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Nov 17 2009

Radio Silence

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It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted, time flies, I know. I am at a very difficult point of time in my WoW lifespan: the time of no goals. This is a first in my WoW time. I have played since March 2005, as Kadomi since April 2006 and yet, there’s always been something to keep me going, always something to do. Right now? Not so much.

My main has all professions at 450. No option of acquiring epic plans through any means. All Northrend reps are at Exalted, the only exception being Frenzyheart, only at Revered. I should maybe finish that up for the Mercenary achievement. I am a Crusader. I am sitting on 126 Emblems of Conquest. I’ve been pondering blowing them on DPS gear and testing an Arms build, but realistically, I am a tank, I never DPS, so there goes that plan. I have seriously considered going ‘goblin’ and I might actually try starting that, earning gold. Without the glyph market though, I am not economically smart enough to sell any glyphs whatsoever. The only shining golden goal I have on Kadomi is to kill Yogg-Saron. On Sunday it’s our third raid dedicated to him, and I am seriously hoping he will finally go down. Yet a goal like killing Yogg-Saron does not actually inspire daily playing time.

My only gear upgrades come from Trial of the Crusader, and even though we’ve tried that several times, something or another always went wrong, which really kinda crushed my raiding spirit. It’s tough time in Kadomi land. :/

My alts have no goals either. My shaman is as pimp as I can get her outside of raids, same for my DK. We have such an incredible tank shortage in my guild right now that there is just about zero chance of me ever raiding on something else. Just writing this sentence makes me feel like a whining crybaby, because in the past we had more tanks and I had to bring my alts to Ulduar and /wristed about it. Other things that make me /wrist is that my tanking confidence comes and goes these days. At times I feel awesome, and then on Hodir I lose aggro to three different people. Or on Ignis I struggle picking up adds in a timely manner. It makes me dread Yogg-Saron P3 so much, as I am going to be the only tank. No pressure! :O

I know I am not alone out there. The ever brilliant Spinks posted about this in her blog. Blogs like Healing Way and Runeforge Gossip closed down because their authors no longer have the fire to be excited about WoW. But I am not giving up yet. When 3.3 arrives, I will dutifully re-write my shopping list for fresh tanks on gearing. I will talk about our first adventures in the new 5-mans and Icecrown. I will have 3 characters to get into Triumph and Frost gear. Who knows, maybe warriors will not be in their usually frozen in time status and see some changes. Heroic Strike fix, anyone? Okay, who am I kidding?

I am not gone, I am just a little bit more quiet now. How are you guys filling your WoW time and keep things interesting? Someone suggested fishing a turtle mount, but fishing negates excitement, okay?

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23 Responses to “Radio Silence”

  1. duskhawk says:

    With ToC on farm for us, I’ve mostly been leveling my warlock… to get a Spellweave tailor and a Transmute spec’d alchemist.

    If I finish that before 3.3 hits, I’ll probably try to finish leveling my rogue (77) or my warrior (72). I still need to finish maxing blacksmithing and leatherworking and 1 point of tailoring, too.

    I’m still short a Yogg and a Maly kill – when 3.2 hit so soon after our first Yogg kill, I kind of gave up on actually seeing him die.


  2. Everblue says:

    I am trying to shag that French rogue in Dragon Age Origins.
    .-= Everblue´s last blog ..Faction champions heroic – redux =-.


  3. Everblue says:

    More seriously – it would be helpful to know what you’ve struggled on in ToC. Perhaps your readers can help…
    .-= Everblue´s last blog ..Faction champions heroic – redux =-.


  4. Romoreas says:


    What is this!? I haven’t checked in on you in a while but I always liked reading your Blog because you were so upbeat and passionate about Warrior tanking.

    My WoW days have been slow too but I think no matter if you are doing 10 or 25 or heroic vs. normal; everyone is experiencing a “WoW downtime”. I mean ToC wasn’t that much content even the Heroic version.

    We finally got Insanity this week on ToGC 25 which I’m thankful for b/c I was about to go insane every week wiping to D/Cs and finishing w/ 49 attempts instead of 50.

