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Dec 08 2009

Icecrown 5-mans for tanks

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3.3 will go live today, which means I have to work on my shopping list for plate tanks very soon. To tide you over in the mean time, let’s look at what tanking goodness expects us in the 3 wings of the new 5-man in Icecrown. Running the wings on normal gets you ilevel 219 loot, on par with Ulduar-10, and running it on heroic gets you ilevel 232 loot, on par with Trial of the Crusader-10.

The Forge of Souls

The first wing offers 2 bosses, Bronjahm, who will clearly be a sex machine, and Devourer of Souls.

  • Lucky Old Sun (Bronjahm, normal) – almost identical to Legacy of Thunder from Ulduar-10, with subtle differences (more strength, no expertise, less def and dodge, but parry), same baby rattle model. Not a true upgrade if you already have the Ulduar mace or Peacekeeper Blade, but not bad.
  • Sollerets of Suffering (Devourer of Souls, normal) – interesting name, for sure. These boots are for threat, with shield block value on them, so I personally prefer the itemization of Boots of Heartfelt Repentance. Nevertheless, that’s a good amount of stamina and strength on them. Spiked Deathdealers are still the best deal compared to those other two available outside of a raid.
  • Legplates of Frozen Granite (Devourer of Souls, normal) – these are pretty strong pants. Socket, oodles of stamina. Very high def and hit which has become a little bit more important for tanks in recent times. Do you know how much a missed taunt sucks? A lot.
  • Black Spire Sabatons (Devourer of Souls, heroic) – Now that’s what I am talking about. Those boots are a lot stronger. Still not as good as the Spiked Deathdealers as they have no sockets, but definitely very solid all around aside from that.

Pit of Saron

The second wing has three boss encounters, Forgemaster Garfrost, Krick and Ick and finally Scourgelord Tyrannus.

  • Shoulderplates of Frozen Blood (Forgemaster, heroic) – very nicely itemized shoulders, because I love expertise. I keep hovering around the dodge cap, so seeing more expertise on gear makes me happy.
  • Ick’s Rotting Thumb (Krick and Ick, heroic) – that’s a disgusting name and with Chill of the Throne in Icecrown, I don’t know that anyone would use this instead of one of the high stamina trinkets. Still, that’s a lot of dodge, and a Last Stand effect for Oh Shit! moments.
  • Scourgelord’s Frigid Chestplate (Scourgelord Tyrannus, normal) – another solidly itemized piece of gear. Not as strong as the T9 chest, but a great filler piece until you have enough Emblems of Triumph.
  • Rimefang’s Claw (Scourgelord Tyrannus, heroic) – very nice tank sword. Yay for catering to the Alliance masses. QQ for us poor axe-starved orcs, again.
  • Icebound Bronze Cuirass (Scourgelord Tyrannus, heroic) – another chestpiece, and probably nice for a hit set. I’ll still go with T9 chest instead, because of the sockets.

Halls of Reflection

The last wing is supposed to be amazing lore-wise. Let’s see how amazing the drops are along with that!

  • Splintered Door of the Citadel (Falric and Marwyn, normal) – funny how the doors of the Citadel look exactly like shields from Ulduar. I call mine Harry, btw. But aside from another example of laziness with models, let’s look at the numbers, compared to the Shieldwall of the Breaker. Good news: the first shield available outside of a raid since Culling of Stratholme. Bad news: definitely not as solidly itemized as the Ulduar shield, but good armor, high stamina and defense. For anyone who’s still lugging around the Royal Crest, this shield is fab.
  • Eerie Runeblade Polisher (Falric and Marwyn, normal) – Cloaks for tanks are rare as well, so this is a very nice drop. It’s about on par with the Platinum Mesh Cloak, which I still think has a slight edge thanks to the expertise on it, but only a slight edge.
  • Falric’s Wrist-Chopper (Falric and Marwyn, heroic) – Well, hello thar. What a mighty fine tanking axe you are. Screw the block rating, I want you. I am an orc, shiny big axes belong in my strong hands. You’re no Ardent Guard, but I love you anyway, because of the expertise. Rar!
  • Crystalline Citadel Gauntlets (The Lich King, normal) – That’s a lot of SBV on those gloves, so nice for a threat set. Other than that, not convincing, Mercy’s Hold from ToC or the Conquest badge gloves are stronger.
  • Second Helm of the Executioner (The Lich King, heroic) – This is a very fugly model, ew. Blue socket, meta socket, oodles of stamina and high expertise are fabulous. The shield block rating we get dumped on our helmets not so much. But not bad. 
  • Fossilized Ammonite Choker (The Lich King, heroic) – very strong necklace. No complaints from me.

And that’s it. As summary, there are a lot of great pieces to gear up people and bring them up to speed with current content. Nothing I found is quite as good as any of the Emblem of Triumph gear nor better than any drops in Trial of the Crusader-10. I willl definitely try to get the axe, and maybe pick up some of the SBV stuff for a threat set (that I mostly use in heroics anyway), but I already have pretty decent gear. For everyone else playing catchup, or who never had much luck in Ulduar-10 or ToC-10, there’s some fantastic gear upgrades to get in there.

Good luck with patching, and have fun with the new 5-man! The upgraded shopping list for 3.3 will be published next week, so stay tuned. :)

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10 Responses to “Icecrown 5-mans for tanks”

  1. drug says:

    Thanks for the list! Looking forward to get some few pieces to complete my tanking set. A little bit less looking forward to farming Emblems of Frost. Tanking new instances is always lots of fun though.
    .-= drug´s last blog ..3.3 live tomorrow =-.


  2. Metaneira says:

    Bah. I was hoping there would be a decent trinket, but that one just looks … bleh. No upgrades for my tank girl.


    Kadomi Reply:

    Yeah, I’ll be saving up for the Glyph of Indomitability myself, though I don’t know how much I’ll make of it in Icecrown.


    Zellviren Reply:

    The Glyph of Indomitability will remain a particularly good option for warriors in Icecrown, so don’t skip it; and it’s obviously the way Blizzard wants tanks to go, as the non-tier vendor items for your Emblems of Frost all have added armour.


    There is also a new stamina trinket (Corroded Skeleton Key) for that health cushion everyone likes, particularly if you’ve not managed to pick up another stamina trinket in your travels.

    On topic, though, none of the five-man tanking drops really interest me that much – but the instances themselves are awesome, so are worth doing for that fact alone.

    Enjoy. :D


  3. Skraps says:

    I was kind of hoping for a trinket too. But who am I kidding. I will never get a tanking trinket. I will be stuck with this silly engineering sonic booster trinket till cataclysm.
    .-= Skraps´s last blog ..3.3 First impressions =-.


  4. BobTurkey says:

    Glyph of Indomitability and The Black Heart are both pretty decent tanking trinkets which are easy to get.

    Well easy with a bit of luck for the Black Heart.

    Gobble gobble.
    .-= BobTurkey´s last blog ..First impressions of 3.3 =-.


  5. Nadiastorm says:

    Ecellent ost, tyvm for taking the time to share :)
    .-= Nadiastorm´s last blog ..Defining your guild? =-.


  6. Mist says:

    Love your site – just discovered it – thanks for the guide!



    Kadomi Reply:

    Glad you enjoy it! :)


  7. Zellviren says:

    I’d possibly rethink the general view on Falric’s Wrist Chopper – I’m still after it, because the Parry and Block Rating are both nice for Icecrown (stats that don’t suffer from the Chill of the Throne penalty).

    For an orc it’s particularly good, but it’s still nice for everyone. :)
    .-= Zellviren´s last blog ..The Necessity of Focused Rage =-.


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