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Dec 31 2008

Warrior priorities

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Back when 3.0 came out, I wrote a post about protection warrior DPS, stressing the priority of Shield Slam > Revenge > Devastate. As Veneretio points out, that has not turned out to be the real priority. If you’re sticking to that, because that’s a lot like our old rotation used to be like, you’re gimping your TPS and your DPS. You have to use your whole arsenal of tricks to compete. Just because a boss is immune to stuns does not mean you have no reason to use Concussion Blow and Shockwave as they will still cause the damage, it’s only the stun component they are immune to. Use them, whenever you can.

I personally find myself a bit limited by the overload of abilities and the global cooldown, based on my personal skills. There is so much going on that I do not find the time to use Heroic Strike often enough, aside from the free one that comes from my Revenge glyph. I could gnash my teeth at all that extra sweet DPS I am tossing out the window. That is definitely something I need to work on.

Thanks Vene, for once again offering food for thought. :)

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9 Responses to “Warrior priorities”

  1. Adrale says:

    Just tie your HS to Revenge in a macro and you never have to worry about it.


    Tankette Reply:

    What Adrale said. Spamming the macro gives u a HS even if Revenge is still on CD.

    As for Concusssion Blow, I don’t have enough fingers to hit that consistently. I try to mouse click it here and there but that’s a crummy way to try to get the job done.

    I find myself using my old rotation of Dev/Dev/SS/Revenge(with HS now) when I’m having stuff go on in the room that I need to watch. I really need to get a good addon showing CD’s in the middle of my screen so I can quit having to stare at my tool bars.

    Tankette´s last blog post..Naxx, gear, etc.


    Umbaajo Reply:

    As to the add-on showing CDs in the middle of the screen, Kadomi already elaborated on that in her ‘Addon Corner’ post (http://www.tanklikeagirl.com/2008/12/12/addon-corner-eavesdrop).

    I’ve been using Scrolling Combat Text ever since – it’s a nice little tool where CDs pop up in a predefined area of your screen (you can configure this area to your convenience). So whenever Shockwave, Concussion Blow or whatever is up again, you’ll be notified.


    Tankette Reply:

    Cool. I’ll try that out and report back.

    Tankette´s last blog post..Naxx so far


  2. Adrale says:

    I agree – anyone know a really good HUD for tanks?


  3. Jeteyenight says:

    If your rage is pegged, using HS every time you stun is a good way to maximize the DPS you get from that ability. Definitely take the HS freebie from the glyph (macro recommended) but also use it in conjuction with your concussion and blastwave as your rage builds.


  4. Udderneath says:

    The other option for HS that I’ve found works really well is binding the HS key to Mouse Wheel Up, and Cleave to Mouse Wheel Down, and you can just spam one or the other while continuing with your standard rotation.


    Tankette Reply:

    That is an interesting idea but I use my mouse wheel a fair amount to zoom in or out on the camera. Not sure I could live without it.

    Tankette´s last blog post..Naxx so far


  5. Caboose says:

    I speced into the DW spec and I feel that my DPS is much higher now. I also use Cuncussion blow and SW on EVERY COOLDOWN. It boost so much I also go out of my way to move closer to the bosses hitbox so I make sure Shockwave hits (but I make sure not to turn it!)


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