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Jan 19 2009

WMV back in action

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Garande the shamanEver since patch 3.0, machinima creators and bloggers who like creating character images for their postings were all afflicted by the same problem. Wow Model Viewer was deader than dead, and completely unable to handle the new model files. The only workaround was to create a second install of WoW, and not patching this version past 2.4.3. Not an option that worked for me, especially as there was no access to newer files.

Finally, months later, someone picked up the project. The first new versions required downloading 2 gigs of Visual C++ Studio, but now it’s finally in a version where you don’t have to do that anymore. There are a lot of subtle changes that make it nicer to use than the old version, and maybe it’s just me, but the quality seems better to me. But I might be wrong after months of having no WMV.

Grab the latest build, 0.6.3, over at the new site where it’s going to be hosted: www.wowprovider.com

As bonus feature, you get to meet my shaman Garande, freshly re-created in WMV. She’s very shy, unlike Kadomi, so she’s cowering in fear of so much publicity. :)

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  1. Martin Randerson says:

    Have to agree about HoS heroic. I’ve ben running heroics for the past month and have reached a point where wipes are a fairly rare occurence, unless there’s a healing problem or undergeared dps (don’t get me started on green equiped rogues insulting tanks and healers because they got themselves killed).

    The Bran event has caused me more problems than any of the other heroics I’ve been through. Mainly on two of the runs I’ve done in there. Both occasions we finally got it done by shifting DPS after a few wipes. First time we got stuck a DPS left and a boomkin came in and we got past it first go. Second time a mage hearthed out to respec in frost and we got past first time after that.

    Seems to me the problem is mainly killing the casters in there quickly since they have low HP for a heroic but do pack enough punch to distract the healing. AoE seems to be the best way of getting through that bit while the tank just tries to hold as many mobs as possible. Vigilance on a Frost mage seemed to work very well in there.


    Mojin/Hawksong Reply:

    Another tip to keep in mind is that the caster-dwarves, if left to their own devices, always run to the same stop, stop, and begin casting at Bran. The spot is a couple feet from the bottom of the steps on the northern side. If you can tank all mobs there, a well placed shockwave will keep them from killing Brann and keep their attention on you. Also, if you don’t already, make sure your group uses /focus on Brann to keep an eye on him throughout the fight.


  2. Martin Randerson says:

    I’m sure I left that on the last story down. Nevermind eh?


    admin Reply:

    I thought as much, but WordPress insisted it was here. :)


  3. Xtian says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Kadomi! I’m very interested in creating some nice wallpapers and avatars of my characters, so this is great! Thanks!!


  4. raivyne says:

    OMG this is the best news I’ve heard all week!!!!


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