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Apr 16 2009

Prot warrior dual specs for 3.1

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Dual specs have arrived, though the implementation is still a bit buggy. My primary talent tree, my DW build, claims that I have only spent 50 points in prot, and did not pick up Devastate. Funny how I still have Shockwave and Devastate both in my spellbook. I am sure this will be fixed very soon (maybe a bugfix patch next Tuesday).

But what are our options at the moment? This pretty much depends on if you are planning on being main tank for new content or if you happen to have an offtank role most of the time.

As MT, three options are currently floating around:

  1. Deep WoundsA threat spec: 15/5/51 This is pretty much cookie cutter as it gets. You spend points in arms to get to Deep Wounds, which allows easy AoE threat, as Damage Shield will crit and put Deep Wounds DoTs on most of the mobs whacking on you. On average, this ability does 7-10% of my total damage on bosses. This is a great spec for heroics, trash tanking and farmable bosses.
  2. Shield WallSurvivability: as example I will use the one I chose for myself: 5/10/56 Important parts here are full points in Improved Demoralizing Shout, Improved Disciplines and the Shield Wall glyph. I might pick up the Last Stand glyph as well, ensuring that you can use both Shield Wall and Last Stand multiple times on long boss fights, for more survivability. This build depends a bit on the new glyphs becoming available soon, but we’ll see.
  3. Unrelenting AssaultDPS: what Deep Wounds was for 3.0, the exciting new threat spec, the new UA spec might become for 3.1. It’s a highly situational tanking spec with more points in Arms than Protection, and is built around Unrelenting Assault in the Arms tree. Your basic attack will be Revenge, which causes a lot more damage and should be available most of the time. The spec was first tested by the venerable Veneretio, and now Ciderhelm has posted one of his video guides about it. If you are a 25-man MT, this sounds very unusual and interesting. The DPS mentioned sounds fantastic. However, as my personal focus is 10-mans, I will likely never ever spec into it. We just don’t have the possibilities to supply all necessary debuffs to a boss in such a small group setting for raids. But nevertheless, it sounds like a very interesting spec choice, and shows the full power and flexibility warriors now have thanks to dual specs.

As offtank, you will probably want to use the second spec a bit differently. There will always be fights that are one-tank encounters. I don’t know about Ulduar, but Naxxramas-10 has a few encounters where a second protection warrior is a bit of dead weight. Heigan and Loatheb come to mind, as well as Sapphiron, Thaddius after the two other mobs are dead, etc. As offtank, it just is handier to spec into a DPS spec as second spec. Ideally, one that allows you to provide utility, like the Trauma debuff, Imp Demo Shout, Commanding Presence, etc. Of the four level 80 warriors we have in my guild, I know two will be choosing Arms as their second spec (which was pretty buffed with the patch). I know very little about warrior DPS trees at this point, but a) I am trying to wrangle a guest post out of my friend Shaeldre who plays Arms and b) I am working on a completely new leveling guide and will level as Arms and test Fury as well. Watch this space. :)

Got any other tanking specs you are trying? Got some crazy ideas? Let me know. Now is the time to try new specs!

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19 Responses to “Prot warrior dual specs for 3.1”

  1. drug says:

    I chose the threat spec again. I don’t want those healers getting lazy. But then again, tanking Ulduar is not yet a priority for me. And from what I’ve seen up until now, every point invested into additional survivability is a well spent point.

    drug´s last blog post..Ulduar – Very first impressions


  2. Mal says:

    fwiw, my talent list shows 15/5/50 in wowarmory, missing Devastate. I’m at work and can’t check my talent list as logged in-game, but I had the use of that talent last night.

    I suspect even with dual specs, there’ll be a fair amount of respec’ing for some. Tanks can get a little too granular with their specs and probably would take a sextuple spec set-up if they could. But at least the option for threat tank with a quick switch to dps warrior is nice (along with itemrack, or whatever gear set management one uses) for me.



  3. Manuel says:

    i think my prot build is same as yours, unlucky for me im at work and wowhead and wowarmory are block.. but i would like to take a look at that UA spec… maybe will be good for pvp, do you know any prot pvp build? also since I know that you are an add on crazy as myself … what add ons did you use before the patch that you are not able to use now?


    admin Reply:

    All my addons are still working fine. I try to stick to addons which are frequently updated, so I am doing just fine. \o/


  4. kikoutate says:

    I’m not into Ulduar yet, so I’m sticking with cookie cutter 15/5/51 and choosing a DPS spec as my secondary. The real tricky question is: with heroic gear, do I go Arms or Fury?

    But as a bit of a discussion starter, is there really any content yet that requires multiple different tanking specs (for us warriors)? I was under the impression that the fights where we suck at we’ll still suck at, no matter the talent point composition. Just seems like a bit of overengineering on the tank’s parts (collectively).


    admin Reply:

    I personally love that I can have more survivability on the harder boss fights at the content level I am doing (Sapphiron, KT, soon Malygos), without losing any of my threat on easy content like heroics and the trash in Naxx.

    I still think it’s our niche to be extremely survivable, even when some of our Oh Shit buttons have gone to other classes. We can use the Oh Shit buttons more often now in survival builds, which will be great in progression fights, as MT.


