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Oct 21 2008

Fiery pony FTW

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Ever since the introduction of special bosses during holiday events a year ago, I’ve been tanking such events. I have rings off Headless Horseman, cloaks off Ahune, trinkets from Brewfest, but never have I gotten any of the low drop rate items ever. Which is alright. Headless Horseman is always special, because he happens to drop one of the cutest pets, which I’ve been trying to get for the other half since HH first showed up in game.

Yesterday was another day that didn’t see a Squashling drop from about 10-12 summons that we did. But this dropped, and I happened to roll a 97.

Hope the Halloween event is treating y’all as well as it did me. :)

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  1. duskhawk says:


    I’m still hoping… I’ve seen 4 drop and lost all the rolls, but if I can snag it, it’ll be my Tauren’s #50. (Well, 47… 2 PVP mounts and a Halaa talbuk left to farm, but I need *one* drop mount to get 50 before Wrath.)


  2. Kurai says:

    :D Grats! You look great on it. :)

    I’m still hoping for one of the holiday mounts… I never got a Brewfest ram or kodo, so I’m hoping I’ll manage to get the Headless Horseman’s mount before the end of the event!


  3. Romoreas says:

    OMG, I want one! With the patch out and sunwell and BT taking us a whole 4 hours total to clear, the headless horseman event has become very serious business. We have it down to a science, between me and 2 other guildies we have access to 17+ toons that can summon the horseman, then we rotate in other ppl that have a couple of alts, so depending on who’s on we get about 20-30 attempts a day. So out of 100ish attempts from the past 3 days we’ve seen one mount drop and our raid leader (a feral druid) won it, i was 2nd highest roll =(. I have the helm and the sword so all i need is the mount then i can RP terrorize Goldshire dressed like the Headless Horseman. Maybe i should make a sacrafice to the RNG gods. QQ

    But seriously grats on your mount =D


    Apoptygmaa Reply:

    20-30 tries a day makes me want to cry, since I’m managing only 5-6 per and have my heart set on the title (the mount would just be gravy).

    Even still, we’re running almost the same group each day to improve our collective odds of scoring the drops we’re after. I’ve got the Squashling out of the way, but that bloody Hallowed Helm has dropped but the once (and I lost the roll).

    Throw an extra sacrifice onto the altar to the RNG gods for me while you’re at it…

    Apoptygmaa´s last blog post..Solamnic Knights Decimated in Brill


    admin Reply:

    Crossing fingers and praying to the RNG gods for you. Btw, it seems to have been added that hat and pet can be gotten via Trick or Treat, so hit that up every hour!


    Apoptygmaa Reply:

    Nothing in this game ever comes easy with me. Ran it again last night six more times, expecting trouble (see, both the previous nights before the server went down in the midst of our 6th try)… instead of trouble, I had my pick of six new rings and a couple of brooms, all of which I already possessed. Went back to Shatt and was about to call it a night when the call came out. ‘LF Healer for HH.’ Hoping against hope that this was the call of fate, I fired off a /whisper letting them know I’d be happy to heal, but I did not have a ‘charge.’ They must have looked a little longer, because the reply came about nine minutes later. ‘Still interested?’ And off we went!

    I’m used to a fun, easy HH run with my fellow raiders… spending as much mana on Smites and SW:P’s as on healing and helping burn down the Horseman before the Pumpkin Soldiers even pop. This group needed a lot more attention (I suspect I was wearing as many epics as the lot of them put together), the Rogue kept eating Whirlwinds because she’d still be attacking the body after the head flew off, and I was mobbed by Soldiers every pass. Although I had a newfound repsect for the Horseman, no-one died, and finally, on the very last run… the Hallowed Helm dropped.

    The Warrior couldn’t roll as she had it already. Someone else passed out of hand. Another queued to roll against me. I don’t even remember what the last one did. The rolls came up…

    …and I won the bloody thing.

    Looks like the crossed fingers, whispered prayers, and miscellaneous devotionals to the RNG gods were well-received. Thank you!!!

    Apoptygmaa´s last blog post..Solamnic Knights Decimated in Brill


  4. Sheikah says:


    I was QQing in gchat that you hadn’t posted pics to LJ yet. Glad to see you’ve post one here!

    I much as I want one for myself I’m glad someone in guild got one, fitting that it goes to one of our raid leaders :D

    Congrats again T!


    Sheikah Reply:

    Ok I can spell, honest! >.> <.<

    *As much as


    admin Reply:

    Aww, I’ll have to post in LJ then. Didn’t want to gloat too much. ;)


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