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Feb 02 2010

Another month, another patch

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Patch 3.3.2 is rolled out on the US realms today, and the EU realms tomorrow. Normally I don’t post about patches much, because there’s tons of sites out there who cover it better than I could, but as there are a couple protection warrior changes coming to us, I need to evaluate how this will impact my playstyle.

  • Concussion Blow: The damage done by this ability has been reduced by 50%, but its threat generation will remain approximately the same.
  • Devastate: This ability now deals 120% of weapon damage, up from 100% of weapon damage.
  • Shield Slam: The damage scaling from block value for this ability now diminishes faster and diminishes starting at a lower block value. The difference should be negligible for players in high-end tanking armor. In addition, the threat caused by Shield Slam has been increased by 30%.
  • Warbringer: This talent no longer allows Charge and Intercept to break roots or snares. Intervene remains unaffected.

Let’s look at them one after the other.

1: This will mean CB will likely be pushed out of my rotation and will be relegated to its previously use in TBC: to be used as stun and interrupt on trash or encounters such as Assembly of Iron. I don’t need it to supply threat, I used it for doing damage.

2. Another damage boost to Devastate means that I can pretty much ignore Revenge beyond a certain rage level. Revenge will still deliver the best rage to threat ratio, so at the start of an encounter, in heroics, or in situations where you rage-starved yourself, it’s useful. I am sure people will run threat parses soon, but Devastate spamming sounds more and more attractive.

3. I actually have no idea how this will affect me. It’s not like I have huge amounts of SBV stacked, or ArP in my tanking gear, so I have to test the numbers. At least it will be more threat. Let’s just hope the Devastate buff will compensate overall.

4. This nerf makes me sad, because it cuts into our PvE utility so much. It was incredibly useful in heroics and just felt right to me. Thank you Arena. Not.

As far as other non-warrior changes go, heroics will be simplified across the board, which still makes me long for a heroic heroic switch that must be hidden somewhere in the game. Blizzard, please, if you should ever read my words, remember that there are people out there who don’t mind tough 5-mans. Don’t make me mourn TBC heroics forever and ever.

Furthermore, Toravon will be added to Vault of Archavon and Friends, meaning another opportunity to receive T10 gear without spending hard-earned frost emblems. This means I will have to try to run that every week now, rar.

Oh, and some dude called Lich King will be available as final encounter of Icecrown Citadel. Or so I have heard.

What are your thoughts on the new mini-patch?

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18 Responses to “Another month, another patch”

  1. Linedan says:

    I’m with you. I want a heroic heroic switch. I mean, come on, they’re nerfing the ICC heroics already! (Although I’ll grant that the spell reflect on the Forge of Souls mobs was pretty ridiculous and needed to be trimmed back.)
    .-= Linedan´s last blog ..3.3.2 prot warrior changes announced =-.


  2. Everblue says:

    My understanding is that the shield slam nerf will be most felt when you have shield block up. If that’s right then the era of massive crits on the pull is over, sadly.
    .-= Everblue´s last blog ..The four stages of fail =-.


  3. Spinks says:

    Well, I guess single target threat will go right up because of the shield slam threat boost (depending on how much that is), so I don’t have to care so much if tanking weapons continue to not drop for us.

    Other than that, I’m just happy to have a patch that leaves us where we were. I don’t really want them to rock the boat right now. I probably use devastate too much as it is, so that won’t change :)

    It is very demoralising to be nerfed (even slightly) because of PvP though. It’s not as if my guild is going to boot me or anything, but I hear the other tanks excitedly swapping large numbers and wish I could join in. Ohwell, I guess I serve a function as ‘well, at least you got more dps than Spinks’
    .-= Spinks´s last blog ..Fall of the Lich King, End of an Era =-.


  4. Veneretio says:

    I agree we’re getting to the point now where in the majority of cases we’re best just outright removing Revenge from our action bars. I’m certainly not going to waste 2 points in Improved Revenge anymore which makes the divide even worse.

    There is talks in fact of at lower gear levels if you’re sporting the Devastate 2 piece bonuses that it may not even be worth using Shield Slam anymore. Kinda sad.
    .-= Veneretio´s last blog ..The New T10 Gloves and Chest =-.


  5. Ratshag says:

    The buff ta Devastate makes me really really really want to “borrow” me pally’s Broken Promise, what with its 2.5 speed. Not like she’s using it anyway, since she picked up the turkey cutter in ToC…
    .-= Ratshag´s last blog ..Is Worth … I Dunno … A Whole Buncha Thousand Wordses =-.


