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Oct 03 2008

The final countdown: 11 days to go

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Who has cheesy music running through their head now? I do! Don’t tell me I am the only one who remembers Europe’s The Final Countdown. :)

Patch 3.0.2, Echoes of Doom, has been confirmed for October 14, leaving us 11 days until a slew of changes, a new chapter in the history of WoW will begin. There will be a multitude of changes, be it class, UI, video engine, game mechanics changes. My goal here will be to write about those changes as I have experienced them on the PTR, and what you need to be ready for, about once a day. Hope I can keep up the pace!

I can wholeheartedly say that protection warriors have nothing but awesomeness to look forward to. I was unable to find anything that I don’t enjoy. A lot of warrior talents and abilities have changed, there are a lot of new talents, so I’ll have some info to cover.

Today however, I am looking at how you can prepare for one of the more drastic changes for protection warriors in tanking epics: how to remain uncrittable.

Upon first logging in after the patch, prepare to have lost between 10-30 points of defense. If you have 5/5 in Anticipation, you will have lost 20 points of defense right away, as the new Anticipation provides dodge rating instead of defense. All tanking gear from raid content and badges has been adjusted to provide strength to work with the new tanking mechanics, and in return, defense has been cut, to balance out the item budget. If you e.g. sport the Chestplate of Stoicism the new version comes with 34 strength, but defense goes from 51 to 34. Prepare to lose about 10 points of defense total from your gear.

There are several ways you can prepare for the loss of defense: enchantments, gemming, using different gear. This should be the priority order in fixing the deficiency.

Defense enchantments:

Using all enchants gets you a total of 40 defense rating, which makes your defense go up by about 17 rounded up (2.4 points of defense rating are 1 point of defense at level 70). If you didn’t spend talent points on Anticipation that should be enough to get you back to uncrittable status.


You got badges lying around and nothing to spend them on, before WotLK? How about buying some nice epic gems and boosting your defense that way? There are two different cuts for epic gems that award defense rating: Enduring Seaspray Emerald and Thick Lionseye. The uncut gems cost 15 badges each. If you don’t have the badges for such an endeavor, you can always buy the rare versions Enduring Talasite or Thick Dawnstone, the difference between the epic and the rare version is pretty minimal.


If you’re still not back to the sacred grail of 490 defense, your last option is using gear with more defense. Veneretio did all the legwork for me and posted a list of all items with maximum defense values on them. I shall just pretend it was my masterplan to make him do my legwork. ;)

The natural choice for changing gear are trinkets. I knew there was a reason that I saved my defense trinkets in the bank, now is a good time to use them again. The default defense trinket is Adamantine Figurine from second boss in Shadow Labs. If you don’t have it anymore, it should be easy enough to farm.

The information here should assist you into getting back to 490 right after the patch hits. Farm enchant mats now, see if you can snag the gems cheap (some realms report really low gem prices as people burn their badges) and look if you still have defense trinkets and other high defense gear lying around in the bank. Be prepared! :)

Tomorrow I’ll have a look at the game mechanics behind the new protection warrior, like abilities that scale with Attack Power and the ever so precious Block Value.

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15 Responses to “The final countdown: 11 days to go”

  1. Pike says:

    Hehe. Got that song stuck in my head now /grin

    Pike´s last blog post..[WotLK Beta] To Thine Own Self Be Trueshot


    admin Reply:

    I am glad I am not alone. ;)


  2. ARA says:

    Oh noes!!!! Now I’ve got cheesy music running through my head too.

    Thankfully, druids will no longer have to mess with uncrittability since we get it via talents. Leaving us to regem/enchant our gear once the patch hits and giving us a lot more gear flexibility.

    Yay! Its all gonna be a lot of fun, with great end talents to try out and play around with. Hopefully with the boss health reductions, we’ll all get to see a lot more bosses. My friends told me they 6-manned zuljin on the PTR recently.

    Are there new patch notes yet? I’m curious about changes I’ve heard about, but are not in the patch notes (bosses that dont crush, aoe tanking changes etc)


    admin Reply:

    Not sure there are any specific patch notes, but yes, bosses won’t crush any more. Or rather, only mobs 4 levels higher than you can crash, so at end-game that gets rid of crushing blows as they are 3 levels higher than PCs.

    The only AoE tanking change I know about druids is that swipe had its target cap removed, but it’s still a cone attack.


  3. Durnic says:

    I’m not looking forward to having to swap out my Pocket Watch permanently for my Scarab of Displacement but I’ll do whatever I need to do to stay uncrittable and continue downing bosses.

    Great post, Kadomi.


  4. [...] appears as this topic has already been hit on my Veneretio and Kadomi, but I’ll give you my own thoughts on the subject [...]

  5. Khrushchev says:

    Yes, now I have bad 80s synth-metal stuck in my head.

    Personally, I won’t be trying to get back to 490 after the patch. I’ll have 19 points to make up, and I already have the stealweave enchant so I’m in bad shape there. I plan on cleaning out my bank of old mats and doing daily quests until my eyes bleed. I’ve played a bit in beta, and things are expensive. I’m sitting at a shade over 2000g right now. Hoping to have 5000 before Wrath hits.


    admin Reply:

    Hm, maybe I will have to wait with buying epic flying for my last alt then. I am sitting at 6.5k gold atm. As for the crit stuff, this is mostly for tanking between patch and WotLK release, as it’s not really a concern to be def-capped while leveling, IMHO.


    Khrushchev Reply:

    Def-capped while leveling, yeah not a big deal. The Northrend instances seem to be fairly easy and even getting crit in there doesn’t hurt that bad. I’m looking forward to going 70-80 as prot. I did 58-70 as prot, but did the dual-wield Devastate (in zerker stance) route. On beta I’ve actually been staying in Def stance and using sword + shield. Too much fun!


  6. Shivan says:

    Well. I am glad that every prot item I have ever aquired since hitting 70 is in the bank. God Bless the Scarab.


  7. Hao says:

    nice site! Vene has a link to your site so I thought I’d look. Seriously though, I’m not too worried about the loss of defense although I have to admit that i initially was. I hope blizzard is actually working on this since beta testers have complained about being crittable in the raid instances. In preparation for Wrath, i’m trying to collect some gold by trying to sell off my gems for and doing dailies. I also have all of the TBC gear I have collected in the bank including dabiri’s enigma and the adamantite figurine so hopefully it won’t be too hard to get to uncrittable. I’ll see if my guild can start doing ZA more after 3.0 since the raid bosses will be nerfed. The helm off of malacrass would be a great end to TBC.


    admin Reply:

    Thank you. :)

    As far as my experience goes, swapping out Shapeshifter’s Signet for the Ring of the Stalwart Protector, plus the two trinkets you mention was enough to get me back to uncrittable in my threat gear. I am just glad I kept those trinkets.

    I am pushing to progress through ZA as well, we’re doing an extra raid this coming weekend. I want to be 6/6 in ZA, and get some of that gear from there.


    Hao Reply:

    I also completed one of my pre wrath goals last night. “Champion of the Naaru” :D


    admin Reply:

    Grats, way to go!


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