Tank like a girl

About the tank

The Player: My name is Andrea, middle-aged, from Germany. I have played WoW since March 2005, first on the EU servers Malfurion, Stormrage, Der Rat von Dalaran. Then on the US servers Staghelm and Bronzebeard. Then again on the EU server Forscherliga. Yes, too many characters.

The Characters:

  • Kadomi, level 80 protection warrior
  • Garande, level 80 restoration shaman
  • Hélle, level 80 frost deathknight
  • Equana, level 80 restoration druid
  • Soleda, level 80 arcane mage

And the list goes on…

Before I am losing all of you, yes, this is predominantly going to be a tanking blog. My main is a warrior, and it is by far the most enjoyable class and character for me. I couldn’t imagine having any other main. However, I enjoy all aspects of WoW, have played every class to at least level 40, and intend to try a couple more classes at later levels. That’s how I roll.

The Guild: Daughters of the Horde, on US-Bronzebeard. For me, the best guild that could ever be, for others, a curiosity? Who knows. Fact is, this is an all-girl guild. ZOMG, there are no girls on TEH INTARWEBZ! Oh yes, there are. And I play with them. A guild of more than 200 girls who enjoy spending their time in a videogame world. I have the pleasure of being one of their raid leaders and officers.

If you’re here to read about hardcore raiding, sorry to disappoint you. We’re a casual guild, we raid every other weekend. We have cleared Naxxramas, Ulduar, Obsidian Sanctum, Eye of Eternity and Trial of the Crusader when they were the top tiers. We are currently 11/12 in ICC and working on Lich King. We exclusively raid 10-mans as a guild.

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