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Sep 15 2010

My top 5 WotLK things

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Inspired by Spinks and Larísa trying to stay positive about WoW, I thought I’d add my voice to theirs. Yes, I have hardly played any WoW recently, and I am as bored as the next person, but we all know that when Cataclysm comes, all the loudest critics will pick it up and play anyhow. I still appreciate this game, even if after 5 years of playing, it bores me at this moment in time.

That said, here’s my list of 5 things I loved in WotLK.

  1. easy accessibility of raids – In TBC we raided Karazhan and Zul’Aman and had a lot of fun with it. Yet there was always the nagging feeling of missing out on so much content. I did Gruul and Magtheridon as well, and 2 bosses in SSC, but 25-man raiding is not my thing. I was ecstatic when they announced 10-mans for all WotLK raids. It’s been great for my guild, as we’re able to see and kill exactly the same raid bosses all raiding guilds have seen, if maybe at (a lot) slower pace than other guilds.
  2. Ulduar – for me this is the highlight of all Wrath raid instances. Large in scope, beautiful in design, with great encounters. Some of the hardmodes have great mechanics, so to this day it’s a great raid for me. As much as I still have nightmares about the Yogg-Saron fight, it’s everything I expect from a final raid boss.
  3. Warrior utility – This is a tricky one. I hate how WotLK has been the Age of AoE. But I love how our warrior toolbox was expanded to give us AoE tanking capabilities. I am not a paladin and I am not a death knight, but Shockwave is awesome in my AoE toolkit. There are fights where our array of stuns and interrupts make us really shine. Assembly of Iron is just awesome as warrior tank. There have also been quite a few val’kyrs in the LK fight that were stunned as a last second save, by my Concussion Blow or Shockwave.
  4. Phasing – This has made a huge difference in questing, because phased content finally gives us a chance to feel the world evolving. Of course it always brings awkward moments too, like invisible folks mining your nodes in Icecrown, or being your lonesome self by the ICC meeting stone, despite all the other dots on the mini-map. I am curious to see where phasing is going in Cataclysm, but I heard that it’s quite involved (if maybe a bit on the buggy side in the beta).
  5. my guild – especially our raid group had its ups and downs, as we had a lot of people cycling in and out. I would say from the days of Naxxramas to today, there were always a few who did not make the transition to the next raid, either leaving for greener pastures or simply quitting wordlessly. Nevertheless, our guild core is a bunch of wonderful people who I love raiding with and who have made this expansion a great 2 years to play in. DotH is a place full of friendly guild members, who are giving and helpful, and I hope we will stay that way for many years to come.

And that’s the goods. I should warn you all, next week you’ll get a list of the things I hated in WotLK, but until then, I’d love to hear what other folks loved. WoW is hardly a positive community, but we can all strive to be a little positive about this hobby of ours, right? :)

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8 Responses to “My top 5 WotLK things”

  1. Spinks says:

    Oh yes, Shockwave is awesome in the 25 man LK fight because you can stun all three valkyrs at once!


  2. Mally says:

    Naxx was a great intro to raiding for those (including me) who hadn’t been heavily involved in it before, but you’re right, Ulduar was the bees, and many people agree. Pally healing through the 10man hardmodes with a great team is something I will not forget in a very long while. I hope Cata can recapture the awesomeness of that place. Also loved the quality of the questing – some of the stories played out were fantastic, and the in-game anims were inspired. A huge step up from BC. All in all I like to think that it was a great stepping stone towards Cata.


  3. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kadomi, Lara Jones. Lara Jones said: RT @Kadomi: New blog post: My top 5 WotLK things http://bit.ly/drl8pw [...]

  4. Larisa says:

    That’s a nice list! I’m not sure yet what I’d put on my equivalent. But I definitely agree with most of the things you’ve put up there (with exception for the warrior stuff – I have no clue at all about it.)



    Kadomi Reply:

    I am sure you have some mage-y highlight. I hope you won’t say ‘I got to use Blizzard a lot!’ though. ;)


  5. Arencey says:

    My favorite thing is probably the death knight class, I came to wow at the end of bc so the class is one of the few things I have gotten to watch evolve in wow, I love the way blood has so much survivability for tanking.

    It seems to me that blizz is pushing dks and warriors in the direction of “heavy tanks” with all the +survivability cds these specs have, even if they are lacking in aoe threat. it doesn’t look like any decent blood spec will be able to pick up morbidy in cata as well so it’s looking like less aoe threat for dks.


    Kadomi Reply:

    You know, I am fine with that. The more I hear that AoE is way less viable in Cataclysm, the happier it makes me. I’ll take being a survivor over putting out AoE threat.


  6. Saga says:

    I would have to agree on the 10man raiding, my guild was a 25 man raiding guild in TBC and for the start of Wrath but when we lost a lot of people we were able to go to 10 man and we’re quite enjoying it. We will be a dedicated 10 man guild in Cataclysm, so I’m glad they’re keeping the 10 man option.

    I loved the dragons of Wrath – the mounts, I mean – I’ve always been a big fan of mounts, collecting the ones I can, and the dragons just look awesome. Proto-drakes and dragons ftw <3
    Saga´s last blog post ..Cataclysm- Human Starting Zone


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