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Aug 25 2008

I dreamt of dragonhawks

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My guild’s current progression, if you can call it, is sitting firmly in Zul’Aman. That’s where the real challenges lie for us. On Saturday we started, and I had been hoping to make a serious attempt at the first chest. We chose Bear for that, but sadly we weren’t even close. Nalorakk’s second lookout pull was started when I wasn’t with the group yet, half the raid wiped on it, and then we wiped three or four times on the pull before Nalorakk. We had 3 hunters in the raid that were all struggling with trapping the Medicine Man. The other was chain-feared, which worked nicely. We really need to get a mage in there, sad but true. Nalorakk himself proved no challenge, the only challenge was the rolling for the hunter shoulders that he dropped, as we had three hunters.

Onwards we moved to Eagle. Our warlock died very early in the gauntlet, and so did our holy paladin, but we somehow managed to push through, warlock and paladin ran back and we made it, albeit slowly. Akil’zon himself hated us, people died, it was chaos and it took us five tries to get him down, including a second clearing of the gauntlet. In the final try, everything finally worked very smoothly and he died. He dropped Mojo-mender’s Mask, which our paladin took, and it might be the most ridiculous looking thing I have ever seen.

Watching Akil'zon from the air

We didn’t have any problems with the Halazzi trash and soon enough we were standing in front of the Lynx himself. Again, we needed a couple tries to warm up, but on the fourth try he went down. All in all, not bad, we can kill the first three now, in not too much time. We definitely need to work on our execution on Akil’zon and Halazzi though, to reduce the time we need.

As our raid weekends are always two days, we went back in yesterday, with the plan to learn how to kill Dragonhawk without a paladin tank. Our first problem was the trash. No druid, no mage = scout hell. We had super chaotic pulls, and wiped several times on two bigger pulls. The one where they throw a ball at the dragonhawk, and the pull just before Jan’alai. Trapping really doesn’t work so great in that area, it was a mess. In any case, we made it to the boss, painfully, but we made it.

I had been shopping for this day, for the Petrified Lichen Guard, and I put a Felsteel Shield Spike on it. I wore my Darkmoon Card: Vengeance, ate my Stormchops, was as ready as you can ever be.

We spent 13 tries on Jan’alai, our best had him at 39%. In that try, we had gone for the slow approach of egg hatching, which left us with one side cleared and the other untouched. He was at 39%, we tried a DPS stop, but then the tank went down and it was over. We always hit the soft enrage, so healers had somewhat of a strain to keep the other warrior up. I saw she got crushed a lot, but given his increased attack speed, that’s probably one of the risks. So we changed our strategy. We needed to hatch the eggs faster, so that we could focus on the man himself. In all attempts from there on, we would clear the first side in two hatchings. Let me tell you how sad-making that is as tank. I didn’t feel I did too great a job, but no one died from the dragonhawks, so that’s good. According to WWS, the shield, shield spike, Stormchops and Darkmoon Card all procd quite a bit.

However, our problems with the second side are immense, I could use some advice there. It usually went to hell in a handbasket once we switched sides. What usually happened was that just when about 10 dragonhawks were hatched, Jan’alai would use fire bombs, the fire wall would go up, and the hatcher happily hatched every single egg and we couldn’t do anything about it. This happened several times in a row. Would you slow down the hatching at this point and hatch the eggs a lot more slowly? I think that’s what we’ll have to do to avoid situations like this. I am not sure.

The good thing is that we went home feeling better about not having a paladin tank and that we think we will be able to do this eventually. Despite the countless wipes/resets that we did, no one was in a bad mood, and we all felt we learned something from it. Next time we’re gonna get you, Jan’alai, even without a paladin. Once we can get the second side hatched as well, we’re gonna rock this.

And still, all night I dreamt of dragonhawks, chasing after them in my dreams.

Dragonhawk, creature of nightmares
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8 Responses to “I dreamt of dragonhawks”

  1. ARA says:

    Well good for you, I admire your perseverance immensely. I had similar experiences with the dragonhawk boss – multiple, multiple wipes, and a sense that we weren’t really getting much better at it. I do think its possible without a pally tank – but I’ve never done it. With a pally tank, it was very easy. Blizzard have written a lot about fixing this in Wrath – no longer designing encounters that seem to insist you have a particular tank class. I’m very glad about this.

