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Oct 22 2009

This and that

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It’s been a while since I have done…story time! The mindless rambling of stuff that I have been doing day to day in WoW and which I used to post on Mondays. However, between the Sunday raiding and having to be at work at 7 am, I just have to squeeze it in this late in the week. So what have I been up to? Not much, and yet at the same time a lot!

First off, my shameful leveling project. It should be a testament to the ease of leveling in general, but in particular hunters when I can proclaim that my hunter just hit 70. I rolled her in the first week of August, and give her a playtime of 3-8 hours a week tops, which is very little for me. Yes, the one class I vowed I would never level because it’s so boooooring. But you know what? Boooooring can be very relaxing. As officer and raid leader, I go through bouts of burnout and stress, and that’s when the hunter comes in. True, I could just send the pet in and auto-shoot my way to glory, but it’s been very relaxing. Tiraxi is currently a BM hunter in absolutely craptastic gear (I have done one on-level instance, Blood Furnace), but at 80 I am looking forward to going Survival and might even raid with my German friends. Maybe. They raid a lot more than I do and are all gung-ho about hardmodes. But who knows? I might fit in. And if not? That’s also a-okay.

On Kadomi, I have drastically reduced the amount of heroics she’s doing. After tanking every single day of the week, in a frenzy to save up Emblems of Triumph, it all kinda deflated after I got the 45 emblems shoulders. I have been trying to get some achievements in while doing heroics, and that is an aspect I still enjoy. If timing wasn’t such an issue, I would be all over an achievement group. Me and mah favorite gals, we keep talking about it, and then never act on it. One achievement I had never tried for was Abuse the Ooze and though we completed it, I can see why people might skip it. Those slimes can get out of control very quickly, sheesh!


I recently finished the Champion quests for all Argent Tournament factions and woohoo, I am a Crusader. *yawn* Those quests get old, I tell ya, but I am a pro at jousting now. As Crusader I am pretty happy, because those dailies are short, fun, and in a nice route of getting nice gold and Champion Seals into my pocket. The first reward I saved up for was the Pony for my squire. After all my squire looks like mini-me (if I’d ever take off my helmet). Adorable! Disappointing that I can only use mailbox, bank or vendor, instead of all three in a timed window. Boo!


Then one night one of our guildies had an interesting bug. She sold something to a vendor and bam, she got the Gruul’s Lair achievement. Bizarre! This started some sighing from people who never got that achievement, and I decided to drum people up and off we were to Blade’s Edge, to re-visit the big guy. 10 level 80s, ready to take on the world! High King Maulgar and friends was an adventure. Our Krosh mage tank didn’t know how, our enslaving warlock couldn’t keep perma-fearing Olm off me, and those ogres laughed and mocked us. It took us four tries before we finally had enough control over the fight that we pulled it off. Not so easy still, that pull. Gruul himself was pretty much a joke. I seemed to have an endless stream of dodges and had fun stuff like -312 (3400 blocked) in my combat log when he managed to hit me. People were happy about their achievements, and I got to rar for justice, because they finally were mine. My QQ post about my SO outrolling me on the T4 shouldertoken is still a vivid memory for me, so when HKM dropped two Protector tokens, I was all over one! Right after the raid my friend Cariad and I went straight for Aldor Rise and then I got on a table to be at her level. Yay, Warbringer Shoulders!


The loot gods are so very kind to me lately. We did VoA-10 and Onyxia right afterwards, and Gleaming Quel’Serrar dropped. I only took it for looks and to maybe be my threat weapon in heroics (stats > unreliable proc), but I also won the roll for Onyxia’s head. Bye-bye Seal of the Pantheon, hello Purified Onyxia Blood Talisman! You might not be the best trinket in the world but in gear sets where I need def over stamina, you will now be my precioussssss.

As added bonus, Auriaya then coughed up a shield for the first time, and I won the roll, and am as happy as a tank can be. The same raid ID, we managed to clear to Yogg-Saron within our six hours of alotted raid time, with maybe 30 minutes of tries on Y-S himself. I extended the ID and we will devote a full raid to learning this fight. As our three tries were pretty disastrous in P1, any advice is welcome. Oh god, I want to kill him so bad, and I am so happy he’s such a challenge for us. Killing him will feel super-awesome, I know it. :)

So yeah, I guess I have been busy. What’s up with y’all? Getting excited for Icecrown? :)

13 Responses to “This and that”

  1. Aldea says:

    My guild is getting ready for our first night against Yoggy, tonight/tomorrow morning. (I’m in the same boat as you, raiding from Germany on a US server, but our raids are “late night” server time, which makes it pre-dawn here.) Looking forward to it, and keeping my thumbs pressed it goes well!


    Kadomi Reply:

    That is some crazy dedication, I couldn’t get up that early. :)

    Let me know how it goes!


