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Dec 09 2010

Cataclysm: First Impressions

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Cataclysm is here, and like millions of people I have set out to level to 85. Current progress: level 82, questing in Deepholm. I started in Mt. Hyjal on day 1, to my frustration. The masses, the camping, the named mobs beleaguered by 30+ people, it just wasn’t any fun. Day 2 was highly improved, people had moved on to other zones. I briefly want to mention that I thought Mt. Hyjal was an absolutely fantastic zone. The final event almost beat Battle of Undercity for me, it was just that awesome. I feel bad for everyone who gets ushered in when it’s almost over. Freaking win.

Weird Shield fashionI have my frustrations with professions. I feel like I won’t be able to level my blacksmithing along as I go. I am in Deepholm now, and there’s only Elementium there. But I need Obsidium. This is sub-optimal. Farming the ore is full of frustration at this point. I should do that today, because the crafted gear is quite awesome. Despite having weird things like the Hardened Obsidium Shield that is worn in new and different ways. >.>

I played around with archaeology for a bit, but felt that it was just a tad bit tedious to level. I will work on it later, for sure, but right now other things are more exciting. Like throwing bear cubs at trampolines. ADORABLE. Nothing can go wrong with this plan.

I am actually leveling as fury, which is something I haven’t done since TBC. Most of the quest rewards are actually for DPS classes. There is very little to no tanking plate as quest rewards, and what is there is inferior to what I already have. The DPS gear is something else entirely though. Within five quests I had replaced both my 2H-weapons from ICC-10. At 82, I have replaced nine of my mostly 245-251 DPS epics. On the tanking front, I have replaced my shield with the above mentioned Hardened Obsidium Shield, and won a tanking necklace in Blackrock Caverns. Two pieces replaced, and my health went from 47.8k unbuffed to 62.6k. Holy crap!

I have only run one instance so far, Blackrock Caverns, and totally loved the hell out of it. I thought the bosses were all using very interesting mechanics. They will be kickass on heroic, I hope they make us weep and wipe us over and over. Only with challenge can I get satisfaction. Please, don’t let them nerf stuff! We used CC, mostly Polymorph on a caster, and later an additional Banish on fire elementals. I felt very good about my threat. It was a guild run, everyone was very good about holding DPS until I had gotten some threat moves in. It was great fun. I haven’t had fun like this in an instance for a long time. All my threat doubts, they are gone. For now.

Watch for my little Blackrock Caverns guide and gear list soon. I will write short guides once I have run an instance, for the latecomers.

What have your impressions been? Have I been the only one who loved the hell out of Hyjal? Most of my guild went to Vash’jr instead. Would love to hear how Cataclysm’s been treating everyone. :)

11 Responses to “Cataclysm: First Impressions”

  1. Aldea says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot of frustration with a bugged quest in Vash’jr that seems to stop people progressing through the zone. (The relevant mobs can’t be engaged, I guess?) And some people seem to hate the 3D combat, while others love it.

    I did Hyjal, and HOLY CRAP EPIC STORY YES. It wasn’t tuned quite right, though; I finished the zone 3% short of hitting 82 and had to run the cooking/fishing dailies to get the Hero’s Call for Deepholm.

    I’m level 84 now, a little way into Uldum and loving it. I’m leveling prot because that’s just what I do. I’ve replaced most of my tanking epics by now, some quest items, some JC items, and some other stuff. By the end of Deepholm, the item level is getting high enough that even sub-optimal itemization can still beat out ICC epics by brute force (i.e., huge amounts of stam/str).


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  3. Ratshag says:

    Feelin’ yer pain on crafting. I’s a blacksmith / engineer, and in Rash of the Itch King I were ables fer ta buy me mats on the AH. But now? Obsidium be goin’ fer 6-800g a stack. Ain’t payin’ that. So, now I’s just stuck at 450 until on of me mining alts can get some time.

    Others than that, though, is havin’ mad crazy fun smashing fishies. Was crowded the first evening, but less now and mornings is nobody on.
    Ratshag´s last blog post ..Somebody Fire Up The Ripley Music


  4. Dervish says:

    I loved the 3D combat in Vashj’ir, especially since I play on a PVP server and during the first few hours there were probably close to 300 people between both factions trying to cram into one area. There was a TON of 3D PVP!!!, I enjoyed the story in Deepholm also… as far as Uldum it’s nice but a little lackluster IMO. But honestly I am looking forward to Twilight Highlands over all.


