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Oct 06 2009

Of raiding tiers and when to move

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Despite a writer’s block, I’ve still been playing and raiding as usual, since Mimiron’s demise that I last posted about. In the meantime, I have managed a few firstkills with my guild, namely General Vezax, Onyxia, Emalon and Koralon. Of those bosses I feel the greatest satisfaction about Vezax, who was not as easy as he seems to be in web strategies. It took us quite some time to figure out Shadow Crash and Vapor management, and how not to miss any interrupts. The only part that was no problem were the Surges of Darkness, yay for two minute Shield Walls and Pain Suppression, and fantastic healers. I am also eternally grateful to the many suggestions of putting Heroic Strike on mousewheel. In our Vezax kill, I managed to pull off 171 Heroic Strikes, which accounted for 27% of my damage, versus 43 white damage hits accounting for 5% of my damage. Yay, I think I fought one of my biggest weaknesses as warrior tank successfully. :)

We didn’t have the time to try Yogg-Saron after learning the Vezax encounter and unfortunately this week had reduced raiding time, so that Mimiron is still up. I have decided that I would rather not extend the ID if Mimiron’s still up, because we will need all the time in the world for Yogg-Saron. My original plan was to down Y-S first before moving on to the next raiding tier, but in this weirdly non-linear raiding world, this might not be what’s best for us. People are eager for the shiny higher ilevel loot that ToC has to offer, and I think given our skill set, we should be able to go ToC 5/5 very soon. We’ve only been there once, in the second week, and managed to down both bosses, so if we can get past Faction Champions, I think we’ll have this. But you know what? It doesn’t feel right to me. Yogg-Saron still lives and is sending his foul tentacles of evil out in the world, and I won’t be done with Ulduar until he’s down.

I am still pretty enamored with Ulduar over-all, it’s a beautiful raid with diverse boss encounters. My probably least favorite encounter is Freya, but that’s because after, what, four kills of her we are still struggling with the *%*!$&$§& elementals wave. We must be doing something elementally (haha) wrong. Once we get the first of those waves down, we kill her, but getting there is making me go gray even earlier. One mob always goes down earlier, comes back and messes everything up. Aaaargh. The Freya encounter always manages to make two things happen: I get really frustrated and I feel like a crappy raid leader.

I enjoy the new Onyxia encounter, but this weekend made the mistake of trying it with 2 healers, which pretty much backfired on me. I felt like a wet loaf of bread, squishy like a clothie. That did not go so well. Again, it’s somewhat hard to find out where in progression this encounter might be based. Lootwise, beyond Ulduar, but not in difficulty in terms of the encounter.

We’ve recently run into a new problem, and the officers of my guild are currently working on a solution, or rather bridge. As a new 80, it gets more and more difficult (and at the same time easier) to get into recent raid content. It requires determination and pretty much a gear plan to get up there for Ulduar and beyond. We used to run Naxxramas in off-weeks, but that pretty soon turned into farm badge runs for alts instead of introducing newer 80s to raids. It’s going to be interesting to find a solution, but we have a game plan and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes. I am interested in hearing how other guilds handle bringing newer 80s up to speed, so please share.

In some more personal gear accomplishments, I finally managed to a) save up enough Emblems of Triumph to get the Shoulderguards of Enduring Order that are such a significant upgrade and b) I snagged T8 shoulders and gloves in the recent Ulduar raid, so that I can now face encounters like Mimiron wearing the 4pc set for the incredible bonus. Of course, I now always have to make the decision of when to use the T8 gear, in which encounter, so I should really look into that. I am a bit sad I am getting the bonus via wearing the shoulders, when my new EoT shoulders are so superior. Hopefully I can get the legs very soon, via Hodir or Emalon, so I can ditch the shoulders again. And now totally gratuitous, a current look at Kadomi in her orc glory:


20 Responses to “Of raiding tiers and when to move”

  1. Snaplasher to 30 stacks, then split DPS on the other two until they’re even percent with the Snap, then back to Snaplasher, and repeat until dead’d.

    Also, everyone, and I do mean everyone, MUST have DBM for the raid mob HP bars, so they can track all three elementals at once.
    .-= Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..You’d think, with my DPS… =-.


  2. Tarsus says:

    I don’t know what you’re raid comp is like Kadomi, but you might want to check out this strategy for the elemental wave.


    You need a Hunter/DK in your raid to do it, but it has the advantage of not needing to worry so much with the buff-stacks on the Snaplasher


  3. kahalm says:

    so you missed the fun part of general (intervene+kiting) i always really enjoyed this part. (at least until we found out that standing there and eating the blows does the trick as well, shame on you lazy dk this one week i was not available). Looking forward to your impressions about yogg


  4. hanago says:

    If you’re concerned about ToC 10, don’t be. If you girls cleared Mimiron and Vezax, then you’ll be fine.

    In my opinion: Mimiron (normal) and Yogg (normal) are nearly as hard as the ToC hard mode encounters.


  5. Forio says:

    just wanted to say how nice it is to know i’m not the only girl out there enjoying wow !
    loveloveloveee your blog and can certainly say my tanking has come on majorly since coming across it.

    Our guild have managed to get up to (but not downed :<) Yogg ourselves and found that the Freya encounter is pretty much a DPS responsibility.

    We nominate a person (usually a caster or hunter) to do RWs at 20% and 10% (either through macros or vent). DPS begin nuking one target. at 20% you're warned so that people can prepare to switch and nobody slacks and at 10% you switch. Once all three are down to 10% it's a simple enough AOE :D (just make sure whoever you select does not have 2000ms or DC during the fight. It doesn't end well..)

    Good luck with ToC if you decide to try it before your next post!