    Aldea Reply:

    Well, my boyfriend and I used to live in California, where it was 9pm raiding. But we just couldn’t give up our friends and our guild, so 6am it is. An alarm clock with a light in it is a godsend. :)

    We wiped a lot in phase one. Then we figured out that each cloud always moves either clockwise or counter-clockwise, and each has an orbit of sorts. It made it easier to plan moves when we could predict where the clouds were going. Also, the “ferry tank” strategy (everyone stays by the door and then tanks drag the guardian to the middle) didn’t work nearly as well as the “cloud dodging” strategy. The timing just makes the ferry strat too hard on 10-man.

    After that, we got pretty good at getting through phase 1. We had a lot fewer attempts left in us by that point, though. We had a few good tries with phase 2. Our group going into the brain needs to figure out where to face, what to kill and how to kill it fast enough. Our outside group needs to focus targets better and stay grouped up. We extended, and we have high hopes for next week!


  2. drug says:

    Have fun with Yogg-Saron. I think it’s really a good boss to end an instance with. Three really different phases you will have to learn painfully. Especially P1 was just one huge mess until 25 people finally learned to stop dps-ing, not triggering waves and moving the mobs around as tanks.

    Apart from that, my guild decided today to reduce raid evenings from 4 to 3 hours. I couldn’t be happier. Especially TotC made raiding 4 hours really unpleasant. No trash to relax a little bit, just wipe after wipe after wipe on a hard mode boss.
    .-= drug´s last blog ..Future of Shields Up! =-.


  3. klenta says:

    We’ve only downed Yoggy once but we can usually get past phase one if the dps aren’t being stupid.

    We have one tank near the entrance, picking up the new guardians and the other tank floating around the middle. We spawn an extra right off the bat. The extra usually doesn’t show up until after the first one dies or close to it.

    There’s two tricky portions to this strategy. The tanks and their respective healers need to be aware of the clouds in order to not spawn extras. Also any ranged that may be needed to follow in (but not all the way in or they’d take the blast too) and finish off the guardian.

    The harder part is figuring out when you need to stop dps and making the melee hold still. This one requires people to pay attention and have restraint. Finding the golden point will take awhile.

    The volley can be interrupted, but as long as you have the adds under control, it may just be easier to heal through it. When I say under control, try to not have more than two up at a time (one in the middle to be exploded and one outside being dpsed). The volleys are mostly an issue when you have multiple up and we have the lovely fortune of them chain volleying.


  4. Zellviren says:

    Sounds like the loot gods view you as they do me, Kadomi; I go barren for a long time, then pick up a few upgrades all in short order. Last night I FINALLY got a bit more luck in TotC when the Ardent Guard and Eitrigg’s Oath both dropped, the trinket allowing me to get the T9 chest instead of the Glyph of Indomitability (still debating whether or not I can go under 35k health). Anyway, we’re also looking to get rid of Yogg-Saron this week so I’ll be watching this blog to see who gets rid of him first. :P


  5. kahalm says:

    Eigentlich sollt ich dir ja die Kommentare auf Deutsch schreiben wär doch so viel einfacher da scheinbar eh fast alle Benutzer aus deutschsprachigen Ländern kommen :)

    Wie schon im letzten Beitrag gesagt, viel Spass bei Yogg fand ihn richtig toll zu tanken. (Atm Anubhero adds > Jaraxxus hero als einziger tank > Yogg vom Spass/Anspruchsfaktor in Wotlk)
    Wir haben ja nur einen Tank und hatten eine ein Tank 2 Heiler Gruppe, daher weiss ich nicht wieviel dir Tipps bringen aber mal schauen…

    Für den Kampf hatte ich normal Aggro gear + aggro specc (+Spott Glyphe), der Schaden auf den Tank schien uns immer lächerlich. Ich Stehe den ganzen Kampf über in der Mitte und die Heiler versuchen spawnende Adds über mich zu ziehen. P1 hängt nur davon ab dass niemand (oder maximal einer) versehentlich eine Wolke auslöst, war unglaublich schwer für unsre Gilde da wir viele neue Spieler haben die in Wotlk noch nie wirklich raiden gelernt haben. P2 hängt zu 90% von der Hirntruppe ab und in p3 musst du nur die adds fangen bevor sie einen melee/heiler töten. Viel Glück euch und eine entspannte Raidid vor Yogg


  6. Everblue says:

    I have never killed YS, but have tried the two tank approach for phase 1, and I don’t think it’s a good one. The dps is not a problem – you often have dps standing around because you simply can’t ferry the mobs to and from the middle fast enough. One mistake on the clouds is enough to wipe you as you can’t deal with extra mobs.

