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Jul 29 2008

Blacksmithing news

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I am honestly still trying to avoid joining the train of people blogging about warrior changes for WotLK, too many changes abound. Also, it’s hard not to feel discouraged when you read bloggers like Tobold posting about DKs being so totally solo-viable and powerful, speaking of doom and gloom for the warrior class.

But one of the many beta postings at WoW Insider got my attention: the first look at blacksmithing plans for WotLK. Now, my warrior is a blacksmith. As it is, I feel it’s one of the weakest professions. Unless you’re lucky with drops of epic plans, it’s weak. Hitting 375 requires very heavy farming, and lucky drops of the Felsteel plate set. I was lucky, I got all three plans very quickly. But there’s a reason I am my guild’s only maxed blacksmithing. Instance drops will almost always be superior to what you can make. The Ragesteel Shoulders are about the only BS piece I can make that is somewhat in demand, aside from enchanting rods. As for the specialisation, I went for armorsmithing, because I thought powerful armor would rock my world. Now don’t get me wrong, I have the maxed out BoP chestpiece, Bulwark of Ancient Kings, it’s a fantastic piece of gear, and the two versions I had before were great too, but they don’t particularly cater to the prot warrior crowd. I did use them to tank, simply because of the superior armor, stamina and for the Last Stand-like use effect. But it would have been nice to see something for the non-DPS crowd as well.

Ah, where was I? Right, blacksmithing. In the beta. This gallery introduces our kind and gentle readers to a level 75 blacksmithing set, including 8 pieces. You will be able to make a shield. How freaking awesome is that? About damn time! I can’t say anything about farming costs yet, but there’s nothing crazy like frost motes (or whatever the WotLK version of Primals is going to be), just bars of new metals. Itemization immediately strikes me as odd, but I guess it’s a taste of WotLK warrior gear: tons of strength for AP, lots of stamina, and good ol’ defense. No sockets. No hint of agility or any avoidance stat anywhere. No block value. Is it possible that warrior itemization will be really boring? Looks like. Not a fan yet.

It also looks like it that current prot warriors with their gear stacked with stamina and avoidance will have trouble tanking in the new age, where threat scales with attack power. Pimp your offensive gear, it’s going to be an interesting ride.

I am excited about seeing blue crafted gear that I’ll be able to make eventually, I love the ability of making a shield, and it certainly was an interesting sneak peek at the new itemization.

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2 Responses to “Blacksmithing news”

  1. Cynra says:

    About blasted time! Though I made a hefty amount of gold before Primal Nethers were no longer Bind on Pickup; I lucked out on a number of very profitable epic patterns. And, well, I won’t benefit too much from the changes since my blacksmith because, <cough> she’s my perky priestess.

    At least she’s a macesmith!

    Cynra’s last blog post..This is a Free Fall!


    admin Reply:

    @Cynra – Wow, a blacksmithing priest, that’s interesting. :) I have two epic patterns that no one is really interested in. I never had it in me to spend a lot of gold on other plans.


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