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Aug 31 2009

Wipe-a-thon, the Mimiron Edition

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Last week I extended our raid ID, to get a shot at Mimiron. It was as wipetastic as I expected it to be, but I also walk out of the experience knowing that next time we do this fight, he’ll die be freed from Yogg-Saron’s clutches. So yes, we didn’t down Mimiron yet, but we were well on our way to accomplishing this.

My goal for the day was to see phase 4. On our third try, we got into phase 4. From thereon, some minor mishaps aside (how about both tanks dying to the first Shock Blast in P1, mmm?), we consistently managed to hit P4. Our best try we had the Leviathan at 10%, the middle part at about 15, and the head was at 40ish. That’s not bad at all, if you ask me! Execution is everything here. Everyone living to make it to P4 is another. My plan was to get all parts to 10%, then 5, and then burn them. And next raid, that’s what’s going to happen.

All in all, I thought Mimiron was the most fun encounter so far. So much stuff going on, P4 is just crazy, and yet we were doing so great in parts. I can’t wait to try him again.

On Tankspot I read a strategy where you do not have a ranged DPS tank the head in P3, and that’s what I went with. Our paladin MT’d in P1 and P4, while I basically did nothing but slapping sunders on, keeping Thunder Clap up and waiting for my grand spot in the sun: P3!

The strategy works fantastically well. Basically, as soon as the Aerial Command Unit becomes active, you Taunt it, Heroic Throw or Shattering Throw, and then use Spell Reflect for the first Plasma Ball. From that point on, you do nothing but Spell Reflect and Heroic Throw every cooldown, to keep threat up on him. As you stand right underneath him, you can see every Bomb Bot spawning. Taunt the Bomb Bot when they land, whack them with any attack and keep them from carrying their damage into the raid. That way no DPS needed to pay attention to them and were all able to focus on the Assault-Bots. It worked really well. I managed to reflect about 125k of damage back at the head, and that’s a lot of mana saved and contributed DPS. Not bad for a tank who just stands there for the majority of that phase. You will carry this threat over into P4 and can just keep on doing this. However, make sure that while you keep running around avoiding Shock Blast, mines and Laser Barrage that you continue Spell Reflecting, or you’re going to eat a lot of damage.

I am excited about trying him again, and hopefully by next raid, I can report success! :) Strangely enough, he reminds me of my favorite boss kill of all times, Hex-Lord Malacrass. Hex-Lord was similarly crazy and dynamic, and I think downing Mimiron will feel just as good.

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4 Responses to “Wipe-a-thon, the Mimiron Edition”

  1. Naissa says:

    After talking to you yesterday I went and re-watched a video of the fight that I had seen awhile back and it DOES look fun. I hope I get to try it someday.

    Good job on getting so close! I’m 100% sure you’ll kill him next time and I can’t wait to read about it.
    .-= Naissa´s last blog ..Alts and the fun they bring. =-.


  2. BobTurkey says:

    IMHO Mimiron is the best fight in the game currently. Challenging and fun.

    We usually have a ranged DPS tank the head in P3 and an OT swllow the bombs, but your idea is a good one.

    I think once players master staying alive until P4 it becomes a lot easier. Especially melee. Having said that we had quite a few wipes on low percentage or where we couldn’t kill them together fast enough and one respawned at 50%…

    Good luck.

    Gobble gobble.
    .-= BobTurkey´s last blog ..Power Word: Shield and Grid =-.


  3. Skraps says:

    The first time I visited Mimron, my guild was just short of calling him on farm. I thought this was one of the easier fights i had seen in Ulduar. Now let me explain, so I don’t sound like an arrogant snob.

    1. The guild was about ready to call him a farm, they knew what they were doing.

    2. I was healing, which means it is super easy as long as you follow standard raid protocol and don’t stand in the pools, beams, rockets, etc of death.

    I learned that healing a well geared group that knows the fight makes healing way easier. The hardest part was me trying to not noob it up.
    .-= Skraps´s last blog ..Healing Heroic ToC, a guide. =-.


  4. Hanago says:

    Mimiron is all about execution. a very interesting post to follow up what you just spoke about before (gear vs player).

    While gear is of course very important, i’d say player experience and familiarity with the encounter is more critical.
    If the raid moves around properly (a big IF for people who’ve never played the encounter), then it is indeed a very smooth/fun fight.

    I remember first attempting this fight: I briefed the raid for a solid 15 mins… and we wiped in less than 30 secs.

    Giant congratz on getting to phase 4 on your first night. Looking forward to your kill shot post :)


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