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Jun 10 2009

BA Shared Topic: A non-healers view of healers

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Healing HandsThis BA shared topic caught my eye immediately. As tank, we have a near symbiotic relationship with our healers. With a healer behind you, you become an unstoppable force, ready to fling insults at ginormous bosses and have them whack on you. Without a healer, you are squished in mere seconds, in most cases. I love healers, as a tank, and when I am playing my shaman, I hope my tank loves me just as much when I keep them alive. I am very grateful about the opportunity to play both in heroics and raids.

Nigiri from Adventures of a Priest asked for views of non-healers what kind of healing they prefer.

Now me, I am a non-discerning tank. Any heals: awesome in my book. Of course we have preferences. All through TBC I felt safest in the hands of a holy priest. I just got awesome heals from them. Tasty Greater Heals, Renews, few scary moments. In WotLK the whole healing scene shifted a bit. There are very few moments that the glowy white ring of a Greater Heal is around me. Now glowy laser heals are coming my way. It’s the time of the fast spells, be it Flash Heal, Flash of Light or Lesser Healing Wave. My personal preference is for Discipline Priests, followed by Paladins. They’re made for tank healing, and you can tell. 5-mans or 10-man raids, I assign one of those to the tanks, and I feel safe. My least favorite healer for 5-mans would be druids. I know some awesome druids, but at times I feel my health drops way lower with a druid as healer than with any other healing class. HoTs do not make me feel as safe as big numbers do coming in on the left side of my screen.

As a raid leader for 10-mans, I care about healer balance. We have had two paladins, our wonder twins, heal Naxxramas, but in Ulduar I am looking for a balance. Great tank healing, solid raid-healing, versatility. Here I feel all healing classes as solid, as long as they’re the right mix. I am sure you can do Ulduar-10 with three druids or three shamans, but would I feel as good about such a combo as I feel about priest, druid, paladin team? Probably not.

For further opinions about this Shared Topic, check out:

So what about you other tanks out there? Any preferences! As always you are more than welcome to share. :)

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15 Responses to “BA Shared Topic: A non-healers view of healers”

  1. Aeltyra says:

    Hmm, druids used to have a semi-viable spec that focused on Healing Touch but Blizzard broke it (by shifting talents I think, can’t really remember). Don’t know why exactly, but yeah. Though Regrowth can be a decent replacement when combined with a Swiftmend. I wouldn’t really worry too much about a druid healing you, it’s just a different style than paladins.

    And yeah mixing it up is probably better, though I suppose it is doable with three of the same class … (wouldn’t know tbh, we always mix, and we have some awesome shaman healing onboard as well)


  2. Grai says:

    Having tanked in all three phases of WoW, personal favorite healer class is Paladins. Vanilla and tbc mainly because of spiritual attunement , yeah I tanked on a pally. Don’t think in WoTLK any one class stands out better/worse.
    [rq=835,0,blog][/rq]A Home City Again


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  4. Hanago says:

    My guild is progressing through ulduar-10 (11/13) with a druid and a disc priest. Shields + hots and i hardly take any dmg.
    Then again both of them are very skilled players.
    The druid is able to keep rolling hots on the majority of the raid, allowing us to ignore raid dmg.
    Bottom line for me: Healers are like tanks: Player skill=>gear>>class.


  5. Sawyer says:

    In raids I like a paladin healer the best, followed closely by a disc priest. In heroics any healer will do, but druids always make me panic a little and use more cooldowns because I’m not used to seeing my health spike up and down the way it seems to with HoT’s.


    admin Reply:

    What, no love for the resto shaman? My heart is breaking! ;)


  6. drug says:

    What has gone away a little bit in WotLK is healing with your biggest heal. In BC, very often Holy Priests were healing tanks with Greater Heal, which required a lot of stopcasting, but had the advantage that whenever a tank would take a little bit more damage, a huge heal would land some split seconds later.

    Nowadays, nearly everyone is using the fast, smaller heal for tank healing. Many priests use flash heal, shamans use LHW. From a healer perspective, it feels much more comfortable to spam those little heals, most of the time we are more mana efficient like that and it just feels better to keep those heals coming and coming.

    The exception are holy paladins who have no problem to spam their large heal forever. That’s why for me they are absolutely the best choice for tank healing. They produce a ridiculous amount of overheal, but the amount of incoming healing just can’t be beaten.

    Disc priests are second choice, it’s not easy to compare them to other tank healers, because it’s a lot more damage mitigation (Shields + Inspiration) which is not so easy to evaluate in healing meters. Also, their healing relies on a lot of buffs/debuffs and different abilities, which leads to some disc. priests not performing as good as their gear promises.

    My third pick would be a resto shaman, who offers an insanely quick fast heal, huge HPS with a RT/HW combo and a lot of buffer-healing with RT-HoT/Earthliving/AA/ES.
    [rq=1893,0,blog][/rq]State of the Resto Shaman


  7. Naissa says:

    Oooh. I like this. I shall definitely have to write about this. If I were a normal person I would prefer Resto Shamans because most of my successes in WotLK have been while being healed by a resto shaman.

    But the 12 Year old with ADD inside my brain that likes shiny things really likes Disc Priests (Wheeeeee bubbles everywhere!) and Resto Droods because their heals make cool sounds. O.o

    So yes, practical Naissa likes resto shamans, crazy Naissa likes Disc Priests and Droods. O.o
    [rq=2107,0,blog][/rq]Mount Changes and Loot.


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  9. Ladina says:

    I find this funny. I could care less who heals me. I have had good and bad experiences with all types of healers. Sure at one particular moment you might be able to say XYZ class is theoretically better but the skill of the player FAR outweighs this. Right now Paladins are the big guns so you see lots of paladins that have never healed a thing trying to pug. I would rather have a rogue with bandages that one of these players. At least the rogue can vanish.

    My personal preference is a priest. That goes back to my days as a suicide shaman in vanilla wow running UBRS. I had a healer of my own and she vowed that one day I would make it through a run without dying. She never did it but she tried very very hard.


  10. Lantana says:

    I am so glad to read this. As a healer (resto sham) I always feel that link with the tank – *my* tank. Always wondered if I was just a little bit whacky for that :)
    [rq=5950,0,blog][/rq]Online offline


    admin Reply:

    No, I have always had a special bond to the healers I run with a lot. And when I play my shaman, I have my special tanks too. :)


  11. Kudos says:

    For me, any heals are good as long as the player has skill, but like most tanks, I have a few I run with a lot that I preffer.

    First and foremost is a resto shammie that never seems to go oom and always tops the healing meters (both reg and overheals) When Val is at my back I always take on more than I would normally, and look good doing it :)

    And the fact that she played “Indestuctible” by Disturbed for me over vent was a bonus :)


  12. Baruti says:

    I myself prefer the loving heals my significant other gives me with her (holy) priest!
    We leveled together all the way from 1 to 80 as a warrior/priest duo and that creates an ingame bond on top of the RL-bond we already had (obviously ;)).


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