    A couple of tricks: you can cheat the gauntlet: have your tank run ahead mounted, use crusader aura, the whole raid follows. Run all the way up aggroing everything, and take a right at the top of the first section of the flight of stairs leading to the boss. Die in the corner! Not very sophisticated. But then you rez up, and can 2-pull the mobs back down the gauntlet without eagles + adds spawning (again with a pally tank, you can just run the gauntlet a lot easier)

    And with this boss, try turning up your ambient volume, and turn down every other type of sound. 5 seconds before the electrical storm, the birds tweeting change to rain. You can get the whole raid to collapse onto the tank during those seconds, and the storm will appear on top of the whole raid each time.

    Good luck in there :)


    admin Reply:

    @ARA: Thank you for the advice. :) The gauntlet trick sounds a bit exploity, which my girls wouldn’t do, and that’s alright. We actually did not have any real issues with it. Our healadin holds the birds and just heals herself while everyone else burns the birds. Went well. Akil’zon wipes were mostly due to people being slow and such.

    We will totally get Jan’alai down, I know it. Once I get back from vacation, rawr. :)


  2. Veneretio says:

    I actually very rarely use mages in Zul’Aman and when I do they’re there to AOE not CC. I prefer getting a Shadow Priest to Mind Control every pull. It’s surprisingly reliable and the mobs do ridiculous amounts of damage.

    Veneretio’s last blog post..The Holy Grail: A Use for Rend


    admin Reply:

    I never thought of that. I am used to so many mobs being immune to MC from heroics and such. Not that we had a shadow priest available either anyway, she cancelled. Will keep it in mind though.

    At this point I think I never want to take three hunters again, we need more variety, more balance.


  3. Alaphrei says:

    On Jan’alai, maybe it would help to have 1 ranged dps standing well outside of the fire wall area, so they won’t get teleported when the bombs start?

    We actually used to have only 1 hunter or only 1 mage focused on killing the actual hatcher (and the second hatcher we always killed immediately – definitely requires quick marking when they spawn though, otherwise you might accidentally kill both hatchers). They have so few HP that I think 2 fireballs from Cerith took care of them, but that person (whoever they are) can get used to their damage output so they can bring the hatcher to low health but no kill them – and then they can easily kill the hatcher even through the fire wall when it spawns, so the hatcher isn’t happily finishing off the whole pen of eggs. (I don’t think the wall of fire does an LOS thing, it just keeps you from running in there… I don’t recall having problems like that unless we literally just accidentally forgot that the hatcher was still up when bombs started). But anyway as long as that person is ranged and standing within the main section of the room, so they won’t get teleported to the middle, it should be simple for them to finish off the hatcher and then move to a safe, bombless spot.


    admin Reply:

    Yeah, we have to get better with that. We had our rogue on hatcher duty and that just doesn’t work with the flame wall. Next time I’ll assign one of the ranged DPS people.


  4. Tankette says:

    The pull before the bear boss has wiped us more times than the actual boss. We get it every time lately though. We generally have at least one mage which makes it simple. If not each tank grabs a mob and his bear and the healers have to go full out. The two mobs are killed first before starting on the bears.

    We don’t have any shadow priests in our guild to try to MC but that sounds like a great idea.

    We probably tried at least 15 times over a few nights before dropping the dragonhawk boss. He’s not so tough now. I wish I could tell you strategy but I just MT the boss in the center and avoid the bombs.

    We’ve been going to ZA for months and have just recently been trying to get Malacrass. The 3 day reset kills us.

    Tankette’s last blog post..Tidewalker, Kara, ZA, Sunwell Trash


    admin Reply:

    It’s just hard as dragonhawk tank, but we’ll get him, I am sure. I think we’d be fine with the 3 day reset, as we usually raid on two consecutive days. Once we can do Dragonhawk, we can down all four animal bosses in one day, and then focus on Malacrass. Must get there, rawr.

    Good luck to you guys too!


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