. :) As always, I will list at least 3 items per slot, in order of desirability. For those who do not have loot luck I will include at least one item per slot that you can obtain without relying on pure RNG. If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment. I <3 comments. :)

I would like to note that pretty much all ilevel 346 items are VERY similar, with slight tweaks of the stats. It's hard to pinpoint which piece comes out as superior in general. Use your own stats as guideline, fill in your weaknesses, and remember you can always reforge. I generally favor parry and mastery in this expansion, for Critical Block and Hold the Line!


  • Helm of the Proud – 2,200 Justice Points. A steep price for a nice helm, offering pure avoidance stats, plus the obligatory meta and normal gem socket.
  • Helm of Setesh – Setesh, H Halls of Origination. Very similar to the helm below, but with more strength. If you want more oomph, nice, but it’s pretty much a sidegrade from the rep helm.
  • Grinning Fang Helm/Crown of Wings – Revered with Dragonmaw/Wildhammer Clan. Nothing to sneeze at. I find the rep is easy to come by if you do the dailies, and I was just into Honored after finishing Highland quests, so it won’t be a long grind at all.


  • Elementium Guardian – Jewelcrafting BoE. This has a socket, so it will end up being the highest stamina necklace outside of raids for a while. Unfortunately, it’s not on my server’s horde AH yet, so I will have to coerce my guild’s JCers to buy this, or maybe level the jewelcrafting of my DK.
  • Carrier Wave Pendant – Ascendant Lord Obsidius, H Blackrock Caverns. Parry and Mastery, my current favorite combo.
  • The Lustrous Eye – 1,250 Justice Points. Mastery, want.
  • Mountain’s Mouth – Honored with Guardians of Hyjal. The cheapest, nicest tanking necklace you’ll ever get. Available at level 83. If you have quested in Hyjal, you will actually end up all the way to Revered with those guys, so pick this necklace up at 83 and wear it until you replace it in heroics.


  • Pauldrons of Edward the Odd – BoE World Drop. These will very likely cost a pretty penny if you see them up in the AH. But they are quite sweet indeed. If you are very rich or very lucky, the way to go.
  • Earthshape Pauldrons – Drahga Shadowburner, H Grim Batol. Solid stats and a precious blue gem socket.
  • Sunburnt Pauldrons – 1,650 Justice Points. Not a fan of the hit, not while I am still struggling to get expertise capped, for example. But that’s what reforging is for!
  • Earthshape Pauldrons – Drahga Shadowburner, Grim Batol. No gem socket, and less stat budget, but definitely the best choice before you venture into heroics.
  • Pharaoh’s Burial Spaulders – Quest reward for Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum. For all you unlucky fellas, just complete the lengthy Uldum quest chain and choose the shoulders as reward.


  • Wrap of the Great Turtle – Exalted with Guardians of Hyjal. I loved that turtle, I really did. Beautiful cloak too.
  • Zom’s Electrostatic Cloak – BoE World Drop. Haven’t seen this one around yet, but it’s definitely a shiny cloak. Not quite as shiny as the turtle’s though, so I would probably save my money.
  • Twilight Dragonscale Cloak – Leatherworking BoE. It comes with a socket, so it’s a very attractive gear choice if you can find a crafter for it.
  • Billowing Cape – Asaad, H Vortex Pinnacle. Attractive stats, and supposedly the easiest heroic out there.
  • Cloak of War – Leatherworking BoE. Some leatherworkers seem to craft this to get to 525, so you might get this a lot cheaper than the above cloak. It’s an excellent choice pre-heroic and currently mine, thanks to a donation from a guild crafter. Thanks, Tondo! :)


  • Hardened Elementium Bulwark – Blacksmithing BoE. If only you had sockets, oh shiny hauberk. Mat costs are steep, but I shall definitely craft one of those pre-raid, once I can get my hands on Chaos Orbs.
  • Beauty’s Plate – Beauty, H Blackrock Caverns. Very attractive stats plus two sockets. If you don’t want to save up for the crafted piece, a nice choice to farm instead.
  • Chestplate of the Steadfast – 2,200 Justice Points. Not cheap by any means, that’s a few heroics to run.
  • Breastplate of the Witness – Quest reward for Closing a Dark Chapter, Grim Batol. Best pre-heroic choice. Complete Grim Batol on normal and you’ll be the owner of the shiny new chestpiece if you remembered to pick up the quests.