  6. LabRat says:

    BC-level heroics would be an absolute nightmare in the LFD system, though. I’ve run with people in there for whom Halls of Stone requires several wipes to learn.

    If they were to do that and leave them *out* of the random system, maybe make them even more challenging, though… I would be very much on board.
    .-= LabRat´s last blog ..Difficulty Curves Versus Cliffs =-.


  7. hanago says:

    Did some log comparisons pre- and post- patch (read: hard numbers).

    Results are mostly as you posted. Devastate hits a bit harder, concussion blow is crap (hits actually less hard than dev if you have 2pT9), and warbringer change is sad.

    Posting this really only to respond to the revenge comment. Revenge for me hits 50% harder than devastate. I’m keeping it on cooldown for a dps reason, threat is moot as you said.


  8. hanago says:

    oh, regarding shield slam: I saw no negative change at all… 0_o?


  9. Thelyethun says:

    Yesterday (after the patch was released) my friend and I decided to run Heroic Halls of Reflection and found that some things in there had changed that were not in the patch notes. We used to run this all the time with no problems at all. The gauntlet is still about the same, good heals equals no wiping. You can’t go behind the Lich King anymore, instand death. And it is VERY hard to hold aggro on all the mobs on the last two walls. Other than this I haven’t noticed a whole lot so far. Wiped about seven times so asked a more experienced tank to check it out and he confirmed it. What do you guys think?


    Kadomi Reply:

    I was hoping they would fix the exploit of staying behind him, because it removed a core aspect of the whole encounter. I always have to work very hard on wall four, but it’s doable. I’ll have to give it a try soon.


    LabRat Reply:

    It’s also a bit buggy- at one point we just asploded due to his exploit-fixing massive damage when he was nowhere near us yet.
    .-= LabRat´s last blog ..Difficulty Curves Versus Cliffs =-.


  10. Halbrad says:

    Mixed feelings here regarding the warriors changes. I always mocked and envied our Druid tank about his swipe FTW “rotation”. Now we are heading in the same direction and I feel a bit sad. I guess somehow I was proud of handling the Masters tools that warriors had with deadly precision. Not so much to be proud of any more.
    Then again, I hear that a lot of starting warrior tanks suffered from that and take a lot of flak in HCs while gearing up and handling this wide variety of tools. Probably it will be a bit easier for them now, which may be good.

    I am considering dropping CB and vigilance (think it wasn’t required before and sure won’t be now) and perhaps spec more cruelty to help close the damage gap with other tanks, but not sure about it yet.

    Regarding heroics: as someone who learned the game in TBC heroics, I definitely long for instances or even just a couple of fights where lack of things like kiting, LOS, CC, and target priority could actually cause a wipe. Roflstomping through heroics with mass AoE was fun for exactly three days… I completely understand that Blizz wants everybody to gear for raids and I applaud that. But the side effect is that the heroics that pretty much everybody runs each and every day don’t provide any other incentive than “moar badgers”.


  11. Gwendolen says:

    Actually the nerfs in instances around made a bit sad, doesnt give me the opportunity to challenge myself in those encounters.
    Heroic Heroic – pLZ!!


  12. Jenny says:

    I got my t10′s last night and lost my t9 bonus. But If vault will give me a full 4pc then I think I’ll be happy once again xD
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..A New Q & A =-.


  13. MissPosts says:

    Another month, another post? Miss your stories!


  14. Baruti says:

    Dear Kadomi,
    What’s keeping you from updating?
    I hope you’re all fine and find some time to continue TanklikeaGirl soon.
    Best whishes,


    Will Reply:

    I’ve been curious myself. Even though I don’t know if I’m in her target demographic (I’m not a Warrior, and I’m not a lady), I’ve enjoyed reading this blog ever since I heard Kadomi on the Epic Dolls podcast way back when.

    Makes me wonder if I should start a Twitter account myself. I’m nowhere near interesting enough for people to want to hear what I have to say, but I can see myself making one just to follow other people. >.<


  15. Bigjimm says:

    Kadomi! Come back! I agree w/Baruti and Will- we miss you, and I’m even a tank! Also, you just got plugged by WoW.com, so now is the perfect time to update! /imploreKadomitokeepwriting
    .-= Bigjimm´s last blog ..One of seven, foshizzle! And March call for questions! =-.


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