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Oct 01 2008

Bye bye stance-dancing

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This change is huge enough that I felt it warranted its own post:

Warrior – Berserker Rage will now be usable in all stances.

This change, it has a flavor, and it is awesome. No more being dependent on Fear Ward and Tremor Totem. It feels slightly OP. Old school warriors might probably feel it’s another step to dumb down the class, but honestly? I always hated spamming my stance-dance macro button in situations like the Nightbane fight. Does this give us an edge on bosses with a fear mechanic? Yes, I think it does.

I expect outcries over this change all day, but I for one wholeheartedly embrace it.

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17 Responses to “Bye bye stance-dancing”

  1. Finelle says:

    It feels OP too, given that having an active 30sec cooldown fear break will heavily heavily favor warriors in any significant boss encounter with fear.

    The other thing about it is the insane amount of rage that you can get on demand when tanking or DPSing in a raid damage environment. I love warriors, but I think this component may have to be split from the fear break and folded into a talent.

    The sheer utility of all-stance zerker rage frankly scares me.


    admin Reply:

    I agree. The change has not been in the 9014 patch. Maybe we’ll see a changed berserker rage?


  2. Finelle says:

    Hopefully, yes. What puzzles me is that the protection warrior was in a pretty good state.

    They either intend or do not intend to let bosses fear tanks. If they did, then this change left any semblance of tank parity dead and huddled on Northrend shores. If they don’t, then it’s a burst rage ability that while not immediately destroying balance, has the potential to give warriors a massive frontload capability.

    Either way, it’s needlessly complicating game balance by giving us bigger toolboxes when the old one worked fine.

    Ah well, let’s see how it works out. The last build released contained so many things that left me almost speechless, across multiple classes. 5min Evocates, 15sec healing shutdowns for Holy Paladins, etc.


    admin Reply:

    From what I gathered so far, it was about Arms warriors not wanting to go zerker in PvP and remain in battle stance? At least that might have been a deciding factor, it smells of PvP.


    Namthe Reply:

    Bear in mind that warriors are not the only tanks with a fear break – the 51-point Feral talent allows the same, too, as does the Lichborne talent for Death Knights, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more bosses with fear abilities.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s a big nerf that I’m not perticularly happy about. Stance dancing, especially somewhere like Archimonde, was one of the ways you could tell a good tank from a great tank.


  3. Sig says:

    This here, ifin it makes it live, would be bloody brilliant.

    Sig´s last blog post..Interestin’ Readin’


  4. Yakra says:

    It’s not necessary, but it’ll sure be nice.

    I get the impression that tanks not losing aggro was Blizzard’s way of doing away with fear tanks, though in practice, that really doesn’t work. The return of 30 Sec Fear wards would go far to balance this.

    Yakra´s last blog post..Illidan Kill Two, and Return to SSC


  5. Veneretio says:

    Initially I wondered if this really was even that much of a buff, but it’s definitely going to be great to be able to reactively get out of fears rather than proactively stance dance.

    That being said… did they ever change Mocking Blow to Defensive Stance? I’ve heard they were considering it, but I can’t remember if they ultimately did it. (If they didn’t then we still gotta stance dance lewl)

    Veneretio´s last blog post..Sometimes it’s good to be really, really Defensive


    Skaze Reply:

    Mocking blow can indeed be used in defensive stance now, well at least on beta. I assume it’s on the PTR also.


  6. Hanago says:

    I think Blizz is trying to get the warriors away from the ‘stance-dance’ period.

    Almost all critical abilities are now available in all the relevant stances.

    Even pummel has been mentioned as potentially being available in battle stance (for arms pvp)


  7. Tomalie says:

    They want all tanks to tank everything, so to make that true, they cant have bosses fearing unless every other tank has a way to deal with it.

    So basically, bosses will not be fearing as much anymore.


  8. Durnic says:

    Personally I look at it from both sides of the fence:

    - Stance dancing is an awesome way to tell an okay tank apart from a great tank.


    - Now I can use Berserker Rage on a hard-hitting boss without fearing that I’ll be one-shot.


    admin Reply:

    I am probably not that great a tank, because stance-dancing on Nightbane would usually be followed by a crushing blow while I was still in zerker. I was always that tick too slow.


    Durnic Reply:

    If you have the stance-dance macro that Veneretio lists on his site then you just spam that until you’re back into Defensive Stance. :D


    admin Reply:

    That’s actually the macro I am using. I still managed to have the bad luck that while spamming it, I got crushed in zerker anyway. Or I spammed it too much and went back from def to zerker. Go me! ;)


    uncaringbear Reply:

    Aww nuts. Guess I am just an okay tank then.


  9. Durnic says:

    I said it was one way, not the only way. :(


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