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Mar 26 2009

Heroic Suckulus

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That’s my name for it, and I am sticking to it. Not too long ago, Blizzard asked for feedback on heroics and ran a poll on which one’s the toughest. The Oculus came out on top by a large margin. Now, I needed one more instance run for the Northrend Dungeon Hero achievement, and we finally decided to try this with a guild group. It was with some of my favorite people, great DPS, awesome heals, and yet, it turned out to be the most sucktastic instance I have run for a very long time. Really, it makes all other heroics look fantabulous.

Let me count the ways. First, you have those extremely annoying whelp pulls that are nightmarish to tank. They’re all ranged, and spell reflect does only so much. Just annoying. Then you have the element of flying around on drakes that don’t have the abilities of the final encounter, so if you’re reckless, you can’t even get healed. Get separated? Too bad. Then you have Mage-Lord Urom, one of the most melee-punishing bosses I have seen for a long time. We’re usually melee-heavy, so it’s suckage. But ultimately, you end up with Ley-Guard Eregos, in the only encounter of the game that you can never outgear. We wiped on him for three hours. Three hours of my life I’ll never get back. And of all the wipes, just about most of them were 2% wipes. A couple 50ish% wipes, and then 2% wipes for the rest of the instance. Inbetween we had to reclear whelps to get new drakes. Then wipe some more. It was almost 4 am my time when we finally got him down, and, well, let’s say I got a unique perspective to his death, as I fell to my own when he had 11k health left. Yes, nekkid Kadomi action, how ’bout dat?


We all vowed to never go back. I know there’s people who read this blog who have all the Oculus drake achievements, and I have to say, kudos to you. I have no idea how you did it. We tried 2 ruby, two emerald, one amber. 1 ruby, 3 emerald, 1 amber. Back to 2/2/1, and that was how we killed him.

Dungeon Hero is done, but I doubt I could ever get the proto-drake, simply because of Oculus. Ugh.

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  1. Vads says:

    I’m with you. Oculus is one of my most hated instances. Its not that its awfully hard if everyone knows what to do, but the trash is nightmarish to tank properly and if just one person happens to be new, you’re in for a long evening..

    Vads´s last blog post..So a Prot Warrior and a Death Knight walk into an arena…


  2. Sicilia says:

    Ouch! Or congratulations? At least you’ve completed it and you never need to go back….

    Heroic Occulus is the only thing between me and my “Champion of the Frozen Wastes” title, but I’ve been dreading having to run it. The thought of having to PUG it (which I’ll have to do as our family guild is too small) has been making me very nervous.

    I tried once when it was the daily, but I disbanded the group before the first boss because I was the top DPS :-(


  3. Hinenuitepo says:

    I despise Occulus just like almost everyone else.
    I have done it on all three of my 80s, and have all 5 achievements on both my DK and my resto shaman, but it’s not very fun.
    Once you’ve run it a few times, you’ll find it gets easier (much easier) but it’s really a poor instance. Ley Guardian is fairly simple once you understand the fight and how to play a class/mount you never otherwise play, but it’s still a bore. Stack your dots, and run away. If you have reds, killing the adds is easy. If you have greens, make sure someone is debuffing Eregos. BUT the key is the bronze(s); get your stacks up and channel away – alternating who is channeling and who is pew pew is the challenge.
    We do the all bronze drakes run when getting the achievements for guildies, since it kills two birds with one stone, but boy does that suck. :)
    Good luck in there.


  4. ARA says:

    Well good for you for hanging in there. If its any consolation I wiped in there a lot too – for several hours in total (>3 I’m sure) before we finally got it. Gets easier as times goes by. Oh and Malygos p3 is very hard too when you first start it, but again, it gets easier. Dont be discouraged.

    I havent really been back to occulus for a long time either and have none of the achievs – why bother eh? I never had much fun in there.


  5. Marymoon says:

    I know right? I hate Oculus so much!

    And is like, omg I only need make it count for my drake, but I guess I will never get it, at least with not me healing, I dont want heal that place ever again….

    maybe Ulduar geared will make it easier, just like MGT heroic was easier with T6…. who knows…


  6. Armagon says:

    I hadn’t seen it since November (on normal) when I stepped foot into it recently.
    So I told the 4 people with me that I’m the complete newbie and they have to explain everything very slowly.
    Worked like a charm, once you got someone with you that knows all the stuff.
    I bet a second run would go much smoother already ;)
    And to the drake achievements – on my second run we did it without the Amber (DPS) drakes – and it was even easier than with Red-Green-3*Amber.


  7. Tarsus says:

    I hate those whelp pulls. Generally what I do is get the blood elves to use their AoE silence. That combined with Shield bash and Heroic Throw is usually enough to get them gathered up.


  8. Bent says:

    Mage-Lord Urom sucks with heavy melee.