  • Sandguard Bracers – Exalted with Ramkahen. Shiny epic bracers obtainable per rep. Just what the doctor ordered. Too bad there’s only one daily for the camel people.
  • Shackles of Undeath – Lord Godfrey, H Shadowfang Keep. The new final boss of SFK, I am looking forward to going there, though I hear it’s definitely not that easy. Excitement.
  • Armguards of Earthly Light – Isiset, H Halls of Origination. Again, not a fan of the hit this early in content, but I would grab them if they dropped for me.
  • Armguards of Earthly Light – Isiset, Halls of Origination. The non-heroic version are the best choice pre-heroic, so good luck. I love the instance, so it’s all good to me.


  • Fingers of Light – Rajh, H Halls of Origination. Excellent stats, my favorite gloves.
  • Numbing Handguards – 1,650 Justice Points. Are they too tight, or why are they numbing? Replacing parry with dodge, they’re almost as good as the above, not a bad purchase at all.
  • Gloves of the Greymane Wall – Baron Ashbury, H Shadowfang Keep. See my comments above. A little bit different stat budget. Weaker for lack of mastery, but not bad by any means.
  • Fingers of Light – Rajh, Halls of Origination. The best pre-heroic choice.


  • Hardened Elementium Girdle – Blacksmithing BoE. Definitely crafting this one.
  • Belt of the Ferocious Wolf – Exalted with Guardians of Hyjal. This belt is obviously tailored towards DPS, with crit on it, but reforging the crit to an avoidance stat might make this fairly attractive. Especially as this belt has a gem socket.
  • Girdle of the Mountains – 1,650 Justice Points. All avoidance, all the time.
  • Sand Dune Belt – Augh, H Lost City of the Tol’vir.
  • Belt of Guardianship – World Drop. This would be the best pre-heroic choice, and it shares exactly the same stats as the non-heroic Sand Dune Belt. Which obviously drops off Augh in regular Lost City of the Tol’vir.


  • Triton Legplates – Neptulon’s Cache, H Throne of the Tides.
  • Greaves of Splendor – 2,200 Justice Points
  • Stone-Wrapped Greaves – Honored with Earthen Ring. Best pre-heroic pants, and you can get them at level 83. A steal. My biggest hurdle was actually finding their quartermaster, as I hadn’t quested in Vash’jr.



  • Elementium Moebius Band – Jewelcrafting BoE. Solid ring with a gem socket, so find yourself a Jewelcrafter!
  • Ring of Three Lights – Siamat, H Lost City of the Tol’vir.
  • Felsen’s Ring of Resolve – Revered with Therazane. Felsen means rock in German, and that ring will help you be a rock for your groups. One of the easier rep grinds, so Revered is easy to obtain if you have quested in Deepholm.
  • Red Rock Band – Revered with Ramkahen. A ring that can be used both by DPS and prot warriors, as all can use the stats on them. If you can’t get your hands on one of the above, not a bad choice.
  • Temple Band – Zone Drop BoE, Halls of Origination. I have seen this ring sold on the AH for 500 to 650 gold. Certainly an option if you don’t feel like rep grinding or running regular instances.


