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Aug 05 2008

Setbacks in casual raiding

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Setbacks are frustrating, aren’t they? As I mentioned before, my guild has a very light raiding schedule, every other weekend. We are currently alternating between Karazhan and Zul’Aman. My own interest lies in exploring ZA some more. It’s still exciting and fresh content for me. However, our raid balance is very wonky. We have four ZA-geared healers, maybe six geared DPS and exactly two tanks. You see the problem, right?

So while our other prot warrior shall go camping next weekend, we’ll head to Karazhan again. *yawn*

Our dire tank situation is actually quite bizarre, as for our last Karazhan we had, what, 5 or 6 tanks sign up. However, a bunch of them are alts. Alts of our main healers. Who are needed as healers in ZA, of course. My new mission as one of the raid leaders will be to schedule people who actually want to move on to ZA tanking.

Heh, maybe it’ll give me another chance for gearing up my own alt in Karazhan, my rogue.

I am getting excited about my next project: Go go Champion-title! It basically is a concerted effort to get a Gruul and Magtheridon kill, two bosses that my guild couldn’t possibly raid on its own. But apparently they must like me that much after all that we are going full-force, filling the rest of the raid slots with friends from our guild alliance. I should note that even though we have a 25-man raid alliance, few of the girls regularly go. Excited! Now gimme all your advice for Gruul, okay? I have off-tanked in the Highking Maulgar fight once, which was not so exciting. Tanking Blindeye the Seer was not the highlight of my tanking career.

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10 Responses to “Setbacks in casual raiding”

  1. Tryna says:

    Better tanking Blindeye than “tanking” Olm. In IC, we usually put the newest tanks on Olm, and they hate it. They spend most of the fight running around like chickens due to the death coil.

    If you’re picking yourself to tank HKM, most of the fight is actually rather boring. You keep aggro on him while the rest of the raid beats down on all his adds. Easy enough to do, put 3 healers on yourself as you will be taking a ton of damage. He fears when it’s down to just him, so you can have the ranged clump up in an area to make it easier for tremor totems to stop the fear and easier to grab if your fear ward is down. We usually have the Blindeye tank, after he’s down, head and try to get 2nd threat on HKM so that if the MT is feared, he’ll go to the OT.

    For Gruul, you want to fight for top aggro with your OT, and charge back in after every knockback pre-shatter. Save most of your OH SHIT buttons for later in the fight, but don’t be afraid to hit those 1 or 2 minute trinkets every time they’re up from the start. The hardest part is trying to position him and yourself so that you’re near enough to the healers that they can easily reach you, but far enough away that shatters won’t blow everyone up.


  2. admin says:

    @Tryna – That’s pretty much what I did when I tanked for SHP once. Tanked Blindeye, DPSd a little bit on the other ones, and picked up HKM when the MT was feared. We didn’t do Gruul at that time.

    My plan was to MT HKM, yeah. I wish you could be there, but I am hoping you can bring warlock goodness for when we hit up Magtheridon? :)


  3. veneretio says:

    You should try to motivate one of your paladins to start tanking. A prot pally is very advantageous for a lot of ZA.

    veneretio’s last blog post..TankSpot.com turns 1 year old!


  4. admin says:

    @veneretio – We have a protection paladin who’s gearing up! Soon we will just fly through ZA. One can hope. :)


  5. Nagna says:

    Veneretio, you’re assuming we have paladins to ask. ;) So far I believe we have one geared 70 paladin, and she’s a healer.

    I feel absurdly guilty for going camping now. :\


  6. admin says:

    @Nagna – Shiawase is 70 and almost uncrushable now! :)

    And don’t feel guilty, gearing more people up is a good thing. Me being bored doesn’t matter. ;)

    Enjoy your trip!


  7. Alaphrei says:

    I am so terrified of tanking Olm (in a good way…) When I heal the Olm tanks (before felhunters get on them) I’m usually like “AHHH OH GOD WHY DID YOU GET FEARED INTO HIGH KING STOP STOP STOP NOOOO DON’T WHIRLWIND!”



    admin Reply:

    My apologies that you get the sucky boss to tank, Alaphrei, but I am sure you’ll be fine. :D


  8. Khrushchev says:

    Going back through archives now… waiting for beta patch to install.

    Funny how nearly every prot warrior I know has a rogue alt (myself included). I just can’t get enough of melee combat. I also have a Shaman that I stopped at level 66. I didn’t want to feel pressured to gear him up, but with Wrath right around the corner, he will be my second toon that gets to 80. That way I’ll have a tank and a healer in my “stable” ready to hit Naxx.


    admin Reply:

    I love melee, and my shaman was enhancement til 60. I just find melee classes more engaging than casters. Rogues are just tons of fun to play, I can’t quite decide yet if I will level her second or third.

    Strangely enough, both warriors and rogues make up for lowest number in my guild, all the other girls prefer to be ranged DPS or healers by far.


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