  5. Vendelcrow says:

    Hey, great site! I don’t usually post on sites, but I’m so stoked about the patch that I have to vent somehow. Anyways, with all the possibilities swirling around prot warriors now, I think I’ll be trying about 10 different tanking specs before I settle in to just 2. Currently, the ones I’m using are a 7 8 56 for survivability, ( I specced imp. charge in arms/and 2 points in puncture, call me crazy) it works great for opening up a fight with almost endless rage, and with a glyph of devastate, I can get my sunders out immediately at almost no cost. I have used that build for most of my time in heroics. Before I go to the Deep Wounds spec, I’m trying a 5 13 53, with 2 points in imp. demo shout, and 3 points in imp. cleave. I know cleave is a rage consumer, but with incite and a cleave glyph, there are some serious numbers going out, which translates to serious attention on yours truly. I can’t wait to try out the new UA spec and the “gold standard” DW spec post-patch, but I find myself constantly drifting towards survivability, which is the essence of tanking, for me anyways. OK, keep up the good work, and everyone keep posting your new specs, this is a great time to be a tank!


  6. Einstijn says:

    About the Unrelenting Assault built.
    I’ve succesfully used the built in 10 man next to a fury warrior applying sunder armor or a rogue using expose armor :)
    But although my dualspec is a deep wounds spec and a fury spec, for some dps fights I will go use the UR spec, given we have another warrior or a rogue.
    Anyways Good luck with whatever path you choose :)


  7. BillyWallace says:

    I’m not tanking enough content to justify 2 prot specs atm, so fury became my second set. It sucked….bad. I do more dps as prot with a good 2h, than I did as fury. Talk about disappointing.

    Now a second prot spec is looking better. After all, we may need a little more survivability in heroics with the new healers running around making our lives more difficult…if not shorter.

    BillyWallace´s last blog post..Soy NOOB, y TĂș?


  8. Tulakk says:

    I went with the survivability build for my prot spec. I’m going to be OT for Ulduar 10 starting on Saturday, so I want to err on the side of caution before I go back to my trusty DW spec.

    My main spec though is TG Fury. I really like to hit stuff in the face with two huge weapons, and my 25 man outfit has enough tanks. The nerf is felt, but I still pull good numbers; I’m beating most Arms warriors by a good 200-300 DPS. Blizz can kiss my hairy tauren butt if they think I’m going to spec Arms.


  9. Jalavier says:

    I have what I consider a non-standard prot spec:

    I made this spec to maximize my mitigation. Demo shout and thunderclap are always applied as is commanding shout. It seems to be working well in Ulduar.

    I chose arms as my second spec for pvp mostly, but to be honest I think I will be changing to a prot pvp spec. The utility and survivability of prot is amazing, even in pvp. Granted my arms gear isn’t that good, I just don’t like going *squish* so quickly.


  10. Armagon says:

    Bought dualspec on patch day and still haven’t spent points :P
    I’m leaning towards 15/5/51 for more Naxx action (alt warr only) – but if I’m going into Ulduar10, the 10/5/56 might be better.. *sigh* I hate decisions :P
    Second spec will probably be Arms.

    Armagon´s last blog post..Armagon: Killed Razprscale 10man and wiped on Ignis (joined after Flame Leviathan) Looks very fun so far.


  11. Daslasher says:

    I have gone for a survivability build for the time being alongside a Fury build as I enjoy playing DPS occasionally too.

    I have to say I’m still a little annoyed that in order to function effectively as a Tank a Warrior needs a Survivability Spec and a Threat spec…we also need several sets of gear for threat/EH/avoidance…and we need to get our rotation spot on….and still the Pallies and DKs walk up, pop their abilities and grab the aggro.

    It’s time they sorted out Warrior threat and rage.


  12. goraleyon says:

    I agree with Tulakk, blizz can kiss my smooth, sweaty, hot ass too. I am a rockin sockin war.
    I am watching with considerable satisfaction as arena pvp goes down the tube (and instead of getting a 10% boost for Fury war and 20% boost for Arms war Blizz does the opposite and whacks us again (just like denying our use of stones in original arena).
    Blizz, a lot of ppl play war so get it right or u gonna need a new game (and some new jobs).


  13. Jalavier says:

    Although I sympathize with the disgruntled attitude towards warrior changes, blizzard is doing better than it ever has and wow has more subscribers than ever before. Even if every warrior playing subscriber canceled their account, bliz would still be laughing their way to the bank.

    Threatening blizzard jobs will at best illicit a lol from them. However, an intelligent post on the ‘damage dealing roles’ blizzard forum will get your concerns noticed if they are grounded in reality.


    admin Reply:

    It actually took me about a week to actually approve above comment of goraleyon. No class is broken, though there are weaknesses in warriors, no doubt about that. But I like to have a positive attitude towards my class, I play a warrior because ultimately it’s fun. If you start comparing yourself to other classes non-stop, you are losing the fun in playing.


  14. amparo says:

    i think this post is fantastic

    newbie, confused about talent points

    read and followed instructions and viola!

    thank you for this post

    i have no knowledge of past warrior specs so i have no idea what i have lost, i think warrior class rocks!


  15. Ghanom says:

    Heya, love this site ! Just one thing..
    Is it worth taking Iron will as a orc tank, in stead of Imp. Herioc strike in the cookie cutter spec ?

    (still leveling my warrior though :D )


    admin Reply:

    Even for a leveling spec I would always take Imp HS over Iron Will. The latter is a PvP-focused talent. If you want to do some prot warrior PvP then yes, for PvE definitely no.


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