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Oct 13 2008

Countdown continued: tomorrow!

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Well, guys, weekends are usually crunch raid time for me, so I didn’t get around to continuing my series of posts for a while there, but I am finding time now for my final installment. Tomorrow we’re facing 12 hours maintenance on the US and Oceanic realms, likely meaning I won’t actually see this patch live tomorrow, and my European readers will face similar downtime Wednesday morning.

Yesterday I had our last raid day pre-patch, a last shot at bosses before the big change. Post-patch, everything will change. Us protection warriors, we got some amazing new stuff, as I posted about many times. Other classes got major overhauls like that as well. Raid DPS in general will go up as people get new specs. I have three DPS characters that I tested on the PTR, and all of their DPS as tested on the level 70 dummies pretty much went through the roof. With every single of the DPS classes I tested comes a new skill rotation, a completely different way to work on rotations. Most classes seem to have the mechanics that using a specific ability will refresh buff or debuff duration. As example I will name Cut to the Chase that refreshes the duration of Slice and Dice for Assassination rogues or Haunt for Affliction warlocks which refreshes Corruption on a target. So instead of using combo points to refresh SnD, you refresh SnD by using a burst damage finisher (they have been pimped as well) and affliction locks will refresh their Corruption by using a shadow damage spell that can crit. Most classes have received changes like that. Raid DPS will undeniably go up.

I think healers will likely face the biggest change in playstyle. More heals, bigger heals. Fun stuff like Bacon of Light. ;) And yet, common healer habits have to die. The death of downranking means healers can no longer use lower rank heals to keep people up. I think stopcasting will be pretty elemental, if a target doesn’t really need that big heal you’re trying to cast. Mana conversation will be huge, as potion sickness is introduced to reduce the impact of consumables. Our chain-potting priests will have to break the habit, as soon as they can.

We have three flavors of tanks until WotLK, and all of them should be doing great on threat. DPS gets lots of fun new toys but they also have to learn how to get the biggest bang for their buck aka mana if they’re casters. Healers get new challenges to see if the lack of downranking and potions is something they’ll overcome. We get more raid-wide buffs for everyone. It’ll be a new game for all of us.

To assist with the changes, Blizzard is nerfing all raid mobs, bosses and trash alike. All of them will have 30% less health and deal 30% less physical damage. Spell damage will remain unchanged. Crushing blows are no more. This should go a long way to assist raids to still being able to kill stuff despite all the changes. Is it a real nerf? We’ll see. I have heard reports that some content can be easily 5-manned now (as in Kara) but also heard reports stating that the nerf isn’t really one but necessary for us to continue raiding until WotLK rolls around in a month.

To adjust raid planning to all the new synergies and changes RaidComp seems like an awesome tool. I’ll certainly use it.

Of course I forgot to add the most epic change of them all: your new haircut and haircolor will make all the difference, I am sure. All our undead raiders will have to have pigtails, to send raid mobs screaming!

Wishing y’all a merry patchday, not too many borked addons, and have fun exploring your new specs. :)

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  1. Albinobeard says:

    Congrats Kadomi, I worshipped that helm for quite sometime until I was lucky enough for it to drop for me.

    Albinobeard´s last blog post..How should you be gemming?


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