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Aug 24 2009

Deeper steps into Ulduar

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First-kills feel dang good, don’t they? We’ve had 8 bosses down in Ulduar so far, but we definitely want to get more keepers down and progress. Seeing new content is pretty exciting, even for casual scrubs like us! :)

On Saturday, we mowed through Flame Leviathan, XT-002 Deconstructor, Kologarn and Auriaya, all clean one-shots with no difficulties whatsoever. The only stressful moment was when one of our druid’s rez macro went haywire and she kept announcing midfight that she was rezzing me, then herself, then the other tank healer. Heart attack time! I wasn’t dead, was I? Hee. I was pretty pleased that I finally listened to Veneretio and re-bound Heroic Strike to mousewheel. 2.1k DPS on Kologarn, 25% done by Heroic Strike. It is weird to see Devastate up there. I decided to help melee DPS with sunders on XT’s heart, which led to 36% of my damage coming from Devastate that fight. It’s time to re-write my old tank priority chart to include the new and improved Devastate.

We then did Hodir, and had a heart-breaking 12% wipe killing our streak of one-shots. However, as we’re still struggling on him, that was already an accomplishment. Lots of people (including me being bounced around by an icicle like an idiot) got flash frozen, every single time someone got frozen, and I guess my lecture that people needed to step it up helped, because we all got the Cheese the Freeze achievements for no Flash Freeze victims. That kinda felt good as raid leader! :)

We had enough time for a couple of tries on Thorim. I was gauntlet tank, my partner tanked the arena as bear. From the start, it was easier than our first visit to him, with a lot less arena mobs from what I hear. Gauntlet tanking was fast-paced, and fun. On the try where I did the pep talk that we would first get him into phase 3, we actually did, which also felt good, after the wipefest of the previous raid. Unfortunately, people, including me, were getting tired, and I could feel it wouldn’t happen, at least not on Saturday.

On the second day, we always start with Razorscale as way of warmup, and what a warmup it was. We got A Quick Shave, getting her grounded permanently the second time she landed. Admittedly, she had just tossed us back when she hit the magic 50%, so it was indeed close! Also, I had amazing 73% avoidance in that fight, which is such a sweet thing to see. All my recent gear is very parry-heavy, so I have just about the same distribution for dodge and parry right now. Sweet!

Off we went to Thorim, and started with a misunderstanding in the gauntlet. The second time, we pulled it off flawlessly in the gauntlet, got him into phase 3, our gauntlet boomkin arrived just in time to battle-rez a healer, and we took Thorim down. Not that difficult once you survive phase 2. I think this will be a farm encounter soon.

We then headed to Freya, and I was really unprepared for the trash pulls. There is a lot of trash there, oy. After a few mispulls, we figured it out and soon made it to Freya. I was tanking Freya, and uber-pally was on adds. We had big trouble with the elementals waves who kept coming back. I think at one point we had three waves of adds up at the same time, it was that bad. The Detonating Lasher and the tree waves were no problem, but the elementals need some more work. Nevertheless, the team pulled it off and just as I died a second time on Freya, they brought her into phase 2. She got picked up by our paladin, and they killed her. It felt eerily familiar to the Icehowl kill, with me kissing the floor and the rest of the raid doing the job. It made this firstkill a bit bittersweet for me. I will elaborate more on this tomorrow, I think, today I want to be all happy and uplifted as I should be.

We’re extending our raid ID to get some shots at deeper Ulduar. We have four bosses left standing: Ignis, Mimiron, General Vezax and Yogg-Saron himself. It’s a tough decision to make. Extend the raid ID and risking little to no loot for the raid, or starting fresh, doing farm encounters and having the risk of having to call it before you can do new bosses. We would have had time for one or two tries on Mimiron yesterday, but that would have been it. Tough call. I might change my mind and remove the extended lockout again. Needs some discussing. General consensus seemed to be to extend it.

I’ve been excited about Cataclysm and 3.3 news. I think we’ll actually have cleared Ulduar by the time Icecrown drops, so the timing is great. I don’t know yet if I want to invest much time into the filler raid TotC, because the idea of the Faction Champions encounter is such a turn-off.

Overall, I am just super-proud of my guild this week. We’ve been to Ulduar five times now. Less than 30 hours total, and we’re 10/13 in Ulduar. We’re pretty damn good.