  • Leaden Despair – High Priestess Azil, H Stonecore. Nummy stamina, and an effect that might save your bacon when the going gets tough. Not bad at all!
  • Za’brok’s Lucky Tooth – Quest reward for Four Heads are better than none, Twilight Highlands. The number 2 choice for stamina fans, and it’s a quest reward!
  • Porcelain Crab – Mindbender Ghur’sha, H Throne of the Tides.
  • Impetuous Query – Zone Drop BoE, Lost City of the Tol’vir. Snag it up in the AH if you see it. Not only are the stats quite nice, the on-use will also make it seem that you are Bladestorming all over the place. I love it. :)


  • Elementium Fang – High Priestess Azil, H Stonecore. The most attractive pre-raid weapon is a sword. I am a disappointed orc, I tell ya. Stop catering to humans! *waves her campaigning signs around*
  • Mace of Transformed Bone – Erudax, H Grim Batol.
  • Axe of the Eclipse – Altairus, H Vortex Pinnacle. The lines are blurry between tank and DPS gear these days, and this axe might serve a dual-wielding DK as well as a prot warrior, especially if you reforge the hit for missing expertise or avoidance.
  • Mace of the Gullet/Dragonscorn Mace – Quest reward for Fury Unbound/Narkrall, the Drake Tamer, Twilight Highlands. Best pre-heroic weapon, a very nice quest reward.


  • Blockade’s Lost Shield – World Drop BoE. Named after Blockade, a player with a collection of shields. What an honor to have a shield named after you. I think I would pee myself if there was ever a Kadomi item. Not that that’s gonna happen, but a girl can dream! Anyway, extremely excellent stats on this one, so good luck with the drop. It’s gonna be pricey on the AH.
  • Elementium Earthguard – Blacksmithing BoE. That’s a fine looking shield and the mats aren’t too bad at all, requiring only one Chaos Orb.
  • Shield of the Four Grey Towers – 950 Justice Points.
  • Shield of the Iron Maiden – Rom’ogg Bonecrusher, H Blackrock Caverns. The two shields are nearly identical, so I would probably save the Justice Points for something else.
  • Twilight Mirrorshield/Truthbreaker Shield – Quest reward for Traitor’s Bait/A Villain Unmasked, Twilight Highlands (turns in in Orgrimmar/Stormwind). Best pre-heroic option, and of course also easiest to obtain.


  • Thundercall – Asaad, H Vortex Pinnacle. Blizzard has heard our QQ and finally added this weapon to the actual loot tables in-game. It’s been floating around all game databases for a while, and now with 4.0.6 we can finally yank it out of Asaad’s hands. Hopefully. Good luck!
  • Muffled Blunderbuss/Silenced Blunderbuss – Quest reward for Dark Assassins in Twilight Highlands. The best and only option for the ranged slot for prot warriors. Where are the shiny engineering guns or anything else for that slot? :o

And I am done. That’s a long list. Consider this Kadomi’s Christmas present for tanks if you didn’t already sort out gear for yourself. :)

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36 Responses to “Shopping List: Cataclysm pre-raid gear for prot warriors”

  1. Ratshag says:

    Picked up an Impetuous Query fer 400g yesterday. Love the stats, but still gettin’ used ta the bladestorm effect – “WTF? Am I in arms spec???”

    Also found a Shroud of Dark Memories cloak fer 300g. Fer some reason the strength is too low (only 114, ‘stead of 149) but other other stats is righteous. Hopin’ is a bug what gets hot-fixed soon.
    Ratshag´s last blog post ..They Still Dont Seems Ta Understands- Do They


    Theladas Reply:

    Actually, Strength is often used as a secondary stat in the itemization of tank gear. In general, if a tank piece has hit or expertise on it, the strength itemization on the item is dropped to keep it from being “too offensive,” or something.

    There are a couple pieces I’d add to that shopping list, namely in the trinket and weapon categories – they have so much more variety. Throngus’ Finger from H Grim Batol is a wonderful parry trinket, and there are numerous other weapons that fall in the “maybe DPS, maybe tank” category – my favorite is Cookie’s Tenderizer. You can’t make weapon enchants on it glow, but you get to beat things up with a rolling pin, so I’m not complaining ^_^. Tenderizer + Chef Title = Awesome.


    Kadomi Reply:

    I had H Sun Strike and Cookie’s Tenderizer on my original list, but then ditched them for more obvious tanking weapons. We have huge variety with gear in this expansion.

    In everything but the neglected ranged spot which I hear is just as neglected for DPS warriors.


