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Feb 05 2009

Red Sword of Hotness

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Yesterday I ran H UP, as usual, and it was probably the worst run of it I had for a while. Countless wipes in the Skadi gauntlet because the timing for him landing always sucked with multiple adds up. Frustration was eating me alive, and I actually asked a DK friend to swap in for me because I was sick and tired of wiping, sick and tired of that damn instance.

He told me to stay, and we did one more concerted effort in the gauntlet, finally downing Skadi. Maybe it was just a test of patience for me, because King Ymiron finally coughed up my precioussssss.

Red Sword of Courage

So this is for all the plate tanks in the world (aside from those creepy DKs): he really drops that sword. After your 8th Girdle of Bane it might not seem like it, and Skadi does not seem worth the pain to get it, but keep at it, it will drop.

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49 Responses to “Red Sword of Hotness”

  1. Igfad says:

    You mean for plate tanks that use a 1h right? XD



  2. Beefbringer says:


    I got lucky and got that first time :)

    Wish i could say the same for:
    - the VH legs (27 trys)
    - The AN second boss trinket (15 trys and counting)
    - The OK Bracers (my guild havent even managed to get to the last boss yet, and its not a popular instance :( so hearing ‘Oh god not that again!’ is not uncommon)


    admin Reply:

    The legs are next on my list, but my luck with H VH has been miserable. I usually end up in extremely low DPS groups that can’t get through.

    I think I won’t obsess about any of the other drops as much as I obsessed over the sword.


  3. RJK says:

    Pleeaassee!! Tell me when he will drop mine!

    Gongrats from someone still looking for his. :(

    And oh the gauntlet…. :(


    admin Reply:

    When you feel the lowest and think it’ll never ever drop anyway, that’s when you’ll get yours!


  4. Spine says:

    *turns green with envy



  5. acedanger says:

    Grats!! I know you’ve been trying for this sword for a long time. I was lucky enough to have it drop on my first attempt at it. Same deal with the legs from VH and the trinket and belt from H AN. I just need the bracers from H OK and my set will be just about complete!

    acedanger´s last blog post..Screenies


  6. Umbaajo says:

    Congratulations on the fine weapon!

    Perseverance will be rewarded after all, that’s what keeps me going UP until all my shiny plate armour will be dented and tattered. Although I like the instance, the Skadi Gauntlet can be a real nuisance at times.

    Anyway, I’ll wait for Ymiron and Skadi to drop the sword or plate belt respectively.


  7. Tarsus says:

    My personal drop tale of woe is the Seal of the Pantheon. I have no luck with trinkets.

    Congratulations, however, on the sword! You’ll be set until Ulduar (or if you start doing 25-man Naxx for the sexy axe).


    mavfin Reply:

    Yeah, I have no luck with trinkets. I’m wearing the 30 def one from BC, and *Styleen’s*.

    I’ve run normal HoL like 25 times, not seen the trinket drop. Gossamer hasn’t shown, either.

    Patchwerk gave me a present, though. Shoulders of hotness!


  8. Darraxus says:

    Grats on the sword! I picked up the Slayer of Lifeless last night, which is basically a side grade for the Red Sword I think. Red sword looks much cooler to me though.

    Darraxus´s last blog post..Change of plans can be good


  9. ARA says:

    Loot is so funny – we’ve been running that place pretty regularly lately, and the sword always drops! – of course only because we all outgear the place and noone needs the sword. Apparently it vendors for 19g too! I have yet to win it myself tho :(


  10. Tankette says:

    Gratz!!!! It sure feels good to know you don’t have to mess with Skadi anymore, doesn’t it?

    Tankette´s last blog post..It’s about Freeking Time!!


  11. Skaze says:

    Grats, good to know I won’t get ignored now. :P


    admin Reply:

    Hehe, I wouldn’t have done it anyway, but I would have been emo at your girlfriend. Like a lot. ;)


  12. drug says:

    Gratz. The design of the sword is just awesome. And it looks even better with a mongoose enchant.

    drug´s last blog post..HW vs. LHW


  13. Anea says:

    Congrats! I’m glad you finally got it!

    Anea´s last blog post..I lived!


  14. Bigo says:

    Hey Kadomi,
    Congrats on the sword, it’s pretty damn sweet. However, slightly off piste, I was wondering where you got your Helm enchant? I’m assuming it was a rep purchase?

    P.S. thanks for keeping the site going and up to date. God knows you have helped me sort my self out more than once!



    admin Reply:

    The head enchant is Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector, requires Revered with Argent Crusade.

    Thanks for the nice words about the site. :)


  15. Wilco says:

    Been reading your blog for a while–grats on finally nabbing this. I can finally say without feeling guilty that I got it on my first UP run, the day I hit 80. =)


    admin Reply:

    And thousands of tanks across the world cry in envy. Lucky you. ;)


  16. Arvernien says:


    Loot drops are funny. I can’t tell you how many times I ran Shadowlabs (reg) to get the Platinum Shield of the Valorious. Never saw it. I simultaneously started grinding Ogri’la rep to buy their sheild and got it first. The opposite happened with The Sun Eater* in Heroic Mechanar. Got it on my first run and saw it many times.

    *The Sun Eater is still the coolest looking sword in the game. It’s even better with the Mongoose enchantment!


    admin Reply:

    I got my Sun Eater on the 5th Mech run back then, and I screamed so loudly that the cats hid under the bed. Tank weapons are an obsession. :)

    I usually get lucky with loot and end up pretty well geared.


    mavfin Reply:

    I never got the ZG sword in vanilla, tanked with Esk claw, and then Maladath. It had parry and weapon skill, so I never really had glancing blows.

