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Oct 06 2008

Shout-out time!

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I managed to convince someone from my guild that blogging is awesome (and it is), so please welcome Yasura and her ‘heals, smites and prayers‘ blog to the fold! As the name suggests, she’s a priest, and really the pocket-healer priest that’s saved my butt the most. She’s most awesome, and I am looking forward to all her healer stories. Hopefully she won’t gripe about squishy tank too much. :)

While I am tossing out links, I would also like to mention new awesome tanking blogs on the scene:

Protection warriors, the world is our oyster! :)

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14 Responses to “Shout-out time!”

  1. Aylii says:

    ooo, new victims!

    Aylii´s last blog post..Wind Shock: Shaman’s Mana Battery


  2. Kogash says:

    I’ll just stick with this blog. >>;

    It owns. x3


    admin Reply:

    I am glad, that wasn’t an invitation to leave me. I like my readers! :)


  3. Yasura says:

    Thanks for the shout-out , Kadomi. <3


    admin Reply:

    Much <3


    The Other Half Reply:

    Hate on the tanks all you want. Just leave the aggro-stealing warlocks out of it <.<


    admin Reply:

    Vigilance, the new warrior talent, was created for people like you. Especially the ones that have voodoo gnomes doing their bidding!


  4. Talldar says:

    Thanks for the shout!


    admin Reply:

    You’re very welcome, keep up the great work. German-speaking tanks rock the house! :)


  5. Durnic says:

    Welcome Yasura!

    And thank you for the shout-out, Kadomi. :D


  6. Cynra says:

    Priestly love! Huzzah! <scurries over>


  7. Yakra says:

    Many Thanks : )

    Yakra´s last blog post..Next: Kalecgos


  8. Albinobeard says:

    Thanks for the shout-out Kadomi!

    Albinobeard´s last blog post..Shield Block, The Front Line Defense


  9. Niza says:

    Awesome, Yas! Looking forward to reading your stuff.


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