    I’m enjoying my break though because I know when ICC hits I’ll be back to that 15-20 hour a week raid schedule.

    Don’t get discouraged though, I think ICC will be AMAZING. I think everything will pick up again for you there. I mean come on we are battling Arthas, it has to be an amazing instance.

    My Advice: Don’t get too down on WoW. This happens all the time especially for raiders. A good example is the span between BT and Sunwell. Now more of the WoW community experiences this because more of the WoW community is doing some form of raiding. Stick it out, wait for ICC and I’m sure that passion will come with it.

    Keep up the good work here and hang in there!


  5. CaptReed says:

    Suggestion: Create a Paladin alt.

    I like your site and everything you provide as a tanking site. But I’ve often felt that there is much more you could offer those of us that play Paladin Tanks. I think it’d be great if you could give a comparision between Warriors, Paladin and Death Knight tanks.


  6. drug says:

    For me, WoW is quite easy: I raid and I have fun. Of course I rant a lot and there are tons of aspects of the game absolutely wrong at this point, but as long as I’m in a guild and I’m raiding, I’m having quality time in the game.

    If I don’t raid however, I loose nearly all interest in WoW and updating Shields Up. There are so many other great games out there, books to read and so on. I still think achievements are horrible and nothing anyone should fill his or her time with. I absolutely don’t see any point in brute-forcing the fun back into WoW.

    If you have fun raiding, work things out in your guild and make raids happen. If you’re having good fun with one of your alts, try to get them into ToC. The instance is easy, short, drops incredibly good gear and is absolutely PuGable. If you’re trapped between a lot of stuff you want to do but nothing really bringing the fun back, give yourself a little break. Hell, I know how much good a little break from the game can do.

    And yes, you should try Arms some day. It has a fun priority based DPS rotation I’m really enjoying.

    I personally enjoy gearing up my Druid and my Warrior, though in retrospect it has shown my how silly the gearing process at this point is. Both my warrior and my Druid have gear coming closer and closer to the gear level of my main. Both also have pretty decent gear in their offspec. All that blood and sweat I put into my poor shaman, but he’s not significantly better geared than my alts. All that work I’ve put into my warrior! But after only some two weeks after hitting 80, my druid has already a larger health pool and will tank everything with one button and do more dps. Personally, I think there is something wrong with the process of gearing up right now.

    The most fun in the game I have on Heroic Modes and working as a team to find a good strategy to achieve a first kill.
    .-= drug´s last blog ..Mastering Shaman Healing =-.


  7. Kaly says:

    This seems to be the norm around the WoW Community. It was the topic of my blog post yesterday. Sadly, it seems we’re all a little bored lately.

    Keep your spirits up and enjoy a break.

    I don’t have much advice on what to do with down time since I can’t figure out for myself.
    .-= Kaly´s last blog ..Weekend Revolutions =-.


  8. kahalm says:

    We try ourself at killing anubhero with more attemps left, we have still some achievements to do in ulduar and I enjoy arena with a pvptoon these days ;) (and I still have a chance to get my hands on this 245er back from toc25 as we visit it once a week with an old friend guild)


  9. hanago says:

    I totally feel you. I pretty much only logged in during raid time for a couple of weeks.

    I’ve recently set a new goal for myself: soloing BC instances :)
    This is mostly because i want the figurine of the collosus (Shattered Halls normal)

    4 solo runs so far and no luck.

    Still, its rep, and fun in a OP kinda way.


  10. Ritch says:

    Hmm… Perhaps you could go “retro” and start on daily heroics to accumulate Emblems of Triumph? That’s what I’ve been doing over the past few weeks. Besides slowly gathering emblems to get Triumph gear, I’m having a great time taking newer guildies through the 5-man content and teaching them the basics of raiding.


  11. Lexine says:

    As a fellow warrior tank (Lexine, Drak’tharon), I know how the grind can feel when you hit a wall. You just have to find inspiration or a new goal to point yourself at. Not to sound cheesy, but I had found mine in you!