  5. Zellviren says:

    As one of those mad buggers who went for the realm first (first Horde warrior), I skipped a large percentage of the quest reading; luckily, I was in the beta and managed to enjoy it all from there. And while I think the new questing experience is fantastic, particularly the new zones, there is a problem.

    You’re mauling Ragnaros in Mount Hyjal.
    You’re dealing death in Deepholm.
    You’re undulating the Neferset in Uldum.
    You’re thwomping through the Twilight Highland.
    You’re… Done. :(

    As much as I love the new zones, there simply isn’t enough of them. The levelling experience was supposed to feel as it did from 70 to 80 but it was nowhere near – and I can’t help but feel I’ve been a bit short changed as a result.

    I’ll let you know about heroics, I only dinged the required iLevel for that late last night and fitted one in. It was the Lost City of the Tol’vir and, I must say, the second last boss was FANTASTIC. It’s got a raid boss feeling and could easily be one if his health and damage were buffed a bit. And with the exception of the Vortex Pinnacle, I’ve heard good reviews about everything else.

    We’ll find out about raid content difficulty when we get going next week – personally, despite my slight misgiving about the short time taken to get to 85, I’m really optimistic about Cataclysm.

    Bring it!


  6. Dandesun says:

    My main is a Night Elf warrior so I knew I was going to be taking her to Hyjal. I haven’t gotten too far as of yet but what I’ve done I love. I love the return of our Shan’do Stormrage, I love Ysera, and all of the Night Elf and Tauren hanging about being awesome.

    When I played what little of Hyjal I’ve done so far, it was the first day so to say things were getting mobbed is a bit of an understatement. I took the opportunity to look around rather than fight for a spot at one mob and get frustrated. The zone is beautiful and I try very hard to always ride my hippogriff around but if my red drake comes up, that’s okay, too.


  7. Herr Drache says:

    I’m not even 81 yet – leveling Prot with my trusted Boomkin wife by my side. We started Hyjal and I like it so far – the quests seem to be nicely set up, with pointers to where the new quests are, and everything!
    Then I decided that I needed to farm ore on my alt to support my JC and BS habits. Obsidian seems to be a b.t.. bit rare, but I didn’t have much issues with Elementium – probably because farming in an 85 zone with most players barely hitting 84 is pretty quiet. Sadly, I fear, that will change very soon! AND Blizzard decided to lower respawn rates and/or nodes in several areas :(

    Hint to JCs: The dailies unlock at 475 – so get there!

    Final thought: I’m glad I moved from a PvP server to a low-pop PvE server. Screw world raid progression, I *like* not getting ganked to death and to be able to do stuff!


  8. Bodoth says:

    So far very impressed with the expansion. First day was a little hectic but that has cooled down.

    My priest is a few bars from 84 ( I had some vacation days that I would lose if I didn’t take them by the end of the year ) and is in Uldam and so far i love the zone. I’m a big fan of cut scenes so i loved the opening when you took the caravan along with all of the cut scenes with Harrison Jones.

    My only issue is that the cloth drops are pretty poor. i’m having a hard time levelling tailoring. i’m only up to 470 or so. Definitely not the same as how quickly we got frostweave. But I’m sure in a month or so I’ll have all i need.


  9. Squeegiemama says:

    Hey I saw you in Deepholm!

    I’m levelling Fury as well. I find I can move much faster through the quests. I still tank the dungeons which have all been very enjoyable.



    Kadomi Reply:

    I know, I keep running into you now, hee! I left that darn zeppelin though because the camping of the ogre was a bit much.

    I find as fury I can blow through mobs while still keeping the self-heals up. Victory Rush is pretty amazing now. I have very very little downtime.

    In dungeons, I tank for my guildies. So far I have run BRC, Throne of the Tides and Stonecore. From the challenge level I loved Stonecore best. It was like Shadow Labs in rocks! :)


  10. Skrambles says:

    I take back all the bad things I said about Blood and Thunder during WotLK…


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