    What I found works is you have your range (healer) stand near the outer wall. Find a piller. Start tanking the boss on one side of the pillar as close to the inner wall as possible. This is so when the Frost bomb hits the ground 50% of the effect lands in “space.” So the frozen ground area isn’t that large. Have your melee dps JUMP into range and walk out when they need healz. You also have a pillar right next to you to hide behind to avoid the explosions. After the boss teleports do the same thing but on the other side of the pillar. Jumping into range just avoids the snare on the approach. Tank only has the time between the bosses arcane explosions to drop the frost debuff.

    If you get your melee dps to cycle going in and out it really isn’t that healing intensive. Having people pull out when their low on life help reduce the chance of a big bomb going off and wiping the dps or tank.


  9. $teele says:

    the one time i finished him with ease was when our group decided to jump into 5 green drakes and just kite the boss in a circle while keeping the heal-debuff stacked untill he dropped (2 free achievments). besides that i wont go back in there.. ever. (i was in there only to get the title anyways.. which i didnt because malygos isnt in the achievement-list, ouch >.<) id like to see some stats of this instance.. for example how many people do the heroic daily when its oculus compared to when its utgarde keep or something :D


  10. Hinenuitepo says:

    Being overgeared for the frost boss certainly helps, probably wearing a piece or two of frost resist might as well. When I run with guildies we usually get it right at or after the first teleport. Done it multiple times with all melee dps with no problems. Just burn ‘er down. Have your melee use their defensive cds and all should be well.

    Anyways, the red drake was worth the pain for me. I actually use my red drake far more than my skeletal gryphon these days. The flying animation is wonderful!


    admin Reply:

    If you have any advice for dealing with Eregos, I’m all for hearing it. I am probably going to start an achievement group soon, because I kinda wouldn’t mind a proto-drake of my own.


  11. Argalek says:

    I have yet to finish this stupid heroic. Every healer in my guild has sworn to never step foot there again, making it nearly impossible for me to find a reliable group.

    Argalek´s last blog post..Button pushing


    admin Reply:

    I will probably end up going again for guildies, and hope we’ll do better on Eregos. Crossing fingers you will be able to find a group eventually.


  12. Cery says:

    For Ruby Void/Amber Void, just do all 5 Emeralds. Basically you have to stay in a group and just fly in a circle around him so you stay out of the range of the whelps. Keep the debuff up on him, and keep the stacks topped off. During his banish phase, throw some dots on the whelps to help heal up. Everyone has to stay together though.

    The clearing it quick run is the toughest, but as long as you have a solid group and only pull what mobs you have to pull, you can do it. My group did 2 red/2 amber/1 green, only pulled trash we needed to get to platforms.


  13. Beornn says:

    I love your name for it, suckulus. I hate going there too, and I have the red-proto drake. I never would have done it if my roommate wasn’t an awesome tank while I healed his DK-butt. I’m not sure if your realm is like Dragonmaw, but every time I tried to get a specific achievement it took two days. One 2hour wipefest training everyone in the party that wasn’t myself or the tank how to press their buttons correctly and at what times. Then another 2hours the next day trying to get lucky and accomplish it. By far the easiest combination I’ve found is 2red 2green 1 amber.
    For the void achievements, blizzard patched the whelps to be able to attack from infinite distance so all green drakes and kiting no longer works. All bronze is really hard to time correctly, but when done correctly, the fight is over in less than 2 minutes. Bronze void is super easy, just run 2 red 3 green. Make sure when you run with 2 red that one is always killing ads first and that they alternate their shield ability. The hardest is doing everything under the time limit after the 1st boss. You can’t bug it by going from normal to heroic anymore, so you have to do everything fast and perfectly (take 2red 2green 1yellow its the easiest and yes you have time). And finally experienced drake rider only requires you finish that terrible place 3 times once on each drake.
    I can’t believe I let my guild and roommate talk me into achievement farming. With flightform I never even used my red-protodrake, at least i sometimes use my plauged proto… sigh…


  14. Derrewyn says:

    I still don’t really get, why people hate Oculus so much. Yes, it’s something different, but that’s why I like it so much, it’s not like other instances, it’s unique.

    As for the achievements, those can be really annoying. Ruby Void and the 20 min run just sucks nowadays (before 3.0.8 it was a lot easier).

    As for Cery’s comment, that tactic doesn’t work since 3.0.8, the whelps are going to get infinite range after some time (like 1 or 1,5 minute) and will kill you.
    If you need ideas for the achievement look for them on Wowhead, but watch out, some of them might be outdated like the 5 emerald drakes one.


    admin Reply:

    I think for the most part it’s that people do not like the vehicle part of the instance. I didn’t mind the rest of the instance so much, but wiping on the end boss for about 3 hours does not make me like the instance much. It could be a matter of Lrn2play, but we had so many close wipes at 2%. Sure it’s unique, but I think Blizzard has learned their lesson that gear actually has an impact in Ulduar vehicle fights.


