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Mar 24 2009

Addon corner: Kadomi’s UI as video

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As I mentioned I dabbled with my first video. The quality could be lots better, but I wanted to try the performance of my computer while capturing in lower resolution first. Went great, so I am ready to actually try high resolution very soon. For best quality, click in the HQ button. I have added annotations, but if you have any questions, please let me know!

Per request, some static screenshots as well:


UI in combat

UI out of combat


Visible addons in the video:

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Mar 24 2009

Naxxramas cleared

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This weekend, we had our third raid ID for Naxxramas, and as the title suggests, it was very successful. We cleared 3 wings on the first day, and I actually had fun making a couple videos of boss fights. No Tankspot quality, but I might post them here for general amusement sometime, once I recover from the embarassment of my Commanding Shout upkeep fail on Anub’rekhan and such. I guess videos are very educational, you blatantly see all your mistakes. Noob, don’t run into the wall when kiting Anub’rekhan, it gets you six stacks of Locust Swarm. We one-shot everything but Anub’rekhan, due to kiting failure the first try.

The second day, I did not tank but heal instead. I don’t heal as much as I used to in early WotLK, so I was really really nervous. I am an overachiever and was pretty darn nervous. Overall I guess I did well, but our resto druid just creams everyone on healing anyway. There were points where I felt I was completely unnecessary as third healer, as she covered MT and raid heals, and my Chain Heals ended up being dramatic overheals. We one-shot everything but Grobbulus and Sapphiron, those needed two tries. I was complete and utter failure on Thaddius, where I was the only person who actually got confused about our running direction on polarity shifts and died. Time to drink from the humble cup, I tell ya.

Then it was time to work on Kel’thuzad. I have to say, I hate the RNG elements of this fight. At least three times our adds tank got iceblocked, insta-death, and then the crypt guardians ate the raid. In our fifth attempt, it happened again, but our feral druid picked up both adds, and we healed her through to the bitter end. It was pretty spiky and scary, but we made it. Our very first Naxx-clear, in only three IDs. I think we have every reason to be proud. :)

Kel'thuzad firstkill


Gear-wise, I got one upgrade for Kadomi, Minion Bracers, which makes me happy, because I was still wearing the ones from the Occulus quest. My shaman got new shoulders, a healing cloak and a cloak heavy on haste for her haste/elemental set.

I fell into the pug world of raids as well, off-tanking VoA-10 and healing VoA-25. VoA is so ridiculously short and easy that I have no problem pugging that.

We are adding an extra raid day now to change our raid schedule from every second weekend to every weekend. We have been steadily growing and have gotten an insane amount of high-level transfers lately. I think two 10-man groups might be on the horizon, but I don’t think we have the numbers for 25-mans anytime soon. That’s fine in my book, I vastly prefer 10-mans.

Because of me not being there as tank for KT, I don’t have the Naxx achievement yet, on either of my characters. I clearly have to switch up days next time, somehow.

So what’s in store for me now? I definitely want my Champion title, so I have KT, Malygos and H Occ left for that. H Occ is scheduled for Wednesday. I also finally got Stormchops from the Shattrath cooking quest, so once I hit cooking 450 and do the BGs for the feasts, Chef will be mine. I want to work more on videos, and will actually showcase my first one that I made for this blog very soon, likely tomorrow.

So what’s up with you guys? :)

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