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Aug 11 2009

The week after

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The first week after a content patch is always one that’s a) busy as people are trying out the new content and b) ripe with frustration at the numerous bugs that need to be hotfixed. With 3.2, both is the case, as my guild has seen record numbers of people being online, while being plagued with bugs in several instances.

Two of the more common bugs appear to be buggy encounters in the new 5-man, but also bugged raid bosses, e.g. Gothik, Thorim and XT. I’ve run into the Trial of the Champion bugs several times. The champions of the first encounters won’t stay down, e.g., or the trash groups before Paletress/Eadric are clumped together.

Speaking of the new 5-man, it follows the tried and trued Magister’s Terrace model: definite step-up in difficulty compared to the other instances, with the same increase in loot quality. I have had beautiful groups of friends in there where we just tear through the instance, or I have had groups where DPS was so abysmal that we had to call it on Paletress. My advice to anyone who wants to do this on heroic is to really find a group that brings it in all three departments: tank, heals and DPS. Don’t drag your groups down when you just can’t break 1.5k DPS, be sensible. Yes, this also includes my guildies.

The new 5-man does of course offer very tasty tank loot and I was able to grab most pieces the many times I have run this place now. I’d first like to proudly declare myself a member of the Black Heart club, along with such ‘famous’ members as Veneretio and Spinks! It took me about 5-6 consecutive runs on normal mode before I finally got it, which was pretty happy-making.

On heroic, I have scored the Mark of the Relentless and Warlord’s Depravity. The latter is a very strong SBV neck, despite the not updated Wowhead tooltip, and the former is a wonderfully itemized ring that is a stamina dream. It has no defense, but I have gotten a lot of defense heavy upgrades that I can actually wear it now. I also broke a personal milestone, I hit 30k health unbuffed. Finally! I wouldn’t mind getting the other two tank drops in there, preferably the helmet, and I am sure I will eventually.

A common argument of the people who don’t like the badge changes is that it provides gear to casuals who don’t need upgrades, but they are forgetting the big part where upgrading your gear just fills great. It’s a sense of personal accomplishment at any level of play. Gear upgrades make people feel happy, and that’s why everyone’s running Trial of the Champion over and over again, and why people run chain heroics. I managed to snag two emblem purchases, Platinum Mesh Cloak and Gauntlets of the Royal Watch, and along with the drops from ToC, it’s a great feeling. Every emblem naysayer should think about that. Let other people have fun too!

I will admit that this first week after the patch was more filled with frustration than I have experienced in a long while, and those of you who follow me on Twitter will likely have seen screams of outrage that are a bit unlike me, at least to this public extent. Stuff just boiled over for me. A big contributor is that most days my guild is only able to field one group into heroics during my playtimes, and yet, no one ever asked me along on the fun. People are running chain heroics, and yet here I am, the guild officer who has to PUG. That was incredibly frustrating. By now, I know I am not the only one who feels left out, and we’ve been able to do runs on our own. I guess it’s an issue in guilds of our size that can’t be helped. It’s still been a hurtful experience.

I have had more personal issues as well, and the only thing I want to say about that is that it’s not polite or nice to whisper other people in your character’s main spec every single drop you’ve been getting. It doesn’t accomplish anything but breed resentment, especially if that’s the only kind of conversation you ever have. This might seem hypocritical seeing as I at times use this blog to tout all the new gear I have acquired. But I think there’s a difference.

In a later post, I will post about my experiences tanking Trial of the Champion, it certainly has a lot to offer on the challenge plate, and I will of course have to talk about our first visit to Thorim in Ulduar, and pick your collective brains for advice.

How’s the first week of 3.2 been treating you?

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    .-= Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..Fancy New Wide-Angle Scope! =-.


    admin Reply:

    I have seen the Banner multiple times. >.>

    Never the Polearm though. I think it’s because you keep calling Marcia a whore, women stick together, you know! ;)


  2. Armagon says:

    I ran the new one a few times, wasn’t too bad besides that one time where the 3 dps together did a little more than my main usually does :|

    Got the Black Heart and the Helm, nice upgrades, nothing new for a Naxx25/Ulduar10 Rogue so far.

    New dailies are ok and my guild is swearing about Northrend Beasts :P


  3. Namthe says:

    One of our other tanks made the mistake of bragging about his recent upgrades to me in public the other day. I just shrugged it off, but it amused me when one of our officers then piped up with “Doesn’t matter. Nam’s still by far the better tank”.

    Made me smile anyway.


    admin Reply:

    That is pretty awesome, that they’re sticking up to you like that. I guess I need to train my guildies better. ;)

    I don’t mind if people I play a lot with tell me ‘Hey Kadomi, I got this awesome piece of loot, yay!’ But don’t just brag when it’s obvious bragging.