  15. Ana says:

    So Occulus is one of my favorite instances because of the amazing graphics and because I have always wanted my own dragon to fight with (:P)…

    Plus it’s good spacial practice for Maly.

    I am sure you have read all of this on WoWHead but just in case it convinces you to give it another shot this is what we always tell players new to the instance.

    Two Red Drakes: As soon as the whelps come out tab over and only shoot the whelps with your 1 ability. Evade when it’s up but especially when he enrages and you don’t have a timestop up yet.

    Bronze Drake: Channel, Channel, Channel. NO DPS. Timestop on every enrage when it’s up (which will turn out to be every other one.)

    Green Drake: Focus target on Maly and Make sure you have a stack of three on him at ALL times. Do NOT use the other DPS ability.

    When he goes away and summons purple orbs RUN straight through him and do not turn around because that’s when you will get explodied.


    admin Reply:

    I had another disastrous run through there and nothing whatsoever worked on Eregos. The ruby drakes always went down in the blink of an eye. We’ll try again sometime. Thanks for the advice!


  16. nineblades says:

    I’ve always loved the occulus more than any of the other heroics, because:

    a) it’s a beautiful instance

    b) it challenges you to master something completely new

    and c) the other boss fights are all extremely movement based, which makes them very challenging at first but easy to get ahold of and improve at, so they are also very rewarding.

    As for the final boss, there are several things that need to be taken care of:

    1. Group set up – i would definitely go for either 1 red, 3 amber, 1 green (the optimal choice) or 1 red, 2 amber and 2 green if the healer isn’t as skilled.

    2. For the ruby drake: keeping martyrdom up at ALL times is a must. Splash damage across the whole raid is difficult to heal through, but focusing the damage on one drake makes it so much simpler. Honestly, this is one of the most important tips and essential for the green drake’s abilities. Also, evade when possible as i sort of figure it cuts down damage taken by approximately 50% as every hit you take lets you evade another. Finally, just using ability one on the main boss is generally enough to kill the adds too without having to switch targets.

    3. For the Amber Drakes: coordinate time stops for use on enrages (‘such insolence…’).

    As for the dps, in order to focus it you need to have lots of coordination – if this is something you lack, just use your channel ability most of the time with occasional use of your other one. To maximise dps, I will describe what needs to be done from the perspective of 2 bronze drakes, but if you have a third then have them do the same thing as the second bronze.

    Also, in order to make the point of the strategy clearer, the channel ability stacks a debuff on the boss up to ten which will increase the damage of your next shock blast by a substantial amount, and the more stacks you have the higher the damage increase will be. each stack is built when the mob you are channelling takes a certain amount of damage (e.g 1 stack is added for every 10k of damage eregos takes), and a shock blast powered by ten stacks of the debuff does enough damage to instantly grant ten stacks to another drake that is channelling.

    At the start of the fight, Bronze drake one (B1) should spam shock blast, while B2 uses his channel. this should be continued until B2 reaches ten stacks of the debuff on ley guardian eregos, at which point he tells B1 to switch to channel. after b1 has switched, b2 uses shock blast. this immediately gives b1 10 stacks of the debuff, so at this point he should tell b2 to switch to channel. b1 uses shockblast to immediately give b2 10 stacks, and a cycle of channel-shockblast-channel-shockblast is established to do some ridiculous dps that is far superior to a non coordinated cycle and will quickly burn the boss down.

    If, as can happen a lot, the cycle is broken, then the bronze drakes should treat it as when entering the fight and have one channel and the other shockblast up to 10.

    Finally, this strategy will make you out threat the tank substantially, so it is important that they use martyrdom on every cooldown.

    4. the emerald drakes have 4 priorities, which i will list in order of importance:

    1 – keep 3 stacks of the life sucking debuff on the boss at all times. do not let it fall of. one way to do this is, after starting the channel heal on the tank, tab back to eregos so you can track the state of the debuff while still channeling the heal.
    2 – keeping the pink debuff up on the boss. this reduces the damage done by the boss by 25%, so is kindof a way of pre emptive healing. note that the debuff should be reapplied only when it is about to fall off the boss and never beforehand, since it also takes a large portion of the green drake’s health. This ability also depends on the tank’s ability to keep martyrdom up, as splash damage across the raid will simply mean the green drake does not have enough hp to heal everyone and apply the debuff.
    3 – healing the tank.
    4 – healing the other drakes
    Also, green drakes must keep an eye on their health.

    5. ‘Ley guardian eregos shifts into the astral plane..’ avoid the orbs and stick together if possible.

    I realise this comment is a little late, but as someone who has the experienced rider achievement and has done the occulus many times i hope that may be this can be of some use to you :)


    admin Reply:

    Thanks for the detailed reply! My shaman is only missing Malygos and Occulus now for her Champion title, so I will have to go back eventually. Will keep all your tips in mind. :)


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