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Jul 13 2008

Ding dong, the bird is dead

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Took us two tries, and because of the fickle connection of our shadow priest we 9-manned the whole fight, but we managed to kill Akil’zon for a guild first. As expected, the gauntlet was the worst part of this whole boss. With the help of our holy paladin who Consecrate-tanked the eagles, we think we might have found the right strategy to make this a smooth experience now.

Anyone else know if BigWigs timers for Akil’zon’s storm are off now?

We then did a couple of shots at Halazzi, got him to phase 2 once and that’s where we will continue today. Pretty exciting stuff for me. :)

Drops were not that exciting though (for me), Fury of the Ursine for our warlock and Akil’zon’s Talonblade for our rogue.

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5 Responses to “Ding dong, the bird is dead”

  1. Saresa says:

    Congratulations! Nothing more exciting than a first boss kill. Hope you get some shiny loots next time!


  2. Tryna says:

    I have found the timers to be off a bit.

    There are a few options. One is to have a person keep an eye out on the sky. When the storm is coming, there is a visual change, since there will be rain. So once the skies start to get rainy, call to head in.

    The other option is a sound one that a guildie on Llane mentioned recently. There is some auditory clue, I’m not sure what it is, that indicates when the storm is coming. You need to have ambient sounds turned up for that, I believe.


  3. admin says:

    @Tryna – We actually tried this. Turned all other sound off but ambience to high, so you can hear the storm rolling in. Supposedly. I didn’t, but Kaylexanna called out the storms, which worked for the most part.


  4. Tankette says:

    Gratz on downing the eagle boss!

    Once we downed him the first time he has been easy every time since. The raid addons never worked for us so we go for the sound. One person needs to turn all sounds down except the ambience, which is turned all the way up. It is a clear sound that gives you warning. Instead of the normal jungle sounds, birds whistling etc., a sound of gentle rain starts. It is a very clear sound that cant be missed. You have about 5 seconds for everyone to move onto the tank’s position at that point.


  5. ARA says:

    Yep forget the mods, use the ambience trick! We were lucky this time just calling it based on approximate timings, but I was listening to sound as a backup, and the difference is very distinct (as long as you pay close attention of course)


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