  4. Spinks says:

    “I want to say about that is that it’s not polite or nice to whisper other people in your character’s main spec every single drop you’ve been getting.”

    I feel ya. We have a paladin tank who likes to tell everyone what upgrades he’s been getting. I know there’s no malice in it, but oh man it does get to you after a while.

    But he’s dead jealous of my trinket so I don’t mind at the moment :)


  5. Deimonia says:

    I’m enjoying patch 3.2 but mainly been playing around with my lowbie toons. All my lowbies are thrilled that they can ride earlier.

    I haven’t been in TOC yet on any of my 80′s. Crazy, I know… :) I decided that I would wait and go there with my one my lowbie toons, initially I was thinking of doing that with my second priest (72 Draenei Holy Priest) but now I’m actually thinking about waiting until one of my new Horde toons reaches end-game. If I do that, I’ll have a while. ;)

    Congrats on the upgrades. :)


    admin Reply:

    Thank you. :) If you need help while leveling, let me know!


    Deimonia Reply:

    Thanks, I’ll let you know. Actually I’m seriously thinking about moving my BE Holy Priest to Bronzebeard, the thought of leveling another Priest to 80 atm isn’t that appealing, heh. I still have plenty of toons on Zul’jin to play around with.


  6. Phix says:

    Congratulations on the upgrades. I think most people are starting to get more geared now that the new emblems system are out. That’s good, because we can progress further with better gears :)

    Oh well I have this particular Shaman who kept whispering me his new gears, and follow it up with questions like “What’s yours like now?” and statements like “Better than you!”. Can’t see his point, but I think he took me as a ‘rival’. It’s really uncomfortable, but I always reply him with ‘Congratulations’ anyway.
    .-= Phix´s last blog ..UI, UI, UI. =-.


    Kadomi Reply:

    It makes me angry. I try to be polite, but it’s really unnecessary. Maybe it’s to impress me as raid leader? I dunno. Nothing good will ever come of it. :P


  7. Naissa says:

    Congrats on your tank loot! I’ve got mine too! :D I was really surprised by the awesomeness of the Normal Mode tank pants. So much expertise. *drool*

    I actually like seeing your posts about what new and exciting loot you’ve gotten. And it’s entirely different from someone sending me a tell going “Oh look, it’s my second ever Naxx raid and I have a Last Laugh now!”

    Congrats on 30k HP! :) I was quite excited when I hit 30k too but I’m a tauren so I cheated a little
    .-= Naissa´s last blog ..Well that wasn’t so bad. =-.


  8. ARA says:

    Hehehe, patch3.2? I’ve hardly experienced it. Havent even done the new 5 man yet. I’ve decided to just stop playing; I’ve played a ton in the past, and once 3.2 hit, I spent an hour doing the first new raid boss. After that, I just couldnt take it anymore. I finally admitted I needed a break, and have barely logged on since :P Its been awesome!!! Nothing wrong with the game, but there has been something wrong with me, playing so much.

    So I’m looking forward to the casual’s life, though tbh, I’m not sure I can actually play casual. I’ve often found casual raiding a lot more stressful than hardcore; emotionally speaking, I just cant take a slow pace, or players who are asleep at the wheel. Even casual 5 mans are terrible. I was on my mage once, and got into an argument with the pally tank who refused to consecrate & insisited on single target kills (in the nexus), even though we were all very overgeared. I quit the group and teleported out. I have no patience, lol.

    Hehehe, but who knows eh??? I’ll still look for ya on bronzebeard to say /tickle :)


    Kadomi Reply:

    You better wave to me sometime when you see me! I recently had some alliance dwarf pally wave to me in Dalaran, and now I always suspect people are you! :)


  9. Hanago says:

    I have also experienced some of the bugs. It seems that any split raid encounter is at risk of mobs crossing from one to the other.

    Thorim was especially frustrating as random arena mobs snuck into the tunnel to gank my poor healer.

    Is your guild planning to make use of the raid-ID extension? We are, and are very excited about the prospect of more time on later bosses :)


    Kadomi Reply:

    We will be using the raid ID extension for sure. Not this week, but as soon as we get down another keeper. Once we have two keepers down, it will be handy to get deeper into Ulduar. :)


  10. Zaphiel says:

    I’ve been knocking out the new 5-man with some guildies. Found it pretty funny when the CHampions just would not stay down. Finally had to mark them all on the fly and AoE the crap out of them….. then kick them again just for good measure :). Thank all that be for the break tween the fights, allowed our poor healer to get his mana back to full (he went OOM after the bug did the third reset for us).

