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Aug 26 2008

Doom and gloom?

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With the pre-Wrath patch right around the corner, sounds like the raiding doom and gloom predictions are starting. Aylii over at World of Matticus has posted a summary why she believes the patch will end raiding as we currently know it.

While I don’t necessarily agree with some of the points, I do of course worry what this will mean for warrior threat, and that is indeed looking dire. With a piddly attack power of under 700 in my tanking gear, which has virtually no strength, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with DPS anymore. I guess it’s spotlight for the feral druids until we can get some Northrend gear. Gah. However, I also believe that Blizzard will be aware of this fact. The prot warrior revision isn’t in the beta yet. I shall continue to have faith.

What I am also concerned about is that right as my guild is planning to raid a little bit more often, we might be running out of time. I have bosses left to kill in Zul’Aman still, yo.

5 Responses to “Doom and gloom?”

  1. Veneretio says:

    There’s still plenty of time as long as people don’t give up. :)

    Veneretio’s last blog post..The Holy Grail: A Use for Rend


    admin Reply:

    I am most definitely not giving up. I am patiently waiting for the latest protection warrior revision. :)


  2. ARA says:

    Hello :) I dont understand why people write posts like the one you’ve linked. Reading the original blue post, it sounds to me like we have nothing to worry about.

    “Illidan will become undoable” in the new content release because of blah blah blah? That’s way out there on the cutting edge of complete claptap.


    admin Reply:

    Yeah, the linked post is ultra-pessimistic, and I really think that Blizzard won’t just make protection warriors unplayable until WotLK is released. It’s the same doom and gloom that was there when decursing and secure targets changed with patch 2.0.

    We shall prevail! :)


  3. Tankette says:

    I too have unfinished business in ZA. In fact, I still haven’t been beyond 7 waves of trash mobs in Hyjal and haven’t set foot in BT and I really want to drop bosses in there before WoTLK. So far our guild is still focused on progression but each day that goes by brings more focus on the future instead of the present.

    Tankette’s last blog post..ZA – I love it – I hate it


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