17 Responses to “Deeper steps into Ulduar”

  1. Norm says:

    I find it helps a little to think of the Faction Champions encounter as a glorified trash pull, rather than PvP. Trash with little to no aggro table. (Ie taunts work, but immediately wear off, but you can use them to get a mob off a squishy and get it to find a new random target.) It was a little bit frustrating because it’s so dynamic – sometimes I’d get burst down incredibly hard immediately, sometimes I wouldn’t have aggro all fight. It’s a great idea on Blizz’s part to help people rediscover all the parts of their toolbox. An interesting reaction to the “I miss CC” complaints about too-easy heroics.


    Norm Reply:

    Hurr, and what I originally meant to say was that I was looking forward to your update about the weekend. So exciting to see DotH make such great progress! You’re going to pwn Mimiron in his giant robot face.


  2. Naissa says:

    Congrats to you and your guild! :)
    .-= Naissa´s last blog ..I love blogging. =-.


  3. BobTurkey says:

    Grats on the first kills. They always feel good, even if your taking a dirt nap.

    Gobble gobble.
    .-= BobTurkey´s last blog ..Stuff i’ve been up to recently =-.


  4. Phix says:

    Congratulations on the kills! Feels good aye? Yeah you guys are doing great. All the best in pwning the bosses in Ulduar later :D
    .-= Phix´s last blog ..Same but a little bit different day. =-.


  5. Everblue says:

    Many congratulations! I tried YS 10 for the first time last night. Ugh. 220g repair bill…
    .-= Everblue´s last blog ..This is how I spent Monday evening =-.


  6. Everblue says:

    Suggestion – take a non-raiding level 80 alt into the instance and get it locked. Then you can extend the instance lock on your alt and reset the lock on your main.

    Gives you the option of running a fresh instance each week or your progression instance, but also a headache trying to work out who is locked to what.
    .-= Everblue´s last blog ..Trust =-.


  7. almostgold says:

    the butt-kicking you ladies gave Ulduar this weekend shows me Blizz was on the right track with all the badge changes. The ability for folks to easily, through storming through heroics, grab badges and upgrade some of the harder to get items (such as chestpieces) has made significant positive changes in many folks’ healing and dps output. Makes perfect sense too — they don’t want Icecrown to end up like vanilla WoW’s Naxx, with only a select few guilds stepping foot inside.

    Grats to you all again!


  8. Deimonia says:

    A mighty fine job indeed, I’ve run with a few of you in Heroics. You do very well.

    /salutes /claps /bows


  9. Kelsin says:

    I can be very wrong about this, but I read on forums that unless you kill a new boss in the extended raid you can undo the extension at any time (kind of like NOT being locked into a new instance until the first kill). I also read that the extension is per character so no one can lock you into an extension you don’t want. It seems like Blizzard did a good job on that system, we have yet to use it though (due to random schedule issues).


    Everblue Reply:

    After the first week of our Ulduar instance everyone extended it. We all went back in week 2 no problems. I was then the only raid member who extended the instance in weeks 2 and 3, so that in week 4 I was the only one locked to the raid ID. I went into the instance first and beheld a desolate wasteland of dead bosses, with only Sara left. I made sure everyone came in after me, and they were unlocked, and we were good to go.
    .-= Everblue´s last blog ..Trust =-.


  10. Sawyer says:

    I know that I replaced all but one ring and a trinket since the last time we hit Thorim. I definately feel that the new gear helped my threat in the arena quite a bit, and the 5% total avoidance I’ve gained probably made the healers breath a bit easier. Congrats ladies, I’m very proud of us.


    Kadomi Reply:

    I think you’re the exception to the rule though. Sure, quite a few people got the T8 chest, but it’s not the avoidance gain or 10 more spellpower or 50 AP that killed those new bosses. It was the players.


  11. Cadrol says:

    Great Job! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and between you and veneretio it has helped my tanking so much. We to extended our raid ID and are gonna give Mimi a go tonight. I’ve been looking at the strategy and it looks like its gonna be super tough on our healers. Good luck on the last keeper and get some phat loot :)


    Kadomi Reply:

    Let me know how that goes. We’re trying Mimiron on Sunday, and I am nervous. It sounds crazy as heck!


    Cadrol Reply:

    We didn’t even get one attempt :( Wednesday night we had login issues and one of our raid members had their toon hacked so we weren’t able to pull a full group together and try our luck on the guy. Last night our extended lockout timed out so i guess its back to downing loot pinata and starting all over again. This looks to be one of our last weeks to have more than 1 or 2 raid nights a week since we are losing a couple raiders to shool. I hope your mimiron went a whole lot better than our mimiron attempt :P


  12. Congratulations on the progress your guild is making… first kills sure do feel good! :)
    .-= ArchDruid Angela´s last blog ..T 8 Nerf =-.


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