    Never got the chess sword or Sun Eater in BC. Tanked with Moroes dagger a lot. Fast, stam, agi. It worked well enough.

    RSoC refuses to drop for me in LK. I got Maexxna’s Femur yesterday. Fast (1.6), stam, agi. I did 1937 DPS tanking Patchwerk with it today in 1/2 blue gear, and Patch gave up some shiny shoulders of hotness! It’ll do till I can get a Naxx tank sword, or RSoC.


    Arvernien Reply:

    Good news! I got the Red Sword on Saturday. Now if I can only get the Bolstered Legplates in Violet Hold. I’m 0/9 so far. I’ve seen the Azure Cloth Bindings I’m beginning to believe that’s all Cyanigosa drops. :(


  17. Fuzzy says:

    I know your pain with the red sword. Trust me.

    Karma will remember though; in 10 man Naxx I got both my Slayer of the Lifeless and Skull of Ruin in one run. The loot Gods remember the devout ;)


  18. Tulakk says:

    I had pretty much given up on this sword, but a couple of days ago, me and my group were running UP for yet another try for the proto-drake, and we decided to go ahead and finish the run. Lo and behold, when Ymiron dies, he drops the sword. Guess he figured since I had given up on it, he would go ahead and drop it for me.


    admin Reply:

    Yup, that’s just the kind of rotten bastard King Ymiron is. Grats on the sword. :)


  19. I never, ever got that sword for all the times I ran UP. But I got called into Naxx by my GM to replace an OT who couldn’t cut it on Gothik. Slayer of the Lifeless dropped . . . so I’m okay now.

    Karl Gallagher´s last blog post..Life, the Universe, and Everything


  20. Niza says:

    Grats Kadomi! :D WLU!


    admin Reply:

    ILU 2, Niza! Thanks for all the runs. :)


  21. mavfin says:

    Yeah, that thing doesn’t exist for my warrior. I’m using the fast mace from Maexxna. It’s an acceptable substitute, with stam/agi, and 1.6 speed. And it looks nice. :D

    Sure, I’ll use RSoC if it drops, but until then, it’ll do. Patchwerk was nice to me today, though. Shoulders of hotness! :D


  22. Taavi says:

    gz seriously. I’ve grinded my ass off for that and never even seen that drop. Now I ask every possible Need-er, before we start run if they are after it, to avoid any bad surprise. Must start grinding other ones or maybe start blogging about.

    But at least, I’m sharing some same luck with you with that Royal Crest. Looks so damn nice.

    Undead female tanks worldwide!


    admin Reply:

    Horde, represent! Undead warriors are so rare, so that’s pretty awesome. The Heroic Strike flip is made of win. :)

    Good luck with the sword, it’s out there, trust me!


  23. Davarnus says:

    I think I must be charmed or something. I haven’t yet run many hcs, and mostly I’ve just done them 1 time each except for VH (3 times) and UP (twice). Here’s my record:

    UP: Sword dropped on both 1st and 2nd run. It was sharded on the 2nd.

    VH: Legs on first run

    AN: Waist on first run

    OK: Bracers on first run, but lost to a DK rolling need on offspec, grrr!

    It makes me feel so guilty when I read about you people farming it daily for weeks! :(


  24. Spinks says:

    @Taavi Undead female tanks ftw! Nothing says badass like doing a somersault in full plate :)


  25. Taavi says:

    Exactly. Small, mean and hard! Should have some more bad-ass haircuts though… Thx for good words, I keep up the grind.


  26. BillyWallace says:

    Every time I PUG into a leet group (ie: wicked good heals, and all dps over 2300) I throw out a request to do UP. Usually someone is saved though. I’m really scared to go back with another bad pug:(

    But GRATZ to you!

    BillyWallace´s last blog post..Valentine Woes?


  27. Uryx says:

    Yes, I can confirm from personal experience that this sword appears to drop when the run you’re in is complete and utter torture. When you’re at the end of your rope and considering never going again, TRULY CONSIDERING. It can’t be artifically recreated, you have to truly SUFFER to get it. At least, those were the conditions when mine dropped…


  28. Taavi says:

    I’m reporting back.

    I think now nearly 30 runs. I’m not counting.

    Still hasn’t got it. I /cry every time. All my other EQ is way above but the sword.


  29. Tankard says:

    I called it Demon Sword, Soul Crusher. Unfortunately it was quickly replaced by Broken Promise.

    Hopefully I’ll have the last laugh as long as I can roll better than all the scrub off tanks.


  30. tyjo says:

    On my 31st run the Suneater 2.0 finally dropped….only to be rolled on by a fury warrior for offspec. AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Seriously, if your group tank doesn’t have it, just say congrats and decline.


  31. Ujarak says:

    I actually got the UP sword first run also, i now feel really bad. Although ive ran AN everyday since i dinged 80 and only seen the belt drop once, and of course the paladin healer went ‘Well thats the only reason i came’ rolls 100. I mentioned its the first time id seen it drop and how long id been trying for it. So he rubbed in my face, oh this was the first time i came to get it Grrrrr. the reason i hate Duel Specs.


  32. Rakna says:

    I got this the first time I did H UP and i was doing it just becasue it was the daily. the gauntlet wasnt that much pain but then again we had 2 2.5k+ dps mages a great tank and healer. But congrats either way. Im a DK and DW 1 handers is actually not that bad for a tank


  33. Manzoor says:

    Can orc warriors get sword specialization ? if yes then how :) can you write a post about it :) or at least explain here :)


    Kadomi Reply:

    Only humans get the sword specialization. Orcs have axes as racial bonus. Unfortunately tanking axes are often few and far between, or itemized worse than swords.


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