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Nov 17 2009

Radio Silence

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It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted, time flies, I know. I am at a very difficult point of time in my WoW lifespan: the time of no goals. This is a first in my WoW time. I have played since March 2005, as Kadomi since April 2006 and yet, there’s always been something to keep me going, always something to do. Right now? Not so much.

My main has all professions at 450. No option of acquiring epic plans through any means. All Northrend reps are at Exalted, the only exception being Frenzyheart, only at Revered. I should maybe finish that up for the Mercenary achievement. I am a Crusader. I am sitting on 126 Emblems of Conquest. I’ve been pondering blowing them on DPS gear and testing an Arms build, but realistically, I am a tank, I never DPS, so there goes that plan. I have seriously considered going ‘goblin’ and I might actually try starting that, earning gold. Without the glyph market though, I am not economically smart enough to sell any glyphs whatsoever. The only shining golden goal I have on Kadomi is to kill Yogg-Saron. On Sunday it’s our third raid dedicated to him, and I am seriously hoping he will finally go down. Yet a goal like killing Yogg-Saron does not actually inspire daily playing time.

My only gear upgrades come from Trial of the Crusader, and even though we’ve tried that several times, something or another always went wrong, which really kinda crushed my raiding spirit. It’s tough time in Kadomi land. :/

My alts have no goals either. My shaman is as pimp as I can get her outside of raids, same for my DK. We have such an incredible tank shortage in my guild right now that there is just about zero chance of me ever raiding on something else. Just writing this sentence makes me feel like a whining crybaby, because in the past we had more tanks and I had to bring my alts to Ulduar and /wristed about it. Other things that make me /wrist is that my tanking confidence comes and goes these days. At times I feel awesome, and then on Hodir I lose aggro to three different people. Or on Ignis I struggle picking up adds in a timely manner. It makes me dread Yogg-Saron P3 so much, as I am going to be the only tank. No pressure! :O

I know I am not alone out there. The ever brilliant Spinks posted about this in her blog. Blogs like Healing Way and Runeforge Gossip closed down because their authors no longer have the fire to be excited about WoW. But I am not giving up yet. When 3.3 arrives, I will dutifully re-write my shopping list for fresh tanks on gearing. I will talk about our first adventures in the new 5-mans and Icecrown. I will have 3 characters to get into Triumph and Frost gear. Who knows, maybe warriors will not be in their usually frozen in time status and see some changes. Heroic Strike fix, anyone? Okay, who am I kidding?

I am not gone, I am just a little bit more quiet now. How are you guys filling your WoW time and keep things interesting? Someone suggested fishing a turtle mount, but fishing negates excitement, okay?

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