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Oct 25 2008

Addon corner: Data Broker

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Since the patch rolled around, I’ve been spending a lot of time tuning my UI, which I find almost as enjoyable as slamming my shield into the faces of big bosses. For 3.0, I deleted all addons that I had and rebuilt my UI from the ground, similar to what Anna from ToomanyAnnas has done.

My UI is not the prettiest out there, but I find it very functional, very informational, and clean. I use a lot of addons, but for now I will only talk about the ones that are immediately visible, the core UI.

This will be a series of posts dissecting my UI. If you have any questions about elements, ask away. If you know something cool you think I would like, let me know!

Let’s start the show with a snapshot of my UI when I am idly standing around, and the introduction of one of the elements of my UI: Data Broker

Data Broker: At the top I have Data Broker blocks, just as I have them on the bottom of the screen. I used to be a die-hard Fubar fan, but if you follow the trends of Ace developers, they are all moving away from Fubar, towards the flexibility of Data Broker. What exactly is Data Broker? It’s an Ace library, short LDB, that allows endusers the choice of what LDB display they wish to use. There are a bunch of different displays that all have a different look and feel. I myself use Fortress to create a Fubar lookalike, but it is a lot more flexible. Every Data Broker addon gives me a block I can freely move anywhere I want to on my screen. If you look next to my chat frame, that’s where I have all my raid modules, e.g. The first time you set up all Data Broker plugins and your display of choice, you might be overwhelmed, because the blocks will be all over the place, but you can simply drag and drop them to where you want to have them, and they dock when you connect them.

LDB displays:

Yes, Titan, the old resource hog and first information bar is now Ace’d and LDB-ready. Unlike Fubar. Go figure. However, there are two addons that their developers call hacks to make Fubar and LDB compatible. The first is Fubar2Broker which turns Fubar plugins into LDB objects. I use that myself, as I haven’t found native Broker plugins that are as good as a couple Fubar plugins I still use (MoneyFu, QuestsFu, ToFu and TopscoreFu). If you’re a dedicated Fubar user, you might have run into the problem that recent addons no longer provide a Fubar plugin to access it (e.g. Omen, Bugsack, etc.). Those of you can use Broker2Fubar to turn LDBs into Fubar plugins.

As I said, I chose Fortress as display, after testing most of the others. This was the one I could make look the cleanest. I then later added another display. Yes, you can run several displays without any problems. I have set all my informational plugins to be displayed by Fortress and all launchers are displayed in MakeRocketGoNow. Launchers are the plugins that serve like minimap buttons. You click on them to get access to the configuration menu of an addon. Many addons came with native launchers for Fubar, and a lot of Ace addons have switched to LDB launchers.

Thats what MakeRocketGoNow looks like in action

That's what MakeRocketGoNow looks like in action

You get a Rocket block you can place anywhere, and when you click on it, you get several large buttons of all launchers of your various addons. Clickie, end up in Omen configuration, as on the screenshot. Saves up a lot of info real estate.

If you want to look at what addons you get for LDB, check out the Data Broker category over at WowInterface.

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11 Responses to “Addon corner: Data Broker”

  1. Khrushchev says:

    Very nice. I’ve been using Fortress myself, but I didn’t know that the Fubar2Broker mod existed. I’ll be picking that up right away as there are a few FuBar mods I dearly miss. I could never figure out what MakeRocketGoNow was supposed to do. Thanks for the explanation. Looks like another one I need to download.


  2. PTD says:

    Very nice post! I have been struggling a bit myself with the slow downturn of FuBar. What was once a great tool seems to have lost its lustre. I will definitely give DataBroker a shot!


    PTD´s last blog post..PTD in Flux


    admin Reply:

    I actually have no idea what cknight is up to, as most of his large projects (Fubar, Cartographer, Pitbull) seem to be struggling a bit. We’ll see. Have fun trying Data Broker stuff. :)


  3. Katarn says:


    First thing: I like your blog very much, regular reader. Keep up your nice work!

    In the big screenshot of your UI, it says “Broker Group: Solo” in the upper middle.

    Does that mean your Data Broker Modules up there change, when you join a group or raid? And if so, do you have to do it manually?

    At the moment i’m a little short on time to try such things :)

    Greetings from Germany,


    admin Reply:

    Aha, noch ein deutscher Leser: herzlich willkommen! :)

    As for Broker Group, that’s a roll addon. Once you’re in party or a raid, it will switch to party/raid mode and will display the numbers people have rolled. It can auto-announce to party chat to remind people that rolls are missing.

    I mostly use it for quickly switching loot mode from group loot to master loot, etc.


  4. Gretadelle says:

    I love add-on posts! Your UI looks so clean. I took a month long hiatus and decided to just delete all my WTF/addons/etc and start over. (In my head, I call that the “what the fuck” folder every single time I type it, haha!) Anyway, please please write more add-on posts so I can steal all your ideas!

    Gretadelle´s last blog post..welcome back, hunter!


    admin Reply:

    Oh, I will continue, I have my next one already ready to go, just need to take a couple more screenshots. Welcome back to WoW, Greta. :)


  5. Arvernien says:

    I really like your user interface setup. What I can’t figure out is how to start. Are you using Xperl? How did you replace all the blizzard default objects like the character window, chat window, etc?

    Thanks for all the great posts!


    admin Reply:

    Just start one by one, replace the elements of the default UI, and it will all come together eventually. I won’t lie, it can require lots of fiddling until you get it right, but I love the fiddling.

    My unit frame addon is Pitbull, not X-Perl. It’s a bit overwhelming at first as it has millions of configuration options, but not that difficult, really. The chat window is replaced by Chatter, which on the other hand is very easy to configure.

    If you have any specific questions, you can use my contact form, and I’ll be happy to respond. :)


  6. Lexi says:

    Thanks for the great add on post!

    I feel as though i have become an addon whore myself!

    One mod that was not mentioned that i use daily is:
    This is a similar to atlas loot but different. similar in that it can give you information about drops and rep rewards and such different in that it is a thotbot type database but ingame.
    I use this mod all the time !

    If you have data broker what does titan do for you?


    admin Reply:

    Titan can display any Data Broker plugins. You can use it as display, just like you can use any of the other LDB displays instead.


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