  2. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kadomi. Kadomi said: New blog post: Shopping List: Cataclysm pre-raid gear for prot warriors http://bit.ly/f86V0R [...]

  3. Mercury says:

    Chaos Orbs are BoE. Not sure how we can trade them with Blacksmiths to get the weapon.

    JCs can make two interesting trinkets:
    Figurine – King of Boars : http://www.wowhead.com/item=52351

    Figuring – Earthen Guardian : http://www.wowhead.com/item=52352

    I have both on my warrior, but they are BoE.


    Kadomi Reply:

    I didn’t list the trinkets because they are BoP and can only be used by the Jewelcrafters themselves.

    As for the Chaos Orbs, they are indeed Bind on Pickup, so you cannot trade them to a crafter. Either you run with a friendly guild blacksmith and trade it to them after you won the orb, or you find a blacksmith who actually has a stash of orbs. It’s like Primal Nether in TBC, back in the day.


  4. Mercury says:

    Correction Chaos Orbs are BoP, not BoE.


  5. Emerassi says:

    Take a look at the Crossfire Carbine, epic trash drop from 10 man raids. It’s itemized for either tanks or dps.


    Kadomi Reply:

    Hardly a pre-raid weapon though, so that’s why it’s not on the list.


  6. Christman says:

    I sure wish we had a new crafted engineering tanking gun, but for now we can use almost any dps ranged weapon to fill that spot as we gear up. I’m using Lighteningflash which drops from Asaad in VP. I swapped out the crit for some hit -it’s not ideal but it works for now.


  7. Everblue says:

    Ah the Kadomi trademark. Great post.

    Choosing between dodge and parry is a difficult one. I was reading the prot warrior thread on EJ and it seemed to suggest that you should go for parry over dodge whenever possible, and you should reforge dodge before parry, and it seems to me that this ignores dimininshing returns – I think you should always try to have dodge equal to parry to maximise your overall avoidance – if one is much higher than the other then your post-diminishing returns avoidance will be lower than it would have been if both were the same.

    If that’s right, you should view hold the line as a perk, not something to gear towards.

    I don’t know how far the numbers support that, and it may have been raised later on in the EJ thread (I haven’t got the stamina to read all those long monolithic threads), but I think it’s probably a decent rule of thumb.
    Everblue´s last blog post ..Tidyplates fix


  8. Zellviren says:

    I would add Smite’s Reaver to the weapon list, despite it having no obvious tanking stats – hit and expertise are both desirable enough, though.

    For ranged, there is only really one choice; and it’s from the trash on Vortex Pinnacle heroic. Luckily, that instance is dead easy but it’s an hour out of your day if you intend to farm it. Unluckily, it’s not yet linked to any mobs in game which means your chances of seeing it drop are…


    Like the Elementium Fang in the Stonecore, an instance I generally hate. -.-
    Zellviren´s last blog post ..Tanking Cataclysm bosses


  9. Mike says:

    Theorycrafting suggests that both
    Volatile Thunderstick and Sky Piercer are options for the ranged slot pre-raid. There is also Abatement Cannon if you are into blue and tanky things. :)


  10. Sanna says:

    Omgyeyz a prot warrior gear list. Thanks a mil \o/ I shall link your post from my (poor neglected) blog. I have no idea if anyone who reads mine would find it useful but hey. Can’t hurt might help \o/
    Sanna´s last blog post ..Addons- CompanionClone


  11. Mike says:

    Phosphorescent Ring is a 346 tanking ring that should definitely be on your list. It drops from Corborus in The Stonecore.


  12. Pinnick says:

    Awesome list, Kadomi. Thanks for putting it together and everything you do.

    Warrior pride!


  13. Synnyster says:

    Thundercall, tanking ranged.


    Synnyster Reply:

    Turns out this item doesn’t exist =/


    Othomi Reply:

    Sorry to tell you, that it does, although non heroic. Wearing it when tanking.


  14. Michaelberea says:

    Great list! Thank you for pointing out some items I have overlooked.