    The guild I’m in now had stalled until a few months ago. You could see the symptoms of a guild in need of refocus everywhere: players with 3+ 80 alts doing dailies, guild raiding maybe two times a month, PvE-oriented players resorting to BG grinds, etc. I had stopped in January 2009 (Lexine had just hit 80, was still in quest blues) because of political drama and it took a server move and nine months for me to come back to it. When I came back in September, it felt like a new game because there was so much catch up to do. Lex had 23k hp in tank gear at that time (eww!). I avoided raids to see how much gear I could get outside of 10-man+ drops, and within a month and a half, my gear was nearly equivalent to yours (at the time!). It wasn’t until you wrote up your post about conquering ToC10 and Ony10 for the first time that I finally threw down the gauntlet and said it’s time to kill some bigger sh*t! So only last week, my friend and I secretly organized a raid and took a handpicked crew into ToC10 for the first time as a guild. We obliterated it (1-shotted everything except for Twins, which was 2-shotted): it was glorious! For me, it was also proof that even a guild like the one I’m in has players that want to be challenged and can pay attention. And though I took a lot of political flak for *not* putting the run up in the guild calendar, at least I know that more than ten members want to conquer ToC10. If that means they’re willing to listen and work together, then that’s something I’m willing to organize for them. And for the best in our guild, I’ve set my sights on tougher stuff: I want to see how we do in Grand Crusader 10.

    Don’t stop gearing and don’t stop tanking! Kadomi is VERY well equipped: lead a 25-man Ony group and get your Helm of Wrath. Go into VoA25 after a WG win and pick up your 245 legs and hands. Then get your best of the best and see if the ToGC can offer you more challenge. Or, just keep hammering your ToC 10N. It’s kind of like golf – for most people, the game can be a painfully large amount of bushwhacking but it’s those long putts and massive straight drives that keep people coming back!

    As for your specific problems, I might be able to provide some personal notes:

    Don’t beat yourself up over losing aggro on Hodir, or any big single boss. DPSers have a responsibility to watch their threat and unless Hodir has a mechanic that I’m not aware of, they need to be doing their jobs just like you are. The worst thing you can do is choose to take more damage just to squeeze out a bit more threat.

    Picking up and keeping adds on Ignis are an example of a mechanic that causes you to lose aggro. If your raid is positioned properly and you know where your healers are (cuz that’s probably where they’re headed), you’ll find them just fine. Just remember that you taunt them initially, drag their butts into the fire and when they turn molten, their aggro resets again. Taunt once more and drag them into the water. You won’t have any problems with them – DPS shouldn’t even know they exist until you call for a mage to pyro the bugger.


  12. AC says:

    Its funny reading this post of yours, because my main is a balance druid who was pretty much in the same place – guild has cleared 10ToC, working on Yogg (had our first crack at him on Monday, very exciting), and I’ve gotten all my reps up bar Frenzyheart, done all the achievements I can handle.

    Felt a bit aimless so guess what? Started up again on my warr who hasn’t been touched for 2 years. Has certainly been a fresh experience, and why I’m reading your excellent site now. The shopping list was a huge help, thank you.

    Suggestions off the top of my head:

    1) learn jewelcrafting if you havn’t already. That painful and expensive process has added weeks to the game for me.
    2) get addicted to running or going to the gym. If you can pull it off you’ll be in great shape and out of the computer chair. I’m doing my best atm :)
    3) start playing something else, Fallout 3, Dragon Age, Guitar Hero/Rock Band

    Sorry for the huge ramble, chin up and please don’t stop with your excellent site!


  13. RJK says:

    welcome back

    Northrend Beasts is what I am working on…ya I know WoW can feel like work at times :(
    .-= RJK´s last blog ..3 More and Some Musings =-.