  6. BobTurkey says:

    New 80′s can usually run heroics, including the heroic daily, fairly easily until they have 2 piece T8.5 and some other goodies.

    Add some VoA 10 runs for spice then move to ToC 10.

    Ulduar is my favorite raid of Wrath so far. It has variety, challenge and giant robots. What mroe could you want?

    Gobble gobble.
    .-= BobTurkey´s last blog ..Not a rant =-.


  7. Jessika says:

    We’ve cleared ToC four weeks in a row but have yet to make much progress with Yogg-Saron. We worked on him a few nights but to be honest none of us is a big fan of the encounter and there have been other things to do. But still it would be nice to have done it at least once.

    Freya was frustrating for us too…probably the worst for us (other than Yogg of course).


    Kadomi Reply:

    I am kinda relieved to hear we’re not the only ones struggling with that fight. Hate Freya a lot.


  8. Jake says:

    Tip for Freya. Make sure every dps has DBM or Bigwigs or something that will show all the elemental’s health. Tell your dps that you will be making no calls of what to take down, and that the responsibility of what to burn is on them.


  9. Chad says:

    For Freya, and I can only speak to the 10 man version, we were able to do it but always with trouble, until we came up with the following strat.

    Snap to 100k, then Storm to 100k, then Water to 100k, then AOE.

    It’s gone pretty much perfectly for us ever since.


  10. Hehulk says:

    My guild drops the storm lasher to 30%, then swaps to the snap lasher and get’s that to 30% before nuking the water spirit, then quick burn on the storm and the snap.

    The key to the phase is getting your DPS to know when to swap. When we started we were having issues with people just being plain careless and stacking so many DOTs on that it took the storm lasher from 30% to dead while we were working on the other two. That might well be your issue


  11. Cassandri says:

    I think you’re spot on. You’ll get 5/5 ToC no problem. I think it’s best to head there for the shiny new gear soon rather than later – most guild members don’t value full clears quite like the guild/raid leader does.

    Make sure you have time scheduled to come and work on Yogg. Keep extending that raid ID imo. The gear available to you in ToC will be more beneficial than reclearing Ulduar for gear.

    As for gearing up fresh 80s… I don’t think this is your concern. With Emblems of Triumph and Emblems of Conquest you can gear up very quickly without spending much time in Naxx at all. Leave your fresh 80s to gear themselves up to Ulduar level – make them show some initiative!

    Scheduling your weekly raid calendar around the very latest tier (toc) and the previous tier (ulduar) I think is the best thing you could do right now.


    Kadomi Reply:

    Yeah, I think that’s what we’ll have to work with. In case you haven’t seen my lastest post, we did clear ToC yesterday, without any problems at all. If we can minimize the time to clear the place, this could be beneficial to get more gear and then go to Ulduar for the last parts within the extended ID.


  12. ximera says:

    We had a similar dilemma in my guild. We basically have Uld10 on farm up to yogg. we simply can not down him. we must be doing something elementally wrong as well. i mean i’ve wiped over 50 times on that fight and we can barely get to phase 2. the GM didnt feel it was prudent for us to be trying ToC 10 without clearing yogg first, but we went and cleared the place without him there. So just saying, it is possible to clear up through ToC10 man even if you havent downed Yogg. Sometimes complex fights are just not doable for people while a simpler mechanic on a higher tier is easier.


  13. Verile says:

    I think with the relative ease of getting gear these days that most guilds are using a sink or swim approach to newer raid members.

    Personally, I still think running newer raid members through Naxx is good idea if nothing other than an evaluation.
    .-= Verile´s last blog ..UI Addons 3 of 3 (Grid) =-.


  14. mairiiv says:

    If you’ve gotten Vexas down then ToC (normal) should be easy. I’ve cleared it 3 times with a PUG on characters that has only Conquest emblem gear with he odd Ony10 drop.

    My third time I did ToC we actually only had 1 wipe to clear the whole raid…and that was some stupid mistakes by DPSers


  15. My guild is currently doing Naxx runs to gear up our two new 80s. Veteran raiders and alts are welcome, but the new 80s get first gear priority and first slot priority. It seems to work pretty well, and it allows a friend (and fellow hunter) to get used to raid leading in a less stressful environment.

    We’re also doing Ony and attempting TOC while still needing to finish Ulduar (haven’t made it beyond crazy cat lady). We hit our heads against TOC or Ony for a bit, then go clear part of Ulduar (for the herbs in Freya’s room, if nothing else). Mmm, frost lotus…

    Of course we’re a small laid-back guild, and it’s people over progression for us.

    (found you through wow.com, in case you were wondering)


    Kadomi Reply:

    Welcome to my blog then, any wow.com visitors welcome. :)

    We’re still doing Naxx as well. We kinda split up our raiding. I am the raid leader of the progression type stuff, and another officer leads the stuff that’s older. Mostly Naxx so far. I still believe that Naxx is perfect for actually learning how to be a raider.

    It might not sound it, but we’re people over progression as well, though I like for the people to bring it. I actually find Ony a bit more challenging than most of the ToC encounters, after having done both now.


  16. I’ve seen links to your blog, but never actually followed one until now. I like it and will be adding it to my “to read” list.

    As to the question of when to move on, you are beyond the point where you should be moving to TotC & Ony, which you’ve apparently already learned.

    My guild has a progression team for the back half of Ulduar and we will take pretty much anyone that shows up to TotC and Ony.

    Putting TotC & Ony in after Ulduar had to have been a big fat joke on Blizzard’s part.
    .-= Randul the Dwarf´s last blog ..Vezax Down =-.


    Kadomi Reply:

    This is probably how it’s going to pan out for us as well. I would have liked a much clearer progression path, but that’s just as it is. Hope they’ve learned from their ToC experiment.


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