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Jun 01 2009

A close look at World of Logs

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I admit it. I have a problem. It’s the same, after every raid. The moment I have hearthed, I will alt-tab, and upload my combat log. Thanks to Loggerhead, I always log. And then I upload it, and stare at delicious numbers, for hours. I try to discuss them with my partner, but she really doesn’t give a damn about me only pulling off 54.4% avoidance on Patchwerk. Or about DPS numbers. Or me squeeing about healing meters (which is really a terrible habit but I like being kickass).

But aside from me just loving the numbers, it’s a valuable tool for raid analysis. Without a log, I wouldn’t have realized that all our failed phase 3 attempts on Malygos were a range issue having us all hit by Arcane Pulse. Or I can see that some new DPS has too low hit or never uses 51 point talents.

Today, I want to talk about the latest and best of combat log sites, IMHO. There’s currently 3 sites out there: old-school WWS, WMO and the new kid around the block, World of Logs. I am going to talk about the latter in some detail, as this is currently my log flavor of the year. Why? WWS has pretty much gone down the drain lately. There are no more support forums, it’s not been updated for a while, and it doesn’t account for discipline priest healing, e.g. It’s just not as accurate as other sites. Then there’s WoW Meter Online. Which is a good tool, but I personally cannot stand the Engrish, and I hate the looks. I tried to like it, but I can’t. Along comes WoL. It’s very up-to-date, and changes almost daily. It looks slick. It has graphs that look confusing at first, but offer great information at a glance. You have a powerful log browser. Easy overview of dispells and interrupts. Accounts for mitigated heals, like PW:S. Live reports. What more could you want? In my following description, all sample screenshots are taken from my guild’s last Naxxramas raid.

Overview of WoL

  • Fights overviewWhen you open a review, you first get an overview of all bosses, in what order, and your first taste of numbers. Duration, overall DPS, Damage Taken, HPS. Each category is weighted, and so you can see at a glance which was the fight with the most DPS, damage and healing. In my example screenshot, Kel’thuzad was the longest fight, Loatheb took the most damage, Sapphiron was the fight with the most damage and the most healing.
  • DashboardClicking on your boss fight of choice, in my sample Patchwerk, takes you to the Dashboard of the fight. You can see at a glance that there was a slight DPS spike at the end, that early in the fight there was a huge damage spike that heals didn’t quite cover (our rogue got one-shot by a Hateful Strike), and that damage was done by Patchwerk and our suicidal retribution pally with her wicked belf blood rituals.
  • Damage DoneA click on Damage Done takes you to the overview for the DPS hungry. See the fancy graph up there? Right at the start of the fight you see a red line, indicating either a) someone died or b) a hunter feigned. In this case, the above-mentioned rogue ate two Hateful Strikes and bit the dust. The rest of the fight, the warlock and the hunter have some nice damage spikes. If you want to see all of your DPS represented in the graph, just check their names. Interested to look at one of the spikes in more detail? Drag the mouse on the time frame you want, right-click on it, zoom in. Or set the page to selection, then you’ll get a Damage Done overview for that selection. Very nice. For a more exciting graph, check out the one below, from our Razorscale kill. It has feigning hunters, a dead tank (yowza, she hits hard), a Rebirth right at the end there (the orange line). See the blue area on the graph? That’s Bloodlust. Which incidentally did not cause any DPS spikes.
    Damage Done Graph
  • Damage TakenSame is valid for the Damage Taken category. You get to see the two Patchwerk tanks, me and our pally. As Sawyer had higher effective health and just about the same avoidance, she ate the Hatefuls, I just did my tanking thingy, and only had one bad spike. No complaints on my side! ;)
  • Damage OverviewI want to look at my own performance in detail, so I’m clicking on my name, and end up with several categories. I am starting with Damage Done, to see how I did on spamming HS. That’s 63 Heroic Strikes, and only 22 white swings, so I did some spamming alright. I don’t have the near flawless execution of progression tanks, but I don’t need to. As an aside, Blizzard, please fix HS! Down with the spamming! Ahem. I also went into this fight with my avoidance spec, and probably won’t again. Without a Deep Wounds build, I feel my damage is gimp. If you mouse-over the various abilities, you get nice diagrams, displaying hit, crits, misses, etc. At the bottom, I can see Damage Taken, including how well I did on Avoidance. With two disc healers, there was a lot of absorbing going on, and the amount of dodge and parry seems okay to me.
  • Healing DoneHealing Done is in the same vein. If you mouseover a healer (or DPSer or tank) you get a quick summary as tooltip. Both priests were Discipline, and so you can see that WoL estimates the amount of mitigation Divine Aegis and PW:S do, finally showing in logs how powerful discipline healing is.
  • Care to know how your peeps died? The Deaths Overview will list the last three damage sources before someone died in the raid. In my example, I kinda moved Faerlina unexpectedly and ran out of range of the healers and then she killed me during the Frenzy. Ouch. Very helpful in figuring out how exactly people died.
    Death Overview
  • Add QueryAnother example to evaluate raid performance is to look for specific occurrences in the log browser. In my example, Show events where event type is Hit and target is Kadomi and spell is Eruption. Whoops, got hit twice during Heigan. Yay for having a big health pool! You can construct all sorts of queries and run them, it’s quite powerful.
  • WoL has a raid attendance feature based on the logs you’ve uploaded. It sorts by class and calculates attendance. Very handy. Now if only I could add loot, that would make it even more perfect as raid management tool. Maybe I should suggest that.
  • A feature I haven’t tested yet but which I bet is powerful is the live reporting. As soon as you start your combatlog and run the client, your data will be uploaded right as you play, and you can check out data between tries. If only I had used that on Malygos, I would have been able to see our range issue in phase 3 immediately. Next time!
  • Add to that a thriving forum with quick responses from the developers, I can put myself behind this tool. It has all that I loved about WWS, but in a newer, slicker design that actually is up-to-date with 3.1.

