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Sep 21 2009

Ding-dong, the bot is dead

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After all my recent worrying over losing one of two progress-raiding tanks, I have to say that this weekend totally made up for all the worrying I did. Even more exciting, this weekend proved that having two protection warriors in Ulduar means a lot of asskicking too.

On day 1, we progressed very smoothly through Ulduar, downing FL, XT, Ignis, Assembly of Iron, Kologarn, Auriaya, Hodir and Thorim in 3 hours. That’s 8 bosses, 6 of them one-shots, and the two keepers being two-shot. We had an annoying bug on Thorim. We breezed through the gauntlet, I jumped down into the Arena, ready to pick up Thorim, he jumped down as well and despawned. What gives? Very annoying. I finally managed to score a little bit more Ulduar loot, getting Legacy of Thunder off Thorim. Woot!

On day 2, we started with Razorscale, which was extremely confusing. I have never seen so many Sentinels show up in my life. From there we moved to Freya, who really gave us more difficulties than I thought possible. We are still struggling with the Elementals, consistently downing them at the same time is hard. I must read up on strategies for that, because the rest of the fight is really a breeze, it’s only the two waves of elementals that cause us problems.

And then it was time for Mimiron, who I had never main-tanked. The first two tries were wipes that I caused. I did not realize the first Plasma Blast is so early and was too slow with Shield Walling. The second time, Shock Blast ate me. From that point on, it was P4 just about every try. After six wipes, one of our raiders had to leave. We replaced her, and I set a time limit when we would call it. Those last two tries P1-P3 were a dream. P1 over after 2 Plasma Blasts. P2 done with only one Barrage. No issues whatsoever in P3. We almost had it, that perfect execution.

In the last try of the day, people stayed alive. I called out DPS switches, for our ranged to switch over to the middle, then the bottom. It was looking good. The Leviathan tank died, I picked it up, and tanked it, while continuously spell reflecting the Plasma Balls from the head. Two DPS went down, we had a battle rez, then another DPS death. Numbers were ticking down. I was too rattled to call out more switches, DPS intelligently did it on their own. First part went down, then the dreaded self-repair bar showed up and then, boom!

The Keepers of Ulduar

It was pretty deafening on Vent, and I squealed loudly too. I think this moment beats our Hex-Lord kill as favorite raiding moment for now. It was pretty amazing. I am so freaking proud. We don’t even raid every week (though we kinda have since the extended raid lock, more often than not), and it took us 19 pulls spread out over two different raids, to kill one of the two big challenges in Ulduar. Next week I expect us to down General Vezax, and then we’ll pay a visit to Yogg-Saron. I am so freaking excited.

We had a fabulous guest raider again, Naissa, who tanked in Ulduar for the first time ever, and did a fantastic job at it. She kindly posted more screenshots, and I totally want her computer. If that’s not some badass screenshots, I don’t know anything. :)

21 Responses to “Ding-dong, the bot is dead”

  1. Majestros says:

    Congratulations on your win.


  2. Aishi says:

    Grats bigtime!


  3. Tarsus says:

    Huzzah! Mimiron is a real pain. Axiom probably wiped working on him more than any other boss. Vezax can seem easy by comparison, at least after you get the basic mechanics down.


  4. Addy says:

    Well, between the two of you beating yourselves up for being noobs and wiping the raid and so on and so forth, the rest of us will never have to take responsibility for anything ever again in our lives. :D

    For serious though, grats. XD And yes, I want her computer too. :(


  5. Everblue says:

    Many congratulations. That’s a great kill.
    .-= Everblue´s last blog .."They come to me with progress reports…" =-.


  6. Phix says:

    Congratulations again on the kill! I really admire you girls’ spirit. Wooho :D All the very best for Vezax and next, Yogg. You girls can do it :D

    And true, Naissa has really nice screenshots. :D
    .-= Phix´s last blog ..Almost there. =-.


  7. Aldea says:

    Grats on downing Mimiron! My guild keeps running out of time each week to see him, and we aren’t extending because there’s still tons of loot leading up to him.

    And enjoy Thorim’s hammer, too! I got it a couple of weeks ago and I love it so much more than the electric turkey carver from ToC. :)


  8. Skraps says:

    Grats big time!

    I remember the first time I downed Mimron. The guild had chewed glass on him for a week or two, I have been only raiding sporadically this year, so by the time I actually saw Mimron, he was on farm status, and all I could think was “This is what they were complaining about all that time?”

    Of course with 24 people that knew the fight REALLY well and a scrub healer tagging along it was pretty easy. All i had to do was heal, and not do anything stupid (not as easy as it sounds). Good times, Good times.
    .-= Skraps´s last blog ..Healing Heroics: Part 2, How to heal =-.


  9. Ossein says:

    Gratz! This definitely is one of the more demanding and complex fights. It’s a pleasant change from your typical tank and spank rinse and repeat fights.
    .-= Ossein´s last blog ..Interview: Khorax =-.


  10. kahalm says:

    gratz to Mimi, and looking forward to your thoughts about tanking Yogg, one of my favorite bosses (for tanking). Was wondering why you use 2 Tanks, one was sufficient for us (in p1 the 2nd tank has nothing to do, in p2 not even one tank is needed, in p3 you need one tank for the assaultbots (I just collect all the other mobs on me and even if they decide to hug a healer it will not kill him) and the bombots can either be killed by ranged or explode on a druid in bear/dk in frost without any tankgear, p4 again only one tank has some work to do)


    Kadomi Reply:

    You are absolutely right, you do not need two tanks here. However, we go to Ulduar taking two tanks, and not all tanks went for dual specs. I don’t want to swap out people for one encounter. DPS was no issue for us, it was simply the execution that held us back, as Mimiron has a very forgiving enrage timer.

    I am vaguely terrified of Yogg-Saron, but am excited to get a chance to work on him. :)


    kahalm Reply:

    as I am the only member of our guild whos mainchar/specc is designed to tank the problem of to much tanks is not known to me ;). But gratz to your kill with one less dps


  11. Arvernien says:

    Congratulations! We’ve had tons of trouble on Mimiron.

    A tip for Freya – have the the tank on Freya (T1) pick up the Storm Lasher while the other tank (T2) grabs the Snaplasher and the Water Elemental. DPS starts on Storm and gets it to ~20K health, then beats the Water Elemental to ~20k, at that point T1 picks up the Water Elemental and using stuns keeps it while T2 and the DPS kill the Snaplasher. As soon as it’s down everyone goes all out on the other two. We use this strategy and have 2 prot warriors as tanks. Works great!


  12. Cadrol says:

    Incredible job /high-five! And MTing it makes it feel even better eh?


  13. I don’t know that fight. Me, personally, I have never gotten past Iron Council. It makes me sad.
    .-= Just Jennifer´s last blog ..So How About Those Mom Cliques? =-.


  14. hanago says:

    Downing Mimiron for the first time was my favorite raiding moment. bar none.

    Tanking on Vezax is really easy, its your healers that are gonna sweat.


    Just Jennifer Reply:

    Definitely. Healing through it is ok, but the repair bills suck when someone fucks up and we gotta wipe it and start all over.
    .-= Just Jennifer´s last blog ..Some Fall Cleaning =-.


  15. Lippie says:

    Kadomi !! Where are you???!



    Kadomi Reply:

    I am still here, just a little bit writer’s blocked. :)


    Lippie Reply:

    Little bit? ;)

    I had to go to Rehab! haha


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