    I intend to try one tank next time and recommend you do the same – the tank basically stands on Sara and picks up all mobs. Your ranged dps and healers move around the inner ring – try to get them to go clockwise and stay together. The videos of this strat that I have seen show the mobs being killed in less than 10 seconds – the odd mistake on the clouds can be dealt with. You also have an extra dps/healer spot open for phases 2 and 3.


  7. Baruti says:

    Hey Kadomi,
    It was nice to read about your adventures again! Funny that you see your hunter as a de-stress-tool. I did the same during TBC. (I raided pretty hardcore on my Prot-Warrior and did the occasional raid on my BM-Hunter just to chill out! (1 button spam FTW, just spam and enjoy the envoirements and boss mechanics!))

    About Yogg, I can offer little advice…
    I’ve been there once as a tank to support a guild-run from a dear friend who was a tank short. I’ll go over our strats for the first round quickly.. might be able to help you a bit! It was 25-man, but I think the same can be applied to 10-man.

    Each tank get his/her own dedicated healer! (the tank runs a lot so communication between the 2 is vital!) First tank picks up first elephant, takes it to the group, at 30% DPS stops and tank moves to Sara. (meanwhile, second tank picks up 2nd mob, 3rd picks 3rd if needed… tank keep rotating like this)
    All DPS (esspecially the people who are not to quick on their feet) stay at the door and wait for the tank to get mob to them and then nuke em to 30% and then stop DPS there and switch to the 2nd mob (the 2nd tank will likely have pulled it into the DPS-Group by now)
    In range of the centre will be a group of ranged DPS in order to blow up the mobs near Sara (those under 30% drawn there by the rotating tanks)
    This way, the main group will have to worry little to not at all about the clouds!
    Ofcourse your group of dedicated Ranged-DPS and the tanks will need to stay very focussed on the clouds!
    If someone did trigger a cloud, just wipe and try again! (More attempts = faster succes)

    I hope this helps a little! It’s an enjoyable fight! Especially thew first phase for tanks! (Never did get to P3)

    Ow, and one more tip… If your Priests (holy/Disc) spec into Body and Soul they can give you a very nice speed boost when the mob is at <30%!
    (They do have to learn to NOT shield you unless you walk to the centre tho! And this will be a difficult task for them, as it is second nature for most!)

    Damn, this is a long post!
    Either way.. Hope to see you post again soon! Love your work!



  8. You might find that sword better than you think it is. That proc on it stays up a lot more than you’d expect.

    I know Rawr isn’t always perfect, but it places Gleaming Quel’Serrar head and shoulders above Legacy of Thunder. In fact, I’m using it right now instead of Peacekeeper Blade, which Rawr places slightly under Quel.
    .-= Randul the Dwarf´s last blog ..No Adventure for Me =-.


  9. Zellviren says:

    We downed Yogg-Saron on Saturday night, fitting for my favourite holiday of the year!


    I’ll keep an eye on your progress, Kadomi, and hope to see you posting the same good news shortly. :)


    Kadomi Reply:

    Grats! Good job, and I’ll take any advice! ;) We’ve spent two nights on him so far, and last night we finally made it to P3. However, our transition was a hot mess so we wiped right into that phase. Still, it was the last try of the night, so we ended the raid on a high. Next time we have to fine-tune P2 a bit so that we will not have as many tentacles still up and the kill will be ours. :)


    Zellviren Reply:

    Well, here’s how we did it:

    One tank
    Three healers
    Four melee DPS
    Two ranged DPS

    Phase one is obvious; tank picks up every mob who is then taken to the middle (however you prefer) and killed. This makes interrupts easier to manage. On phase two, however, I elected to give absolutely everyone a specific job to do and that’s what made it safer.

    The four melee DPS went in and dealt with the portals, that much is obvious. However, tentacle management is very important and this is where it gets more complex. First of all, make sure your raid is all close together, as spreading out causes havoc. Your melee need to get into their (already determined) portal positions around five seconds before they spawn. The tank spends the entirety of his time hitting crushers when channelling Diminish Power. If there are no crushers, he helps killing constrictors and if no constrictors, he takes something of a breather. The ranged DPS is killing the crushers (focus firing is V important), only switching if a constrictor appears. Corrupters are utterly ignored, even when they’re the only thing up as healers should be able to easily keep on top of their debuffs. Finally, melee should be helping with the crushers and constrictors when they’re not in the brain room. In saying all that, I can’t stress enough how important the raid being close together is. As soon as one person breaks off, I guarantee they’ll be constricted and the raid won’t save them.

    Contrary to popular belief, one geared tank is plenty for phase three. So long as melee change targets quickly and everyone remembers their sanity, you should be okay. Forget Empowering Shadows completely; we just didn’t find it important. This is also when to go for Bloodlust but *cough* we didn’t have a shammy, so downed him without the yelling and screaming.

    Well, that came after he died. :P

    Good luck!


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