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Oct 12 2009

And we did move on

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Yesterday was raid day. We were in the middle of our first real Trial of the Crusader since all bosses were released when our hunter says ‘Hey Kadomi, you’re on WoW Insider!’ I quickly had to check on that and indeed, there it was, discussing the post I made last week of when it’s okay to move to the next raiding tier. Hi wow.com visitors!

As you can tell, I made the decision to schedule a Trial of the Crusader raid just to see how we would do. We had been there before when only Beasts and Jaraxxus were available, and we had struggled with the Beasts quite a bit. But yesterday we just breezed through. Yes, compared to Ulduar bosses, ToC is pretty relaxed. None of the fights has the intensity that I connect to our firstkills of any of the Keepers in Ulduar. The only fights we struggled with were Faction Champions, which is an encounter that fills me with rage. I don’t PvP, so it was very difficult for me as raid leader to suggest any working strategy. We were facing the pretty unpleasant combo of resto shaman, resto druid, shadowpriest, arms warrior, retribution paladin and warlock. It took us forever trying to figure out how to get the healers down, but the first time we got both of them down, the fight was ours. I was busy keeping the arms warrior under control, which was not as easy as it sounds in theory. HATE BLADESTORM! Ugh.

The Twin Val’kyr fight was two-shot, I kinda liked it, but I also thought it was somewhat confusing. Anub’arak took us like four or five tries learning it, but we steadily progressed through it, and thus, 2.5 hours after the start of our first full ToC raid, we cleared. Go us!

As is par for the course, there was not a single tank drop in sight, but our casters got to ooooh and aaah about shiny drops. Most raid members got a drop, which is always nice. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean full-time ToC now for us, next week it’s back to Ulduar. That gives me time to figure out how I can permanently weave ToC into our raid schedule without crippling our Ulduar progress. That one boss has got to fall, you know?

In my current raid gear, I broke 34k health unbuffed yesterday. That was a real high for me. We’re doing great. I have cleared ToC-10, VoA-10 and Onyxia-10, all this week. Our raid is pretty damn successful. It’s a fabulous feeling. Go go DotH. :)

7 Responses to “And we did move on”

  1. Curroi says:

    I’m not sure about your raiding schedule, but since TotC 10 is a short and easy raid once people are used to it, why not go for it first thing after the reset, and after it’s done (1-1,5 hours) head to Ulduar?


  2. Gravity says:

    Well done Kadomi, a great week indeed.


  3. drug says:

    This weekend I cleared ToC 10 man for the second time and also the first time with my Warrior. I hadn’t tanked a Raid for an incredibly long time, I guess Naxx25 and some 1-2 bosses Ulduar10 was the last time I raided with my warrior. But it felt good to be back to tanking raids.

    I wasn’t the only one raiding with an alt, so things didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped, a lot had to adjust to an unfamiliar role. The beasts took forever, mostly due to healers not knowing the fight. Also the PVP encounter took pretty long, mainly because it’s just a stupid fight.

    I had fun tanking the instance, but I’d say Blizzard could have done a lot better. From a tanking perspective I found all encounters very easy, little movement is required and some clever cooldown management will do the trick most of the time.

    What annoys me most about ToC is how easy it is compared to Ulduar and how incredibly good the loot is. This makes it a very good place to farm and it gets harder and harder every week to motivate people to get back to Ulduar. Even if many guilds still haven’t seen Yogg-Saron. But how to motivate people for difficult encounters, when a lot easier encounters drop incredibly good gear? Even ToC Hard Modes are absolutely doable for every guild.

    But hey, I got the Anub tanking shield + tanking shoulders, so don’t mind most of the text above. ;)
    .-= drug´s last blog ..Quo Vadis Blizzard? =-.


    Kadomi Reply:

    Jealous! I am still running around with the Royal Crest of Lordaeron, despairing of ever seeing another shield drop. :(

    But yeah, ToC was so easy and Ulduar takes such a long time to clear towards Y-S that motivation might be hard to find.


  4. RJK says:

    Grats on clearing that nasty ToC!! I cheated on my shield bought it on the AH for a crazy amount of gold. :) Grats on the props from Wow.com. ;)
    .-= RJK´s last blog ..My Online Gaming History =-.


  5. Elleiras says:

    Now that you know the fights, it’s only a matter of time and practice before ToC becomes a 20 minute clear for you guys. :)

    I know you didn’t ask for suggestions, but if you had (see what I did there?), mine would be to clear ToC every week and extend your Ulduar lockout as you work towards Yogg-Saron. ToC loot will render all but a handful of hard-mode Ulduar items obsolete, so you won’t feel compelled to farm Uld and you can simply focus on progression. The higher ilevel loot will help in Ulduar, too.

    Anyway, grats on clearing ToC your first time in! It sounds like you made the right decision — and it’s never an easy one, I know. :)
    .-= Elleiras´s last blog ../off-topic =-.


  6. Avaru says:

    Interesting to read this. After leaving my old “casual” raid comm due to drama and after joining with a “hardcore” one, I really come to hate ToC… every week’s “Badge run” through the instance on 10man and 25man is okay, because the loot is so damn shiny and its fun to kill bosses faster each time … but then, the hard modes and the overall atmosphere are not really my taste … Ulduar is so much more fun!

    Please, if you have any influence over your guild’s plan, stick with Ulduar, don’t tell people how much better ToC gear is … Ulduar is such an amazing raid instance, ToC is just gear with cheering Thrall+Jaina as atmosphere.

    And what the hell are people writing here, ToC hard modes are easy? WTF.

    PS: Interesting to see there’s at least one more German girl not playing on those damn DE realms. :D


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