If you want to test this tool yourself, you can grab a beta key here.

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16 Responses to “A close look at World of Logs”

  1. Kelsin says:

    Yeah, I’m loving this site too. Going to make looking at boss deaths much easier!


  2. Valkure says:

    Great post! I love the look of this too. I’m trying to convince my guild’s raid leaders to test it out too.

    Valkure´s last blog post..A new home for me


  3. Fluffywumpki of Kilrogg says:

    The only thing I and my guild DON’T like about WoL right now is how inconsistent the performance can be compared to WWS. WWS has it’s faults, but I’ve never gotten the 30-45 second page load times I sometimes get on WoL.


  4. Naissa says:

    Awesome! Thanks for telling me about this, I’d have totally missed it otherwise. :)


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  6. Ladina says:

    Just to make you happy there was a recent post that Blizz is not happy with HS. They want it to be a choice to dump agro not something you should be spamming.


  7. Skraps says:

    I was cured of my addiction to logs with “The Great Hunter Nerf of 2008″. I know the only thing really hurt was my ePeen, but that nerf hurt. I was the number one DPS in my raids through BC, I was a class lead and in general I was a very helpful member of our guild.

    Then comes the nerf, and not only does my DPS drop to 15, I had to learn a whole new style of huntering just to get back to the top 10.

    I don’t play my hunter much anymore, mostly because I miss my enraging pet, and SV is a little too crit/proc based for me.

    Luckily for my my guild had a mass healer die off around Christmas and I was able to move my shammy to my main raiding spot.

    Now a simple recount check of my overhealing, healing taken, and mana regen is enough for me.

    Skraps´s last blog post..Follow up.


  8. Fayre says:

    The live reporting is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend you try it.


  9. Lasitus says:

    Oh Good. I have been looking for a WoL guide. I’ll get it listed.

    Lasitus´s last blog post..Number Fun


  10. Gravity says:

    Good write-up. I’m a big fan of this tool too.


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  12. Zin says:

    Hahaha, I love how you used the first Patchwerk fight I was in. Ran right in after main tank and -BLAM- dead. XD Live and learn, eh? :D


    admin Reply:

    See, I bet that will never happen to you again. :)


  13. Tannia says:

    Personally, as a shaman healer I don’t like WoL because it doesn’t tell me anything about totems. It doesn’t track the totem buffs and it doesn’t track heals/mana from totems – annoying.


    Kadomi Reply:

    It tracks healing via HS Totem, click on the arrow next to the shaman’s name, and it’s there. Mana returns are tracked as well, under Power gains in the buff section for the shaman.

    I did not find SoE and similar buffs but if it’s not there, there’s no reason not to request it from the guys at WoL who are hard at work improving the service.


  14. [...] if you’re looking for more about parse reading, please see: A close look at World of Logs (Kadomi – Tank Like a Girl) An Intro to WoL: Wading through the data (Vixsin – Life in [...]

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