  14. Greedar says:

    Well, i sympathise with a small issue of your post. Im so hard on myself while tanking it’s ridiculous. If I lose aggro on any mob at any point I go into self-depricating mode. Today, doing ToC (reg, lol) I had two runs with terrible results but then several hours later I went back with a different group and I played awesome. Although I still kick myself for uncontrollable things like randomly targeted spells knocking out dps, I wouldn’t want to play any other class. The thought of not controlling every single fight and it’s outcoming is not a WoW I want to play.

    I may start up a Dps class someday, but for now, I can only urge you to remember why you fell in love with the warrior class in the first place. I just found your blog recently, but I love it and hope you can keep it up. Maybe a small break would help rekindle the love. Usually after a few weeks to a month, Im jonesing for some more WoW.


  15. Zellviren says:

    Poor Kadomi. :(

    You could do what I’m doing, and get maximum effect from your professions; I’ve dropped mining, given it to an alt, and started to level Jewelcrafting for the somewhat spiffy Jeweller’s gems. It’s something of a rough process, to be fair, but it’s something to be getting on with.

    Of course, the rest of my time is spent trying to recruit an additional tank for our second 10 man Icecrown raiding team. It’s really not going so well.

    Where’d they all go?


  16. Cadrol says:

    I feel your pain. I to have had a damper on my raiding in the past week or so, out of the 2 times i have tried doing Ony this week they both failed. And I feel like it’s my fault. I have been experimenting with specs gear and the like and just can’t seem to get anything down. All i can say is don’t beat yourself up about it, that’s what my guild is saying to me and the same goes for you. Many a great players have quit because they were to hard on themselves and i don’t want that to happen to you :*) Maybe PvP?(Ha-ha)


  17. Jenny says:

    does that mean your guild is gonna be dead? i hope not. i was gonna move to your server and join since my guild just disbanded and I’m homeless. you could always make another char but that kinda… gets boring no? heh.
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..A Bounty On My Head =-.


    Kadomi Reply:

    No, the guild is far from dead. I’m just around less. We’re still raiding, we’re still working on Yogg-Saron, if you want to check us out, please do. :)


  18. Jeremy says:

    Have you done the ‘For the Horde’ yet? Good times, I assure you.


  19. Jeremy says:

    Oh, or Bloodsail rep? You’d look fetching in a Pirate’s Hat, I fancy.


  20. Naissa says:

    Remember when I moved my alt to play with that group of friends? My alt was there for 3 days before my account time ran out, and in that time I was taken through Onyxia 25, Ulduar 25, and ToC-25. That was my first experience with raiding ToC and the whole experience left me feeling sad because the entire raid felt like a giant loot pinata. But maybe it was because I was playing with a group of people that had lots of experience with the raid.

    And the whole lack of excitement from that, and the lack of incentive run heroics/older raids after being at that point (For 3 entire days!) made me decide not to renew my account. Though now my account is technically active because of that account compromise issue the other week, but I’ve really only logged in to put everything back in it’s place.

    Between work and DA I don’t really have the time for WoW anyway. :/

    I doubt I’ll be coming back to WoW anytime soon, Cataclysm really doesn’t appeal to me, but I hope some of the fun of WoW comes back for you with 3.3 and Icecrown. :) <3


  21. Bigjimm says:

    Consider getting your Red Drake via “Glory of the Hero.” (http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=2136) I just got mine (Bigjimm, Anetheron-US), and it was very fun. Some fights are frustrating, some are easy, but it is a goal that is challenging but doable at this point, and is rewarding after completing.
    .-= Bigjimm´s last blog ..Bigjimm’s pre-3.3 post, and a few other odds and ends =-.


  22. Kihara says:

    I think most people are hitting the wall these days, at least those that have been around for the majority of the 5 years. I know quite a few people in my guild who are at that stage; nothing much to play for, no energy to level another alt.

    Still, its not all bad news. Despite Blizzards attempts to screw up the raids and the daily heroics (yes I know I might be alone with that viewpoint), Icecrown should hopefully be a climactic and satisfying end to a long long buildup.

    I think people might have said all there is to say already so I’ll keep it short: Keep your chin up. It may be a tankless task, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    .-= Kihara´s last blog ..You are at the end of the road. Do you… =-.


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