    You might want to add Darkhowl Amulet http://www.wowhead.com/item=56411
    ilevel 346, dodge/expertise, no socket, drops from Temple Gaurdian Anhuur in HHOO

    For the ranged weapon, consider the Sky Piercer (Hellscream’s Reach / Baradin’s Wardens – Revered) or the Volatile Thunderstick (BoE crafted by an Engineer). Yes they are agility/mastery/crit but for some at least that is better than strength/mastery/hit. There are also a couple of BoE tanking epics from the raids (Crossfire Carbine and Dragonwreck Throwing Axe).


  15. Sudiin says:

    Nice list! I just wanted to add that there is a second daily for Ramkahen called Fire from the Sky for more rep than Thieving Pluckers. Requires Harrison Jones quests completed though.


    Kadomi Reply:

    Yeah, thank goodness. I am working on Ramkahen rep atm, and am doing those two quests every day now. Even got my Bombardier achievement. :)


  16. Atlajax says:

    Hey, Kadomi. Just wanted to let you know that you put out great material during every expansion. Thanks for all the work.

    Atlajax, Legion of Moo, Hakkar


    Kadomi Reply:

    Thanks for the kind words!


  17. Asverze says:

    Definitely a nice list to use as guideline for a prot like me.
    I’m maybe a bit bold, but I peeked at you in the armory. It strikes me that your expertise, for you a main stat (if I read your posts right), is just 25 and your hit is just 2% and thus quite low imho. Is this a coincidence or do you think this is enough for now? I aim for a minimum of 25+ exp and 6% hit for HCs (30+ exp and 8% hit for raids). Is this a bit overdone iyo?


    Kadomi Reply:

    I am aiming for 26 expertise, but it’s taking a while to get there. I definitely will not raid until I am at the soft cap for expertise. I have never cared about hit, especially now that Taunt will never miss it’s simply not on my priority list.

    Hit is the stat to work on when everything else is already perfect. :)

    As for your question, you don’t need expertise higher than 26. At 26 your hits cannot be dodged. The parry cap is a lot higher, and near impossible to reach if you are also aiming for survival and avoidance.


  18. Snurgh says:

    Thank you for this list! I relied on your advice when I was catching up with my guild in Wrath, and was very pleased to see you post a list that’s helpful to my not-yet-ready-for-heroics status.

    Vielen dank’!


  19. Herr Drache says:

    As to the ranged slot, http://www.wowhead.com/item=62479 / http://www.wowhead.com/item=62460 Sky Piercer isn’t all that shabby. Sure, it says “agi”, and I guess reforging that crit into dodge/parry wouldn’t be a bad idea, but overall it’s not a bad crossbow.

    Available from your faction’s Tol Barad Quartermaster at revered, I think – which isn’t that hard to get, even if you never hold the zone yourself.

    The issue is, it’ll seriously slow down my getting the spirit riding wolf or whatever it’s called :(


  20. Herr Drache says:

    Or this (wtb edit) :)

    http://www.wowhead.com/item=59599, the Volatile Thunderstick.


    Dengaru Reply:

    The Volatile is a good place taker till you can get a better one, It may not be top of the shelf, but with decent stamina, nice mastery rating, you can hold the line.
    The agility gives a slight block/dodge/parry upgrade, but aint that of a difference. we,re talking about a .40% upgrade on block, the rest I didnt check.
    If you reforge the crit to either dodge or parry, it gets better aswell.


  21. CM says:

    Thanks for the post, made my life easier again!))) I’d like to add Phosphorescent Ring (http://www.wowhead.com/item=56332) to the list, it’s a cool one!


  22. Othomi says:

    Thanks for putting up this list – the advice and comments after it helped me to clear some tanking issues.


  23. Beastpower says:

    How about the engineering helmet:



  24. Ylgu says:

    [item]Thundercall[/item] now exists. I got it last night.


  25. Aurvangr says:

    http://www.wowhead.com/item=67238 drops from a rare mob, can be a nice item to get when gearing for heroics plus it only requires level 83 even though it is a 346 ilevel rare.


  26. bklove says:

    thanks for the help for like for gear ty too you all an good hunting. :}


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