    I have to agree with the bragging about gear drops issue: in my guild, there are currently four tanks and we’re small enough that 10 man content is what we usually shoot for. There is one warrior tank that loves to post in Guild chat all his gear and how much better it is than yours. As someone else stated above, I don’t believe that it’s intended to be malicious or mean…. it just tends to come off like that 90% of the time.

    Grats on the upgrades! Like many others, I am having a problem getting the items I would like to have to drop from the bosses (RNG has not been kind this week).

    All in all, I’m leaning towards the positive with the new patch. Oh, and Isle of Conquest has become my new fave BG :) So many things to do, so little time to gank the gnomes while doing them :P


  11. Stefan Vervecken says:

    I’ve run into the Trial of the Champion bugs several times. The champions of the first encounters won’t stay down, e.g., or the trash groups before Paletress/Eadric are clumped together.

    The first part is not a bug, during the jousting part they are meant to not stay down (you need to run them over and trample them again and again till all are down) Just as you can run to a horse and go again when you are dismounted.

    The second bug never happened to me


    Kadomi Reply:

    I know about the trampling. The bug is if you keep riding them down over and over again and they still get up. All 3 were down, we rode over them repeatedly, they always got up again. The last part of the fight would not start. After 10 minutes of this, we ran out and when we came back in we pulled them normally.


    Stefan Vervecken Reply:

    Ah, never had that one either.
    Lucky me!


  12. Ujarak says:

    I really like the new patch actually and although the bugs in the new instances are well, really F’in annoying weve just been running out and resetting and it seems to fix it.

    I agree with the new loots thingy, but i have to admit i do it at times, but only to people i know, and to people that know ive been after it for a while, although tonight ive been telling anyone that will listen about my new bracers there just yummy.

    Oh and on another note, the new raid. the first boss is far too easy, took a bunch of randoms in there this evening, and most of them alts Naxx geared and we one shotted it. Although the healers were amazing. Bracers from first boss in the raid <3


    Kadomi Reply:

    I think we might try Northrend Beasts just for shit and giggles as well. Hope that goes well. :)

    Grats on your nummy bracers!


  13. Everblue says:

    I extended my instance lockout in Ulduar so that I could start on Mimiron. We downed him and Vezax, the former dropping my cool-looking-but-with-rubbish-EH helm. I’ll be extending it again to go for Yogg Saron over the next few weeks…

    It is without question the best feature added to the game in a long time.
    .-= Everblue´s last blog ..Got the bastard! =-.


  14. Naissa says:

    I actually had the instance bug on me last night. We got the 3 bosses off their mounts and we DPSed them down. The last one was defeated and the loot spawned, but the female dwarf rogue re-engaged and killed off two people instantly. (At which point the warlock in the group said that we needed to pay attention, but who expects a dead boss to come back and start killing people, seriously?)

    So we DPSed her down again, this time she ran off to the side and hopped back on to a mount and began to trample me. The healer was still healing and the DPS was trying to kill her but she kept trampling me so I couldn’t do much. I told everyone to just run out and they did. I died, we all ran back in and everything was normal.

    Then we went through on normal mode, wiped (Don’t ask.) and the bosses despawned before killing the last person. Every time we attempted to pull after that the bosses despawned instantly until the person that didn’t die ran out and back in. So strange.
    .-= Naissa´s last blog ..Well that wasn’t so bad. =-.


  15. Everblue says:

    You mentioned possibly having problems with Thorim. I’ve been the tunnel tank a few times and posted on my blog about it. You might find it useful.

    Best of luck

    .-= Everblue´s last blog ..Some Thorim tanking tips =-.


  16. Lomaine says:

    I gotta say, I am loving the new 5-man. It’s awesome!

    Although, the opening gets old after the first clears, so by that point you’re just waiting for it to start so you can pull stuff.

    Also, for some reason arms warriors, DPS DKs and ret/holy paladins love stealing the Heart from their tanks, but, perseverance pays off as they say. :)


  17. Abusqa says:

    I actually had a different bug in the new 5-man.
    Me and 4 other guildies were riding around on our horses with only 1 of the bad guys to get down, when all of a sudden the whole group gets dismounted, the 2 dismounted npc’s start attacking us, and the third one (still on his horse) runs up to us to melee us down, trampling us untill we wipe!

    Other then that, I actually haven’t seen that many bugs, except the occasional Gothik encounter where mob’s run between living/undead side and the patrol from the room after the boss comes charging in and wiping us all. (Cursed be the damned bugs :( )


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